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News Links, February 6, 2012

## Global economic meltdown ##
Papademos, Greek Leaders Agree on Deal Framework
Romania, IMF Agree on $664 Million Tranche as Balkan Nation's Growth Slows
Bundesbank sinks deeper into debt saving Europe
"Germany's Bundesbank has entirely exhausted its stock of private assets and run up a quarter of a trillion euros in liabilities propping up the eurozone system, testing the political limits of EMU solidarity in Germany."
These Major Companies On Verge Of Collapse
'We thought we'd get rich quick' (Dubai)
Just watch. Desert bling will turn out to be a fabulous money sink. -- RF
Spain Economy May Shrink 1.5% in 2012, de Guindos Tells El Pais
Swiss housing market inching towards bubble-UBS
French unions call for air transport strike Monday
India tells Britain: We don't want your aid
"India's Finance Minister has said that his country 'does not require' British aid, describing it as 'peanuts'."

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russia, China veto U.N. draft backing Arab plan for Syria
Seven Syrian embassies attacked by anti-Assad protesters
Blast hits Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel
This is especially serious for Israel, which has a gas shortage and faces possible blackouts. -- RF
Iran: 'Some' European Countries to Lose Oil Imports
Iran threatens to hit any country used to attack its soil
Iran raid likely to drag in U.S. and hurt global economy
"An Israeli raid on Iran's nuclear facilities would deliver a painful shock to the global economy, revive flagging Islamist militancy and possibly drag the United States into a regional war whether it backed its ally's attack or not."
Iran Says It's Mass Producing Anti-Ship Cruise Missile
No Evidence Iran Would Attack U.S.: Obama
Nigerian militants attack Eni oil pipeline in delta
"Witnesses reported a fire on the oil and gas group's Nembe-Brass pipeline late Saturday, and ENI said the damage would mean the loss of about 4,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day."
Crime soars in Brazil's Bahia state as police strike
"The Brazilian government has deployed the army in the northeastern state of Bahia where a police strike has sparked a wave of violence."
Germany finalizes sub sale to Israel

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Greek unions plan 24-hour strike against austerity
Toronto Faces Garbage Strike as City Seeks to Reduce Benefits for Workers
Three Tibetans self-immolate in western China: report
Slovakia demos over corruption
"Police in Slovakia have fired tear gas and water cannon in the capital to disperse about 100 anti-government protesters following a mostly peaceful demonstration against high-level corruption."
Protests grip Cairo as pressure mounts for early vote
Police, some on horseback, clear Occupy DC protesters
Occupy Oakland protesters march against police again

## Energy/resources ##
42 textile mills to face cut in power (Pakistan)
That falling feeling: Shale gas estimates continue downward
Cement crisis worsens in Saudi

# Got food? #
Era of Food Prices Always Falling Seen at End on Population

## Environment/health ##
'Flesh-eating' bacteria strain spread by sneezes and coughs
Italy Crippled by Winter Storm; Snow in Naples
European chill moves west, 122 die in Ukraine
Gaza fuel shortage ups risk of imminent health crisis

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
U.S. secrecy system "literally out of control"

## Japan ##
Japan Electronics Makers Warn of $17 Billion Loss as Samsung Tightens Grip
Carnage in Japan's Electronics Industry: Is the Unthinkable now Thinkable?
Last year's March 11 disaster appears to have been the tipping point. Reconstruction in the earthquake- and tsunami-hit zone is going nowhere; mountains of debris remain, and construction companies aren't bidding on the jobs. Massive government debt just keeps piling up. As the situation stands now, Japan's slide seems unstoppable. -- RF
Pressure Mounts on BOJ to Weaken Yen After U.S. Criticism of Intervention

## China ##
China's Economy May Face Rough Landing, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Says
Nevertheless, if I had to choose either China or Singapore to ride out collapse, I'd unhesitatingly choose China. At least China has land and resources. Singapore essentially has overpopulation and a sure-to-fail bet on the global Ponzi-scheme economy. It's a death trap waiting to spring. -- RF
China's Lowest Lunar Sales Since 2009

## UK ##
London Landlords Facing Rents of Zero Turn Offices Into Condos
"More people will be making their homes among the banks and insurance companies of central London as a shrinking financial industry and the prospect of leasing out buildings for free prompts landlords to convert offices into luxury apartments."
They'll be luxury condos today, but slums tomorrow. -- RF
£50bn to be pumped into the economy
Snow forces Heathrow to cancel half of flights
"Heavy snowfall causes transport chaos with trains delayed, cars abandoned and flights cancelled across Britain"

## US ##
Employment Report: Blatant And Outrageous Lies
I Can't Take It Anymore! When Will The Government Quit Putting Out Fraudulent Employment Statistics?
American Airlines may outsource more maintenance
Nevada's triple economic whammy

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