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News Links, February 7, 2012

## Global economic meltdown ##
Time Is Running Out for Greece, Merkel Says
Greece agrees to cut 15,000 state jobs
Need to Ship? Freight Rates Turn Negative
German Workers Demand Raise as Siemens Predicts Recession
Pakistan Must Cut Budget Deficits to Shield 'Vulnerable' Economy, IMF Says
Central Bank Demand Driving Gold Higher
Could Russia leave US astronauts stranded in space?
NASA: Record number of astronaut applicants, but no spaceships
ExoMars co-operation between Nasa and Esa near collapse
Space programs are gradually being grounded, as I predicted. -- RF
Expect China to Shape the Next Bretton Woods Pact

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
U.S. closes embassy in Syria, vows further pressure
US levies new sanctions on Iran's Central Bank
Syria bombards Homs; West scrambles for new strategy
Romanian prime minister and Cabinet resign following demonstrations
Israel-Iran War Would Quickly Spread

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Occupy protesters back to square one (Australia)
Another American flag burned at an Occupy Oakland rally
China says Tibet facing "urgent" task to maintain stability
Syria protesters hurl rocks at China embassy in Libya
Nigeria unrest: Blasts rock Kano and Maiduguri
China: One fire may be out, but tensions over rural land rights are still smoldering

## Energy/resources ##
Gas Boom Goes Bust (The Oil Drum)
"The current boom in drilling for 'unconventional' gas has helped raise US production to levels not seen since the early 1970′s. This has been an incredible boon to consumers and has kept spot prices contained below $5 per million BTU for the past year, recently dropping below $3/mmbtu. Unfortunately, this price is below the cost of production for many of these new wells. When the flood of investment currently pouring into natural gas drilling operations dries up, the inevitable bust will be as scary as the boom was exciting."
Hey, the US was supposed to have gobs of cheap gas for the next 100 years! What gives? -- RF
Government may lower power generation target for 12th Plan (India)
Ontario's power glut means possible nuclear plant shutdowns
From power glut to power crunch, and how nuclear does (or doesn't) fit into the mix. -- RF
Kazakhstan decreases gas supplies to Kyrgyzstan
Mozambique threatens to cut power to Zimbabwe
Italy hit by shortage of Russian gas
"Italy said it was experiencing "critical" shortages of Russian natural gas, as abnormally cold weather pushed up demand for the fuel to all-time highs."
The Energy Fallout from the Arab Spring
Oil may hit $160 amid tension: Kuwait official
Gas price rises as freezing weather bites across Europe
MEND blamed for Nigerian oil attack
"Attacks on Nigerian oil production will be used to drive energy companies from the Niger Delta, a militant group said."
Why Businessweek Is Wrong On Peak Oil

## Got food? ##
USDA Awards $40 Million Grants To Boost Local Food Supplies

## Environment/health ##
Pollution takes heavy toll on China
The big freeze in Europe continues

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Offshore Everywhere: The Plan to End National Sovereignty as We Know It
Google, Facebook Censor Themselves in India After Court Order

## Japan ##
Water temperature rising in No. 2 reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant
High radioactive cesium levels detected in worms 20 km from nuke plant
Bubble era's aviation legacy: Too many airports, all ailing
Everyone thought growth would never end. -- RF
NTT reports 21.6% fall in April-Dec. group net profit
Mitsubishi withdrawal from car production in Europe a 'disaster' for Dutch region: union
Suzuki's Net Falls 4.7% on Yen, India Crunch
Economists estimate 1.4% GDP fall in Japan for Oct.-Dec. period
Prices soar as eel catch continues downtrend

## China ##
Shanghai shipping slump as IMF warns China on euro slump
"Shanghai shipping volumes contracted sharply in January as Europe's debt crisis curbed demand for Asian goods, stoking fresh doubts about the strength of the Chinese economy."
China Real Estate Market Instability 2012
China bars airlines from EU emissions scheme
IMF: Europe could hit China, hard

## UK ##
85% of Brits concerned about their winter energy bill
"Despite recent cuts in the price of energy, millions of Brits endure cold homes in order to keep bills down."

## US ##
Reverse globalization: For Some U.S. Manufacturers, Time to Head Home
Fewer Nonfarm Employees Now Than December 2000; Unemployment Rate: Some Things Still Don't Add Up; Obamanomics?
'Draconian' cuts could be coming for Alabama budget
2 cancer drugs latest to hit black market
Illusion Of Recovery – Feelings Versus Facts
Food stamp use continues to rise
Colleges sell naming rights to bathrooms
ADM Plans to Permanently Close North Dakota Ethanol Plant
America's Shrinking Corporate Giants
Corporate profits aren't what they seem

And finally... Neighbors' garage door openers all quit
I'm searching for some special meaning in this. -- RF

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