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News Links, February 8, 2012

## Global economic meltdown ##
Greek parties delay bailout talks despite EU threats
ECB to swap Greek bonds for EFSF bonds -- report
New Merkozy Proposal "I will Give You Money If You Give It Right Back"; Mathematical Scam to Prevent CDS Triggers
China Bail Out Europe? Quite The Opposite Actually, As Chinese Banks Cut European Exposure
IMF Urges Beijing to Prepare Stimulus
"China should be prepared to sharply stimulate its economy if Europe's growth falls more than anticipated, the International Monetary Fund said, adding to expectations that Beijing could turn to spending if conditions significantly worsen."
Millions pushed into child labor in Pakistan

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Nigeria: MEND announces 'new phase' of militancy in Niger Delta
Russia to Deploy 7 Subs in Black Sea by 2017
Russia's Lavrov seeks peace in Syria as forces bombard Homs
Syria: Turkey plans fresh initiative
"Turkey's prime minister on Tuesday said he was preparing a "new initiative" against the Syrian regime, amid growing speculation that Ankara and Washington are considering the creation of an enclave and no-fly zone to protect Syrian rebel groups."
Push for US Intervention in Syria Grows
Maldives protests boil over, police join against government
"Opposition-led protests in the Maldives boiled over on Tuesday with some police officers defying orders to break them up and instead joining in an assault on the military headquarters in the capital Male."
Exclusive: Iran defaults on rice payments to India
Russia, India Prepare for INDRA-2012 Military Drills

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Chinese rural ire grows with land grabs: survey
"More than half of Chinese farmers are unsatisfied with rural policies, according to a survey published on Tuesday that showed rising cases of agricultural land seizures by the state and a trend towards bigger farms as millions leave villages for work in cities."
Could police strikes spread in Brazil?
Brazilian soldiers clash with police on strike in Salvador
Greek Police Clash with Striking Workers Protesting Austerity Measures

## Energy/resources ##
Asia Distillates-Diesel gains ground on limited supply
China Raises Fuel Prices
China to face electricity shortages?
U.S. Energy Trade Mission to Visit Four African Countries
Saudis Aren't Keeping Lid on $100 Oil Price Everywhere
Italy Turns to Oil-Fired Power Plants as Russia Trims Supply
"Italy turned to oil-fired power stations after lower Russian natural-gas deliveries forced the country to declare an emergency as freezing conditions gripped Europe and pushed up heating demand."
EU's Planned Nabucco Gas Pipeline To Be Displaced By Russian Project
Lebanon to lease power-generating ships to reduce blackouts

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Cable thefts increase train delays and decrease punctuality (UK)

## Got food? ##
Peanut Shortage Will Require Demand Rationing, Oil World Says
"World production of peanuts is forecast to slip 0.7 percent in 2011-12 after drought reduced the crop in the U.S. and Senegal, causing a shortfall that will require global demand rationing this season, Oil World said."
Extreme weather may cause food price surge
Preparing chickens for winter

## Environment/health ##
Australian Floods Force Thousands From Their Homes
Strange cobwebs on nuclear waste made by mutant spiders?
Europe freeze: Emergencies in Italy, Greece and Serbia

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
DoCoMo Hit By 8th Service Disruption In Less Than A Year (Japan)
"TOKYO (Nikkei)--NTT DoCoMo Inc. (9437) said Tuesday that its mobile phone service experienced a network problem in the Kansai region, resulting in a temporary interruption in voice call services."

## Japan ##
Must read: Japan; trouble brewing everywhere
Frank talk from an investment company. If you read no other article about Japan today, make it this one. It's just plain chilling. There's no question that Japan's collapse is not a matter of IF, but WHEN. No matter where you are in the world, strap yourself in. It's going to be a big domino. Stay tuned as full-mode Keynesianism gives way to savage austerity. -- RF
Bird Population in Collapse Near Fukushima
"Study: Many species show "dramatically" elevated DNA mutation rates, developmental abnormalities and extinctions"
TEPCO struggles to cool Fukushima plant's No. 2 reactor
"Tokyo Electric Power Co. is taking steps to prevent a possible self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant."

## China ##
China's coal consumption to grow by 150 million tons in 2012

## UK ##
Shortage of Skilled Engineers Could Cripple U.K Industry
Industrial/technological skills continue to disappear at a furious pace around the world. -- RF
UK set for coldest night of this winter
Fear over reading levels among poor
"Despite two centuries of change, many poor communities are still facing the same literacy problems experienced in Victorian times, Nick Gibb said today."
Almost 1,000 more jobs to go at Lloyds bank

## US ##
Three Official Lies About Jobs! Two Official Lies About Housing! Plus, the Hard, Factual Truth!
At 22.5% unemployment, soon one in four workers will be unemployed. Or at least they'll be unemployed in the formal economy. It's easy to imagine that many of them have bet their survival on the ballooning global underground economy. System D! -- RF
DAVID STOCKMAN: It's True, The BLS Data Is Made Up
The new American Dream of renting – 5 reasons why renting is a better economic choice than buying a home in 2012.
Cashless Society: Bank of America Refuses Cash for Mortgage Payment
Average U.S. gas prices hover at record-high levels
Where you might not be shopping in 2012
"About 3,000 retail stores shuttered last year, with others struggling"
The Student Loan Crisis Is Crippling America's Families -- Is The Economy Next?
U.S. Consumer Credit Climbed by $19.3B in Dec.
FBI warns of threat from anti-government extremists
Ron Paul Awash in Active Duty Military Donations

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