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News Links, March 2, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
China cuts back on buying US dollar securities
Next Leg Of The Ponzi Revealed - Foreign Central Banks To Begin Buying US Stocks Outright Starting Today
Europe Factory Report Shows Region Trailing as Joblessness Rises: Economy
"Euro-area manufacturing shrank for a seventh month and unemployment rose to the highest in more than 14 years, stoking concern that the regional economy may struggle even as global growth improves."
Eurozone unemployment continues to rise
"The unemployment rate in the eurozone continued to rise in January, hitting another record high.
"The jobless rate in the 17 countries that use the euro rose to 10.7% in January, while December's figure was revised up from 10.4% to 10.6%."
Swaps Committee Rules No Greece Credit Event on ECB Debt Swap Agreement
"Default insurance on Greek debt won't be paid out, the International Swaps & Derivatives Association said after it was asked to rule whether part of the nation's $170 billion bailout was a credit event."
Only 54% Of Young Adults In America Have A Job
Why You Can't Trust the Facts on India's Economy
"The size of India's 'informal' economy, meanwhile, handicaps efforts to track the number of Indians who are gainfully employed. Four out of five urban workers—who collectively produce an estimated three-quarters of the country's output—are informally employed."

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Oil highest since 2008 on Saudi pipeline report
"Oil surged nearly 5 percent on Thursday to its highest level since crude's record run in 2008 after a late report out of Iran of a pipeline fire in top exporter Saudi Arabia."
KSA denies it. True or not, the Iranians know how to stir the pot to their advantage. -- RF
In Ottawa visit, Netanyahu will seek backing for strike on Iran
Israeli PM demands Obama commit to military action if Iran sanctions fail
If Israeli voters get their way, no attack on Iran without US help
U.S. Officials Escalate Warnings to Iran
"Obama administration officials are escalating warnings that the U.S. could join Israel in attacking Iran if the Islamic republic doesn't dispel concerns that its nuclear-research program is aimed at producing weapons."
Israeli Officials: Let's Starve Iranian Civilians
U.S., Guyana Militaries Begin Large Joint Exercise
"The U.S. military and Guyana's Defense Force (GDF) on March 1 began a nine-day joint security exercise codenamed Fused Response 2012, intended to help combat organized crime and illicit trafficking."
Argentine president wants state airline to fly to Falklands
China disputes Philippine's oil blocks
VN blast China for assault on fishermen
"Vietnam has indisputable sovereignty over the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagos, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Luong Thanh Nghi on Feb. 29."

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
France election: Sarkozy hides in bar amid protest
"Hundreds of angry protesters have booed French President Nicolas Sarkozy, forcing him to take shelter in a bar as he campaigned in the Basque country ahead of April's presidential election."
And before this is over, we'll be seeing many more TPTB members hiding from their own people. -- RF
Israeli drivers outraged over hike in gasoline price
"Public outrage over the increase in gasoline prices to yet another all-time high from midnight Wednesday sent the government into panic, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally pushing for a tax cut to keep prices down."
Italian police battle protesters over high speed rail (+ video)
Nato soldiers shot dead in Afghanistan amid Koran anger
Students, Police Clash As Spain Reaches Boiling Point
Student Protesters Shut Down UC Santa Cruz Campus

## Energy/resources ##
Analysts: Saudi oil capacity strained (UPI)
Iran sanctions disrupting global oil supplies – US DOE
Mexico oil output seen stagnant next 14 yrs
Nigeria: Power Supply Worsens Nationwide, As Gas Supply Declines
"Fresh facts have emerged that gas supply to the Escravos-Lagos Pipeline System (ELPS) which provides natural gas to key thermal power stations in the country has declined by over 180m standard cubic feet in the last few days, leading to a considerable loss of electricity and power rationing nationwide."
Hopes Build for Thorium Nuclear Energy
Let the hopes build all they want. The bottom line is that this too would be part of the industrial system underpinned by fossil fuels, a system that is deteriorating quickly and heading toward collapse. -- RF
American Energy Company to Invest $1 billion in Egypt

## Got food? ##
Future of food in Japan

## Environment/health ##
Arctic Ocean drilling: Shell launches preemptive legal strike
Evacuations as floodwaters lap homes, cars (Australia)
Oceans acidifying at 'unparalleled' rate
"Scientists have warned of the risk to marine life as climate change causes the oceans to acidify at the fastest rate for 300 million years."

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Use a smartphone? You may want to read this
Windows Azure outage: Leap year was to blame, Microsoft says
Post Office computers crash
"Postal services across Britain were affected today when a computer glitch hit all 12,000 Post Offices around the country."
Kim Dotcom Says The US Government Is Protecting 'An Outdated Monopolistic Business Model'
Indefinite Detention Under the NDAA: the Great Attack on Civil Liberties You May Not Have Heard About
Social Media Giants Set Up "Free Speech Zones" to Censor Dissent

## Japan ##
Elpida Shares Plunge 97% After Stock Limits Removed: Tokyo Mover
Japan says possible all reactors shut this summer
"It is possible none of Japan's nuclear reactors, all but two of which were shut down after last year's Fukushima disaster, will be up and running this summer when electricity demand peaks, the trade minister said on Thursday."
TEPCO hikes to hit economy / Companies have few options to deal with planned increases
Problem at nuclear fuel reprocessing plant throws construction schedule into doubt
Scientists: Far more cesium released than previously believed
"A mind-boggling 40,000 trillion becquerels of radioactive cesium, or twice the amount previously thought, may have spewed from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant after the March 11 disaster, scientists say."
Workers at Fukushima plant toil away in deadly conditions
"To some of the men who earn as little as 8,000 yen a day to work inside Fukushima Daiichi, the plant at the center of a year-old nuclear disaster is far from safe—despite the official line."
A new nightmare: Radioactive ash has nowhere to go
"Temporary disposal sites for incinerated ash containing radioactive cesium are rapidly filling up, and no alternative landfills are available.
"Many of 32 municipal governments and wider-area administrative organizations in seven eastern prefectures that operate waste incinerators are at their wits' end, an Asahi Shimbun survey has found."
ForMin: Comprehensive deepening of Japan-U.S. alliance important
Short version: China. -- RF
Kansai department stores refocus to survive
"Two Kansai-based department store operators are closing some of their major stores in the region and will try instead to focus more of their business resources on their profitable flagship stores in downtown areas."
Biz Failures From Quake Jump To 4 Times Hanshin Temblor
"TOKYO (Nikkei)--Bankruptcies stemming from March's earthquake reached 628 as of the end of February, roughly quadruple the number during the one-year period that followed the major Kobe-area quake in 1995, according to data released Thursday by Tokyo Shoko Research Ltd."

## UK ##
UK manufacturing curbed by high oil prices
"Growth in the UK's manufacturing sector was held back by rising oil costs last month, a survey has indicated, with prices faced by firms rising at the fastest rate in 19 years."
Demonstrators will link hands around Hinkley in chain of protest
"A DEMONSTRATION designed to disrupt the operation of Hinkley Point nuclear power station is being planned for next month."
Local opposition to onshore windfarms has tripled, poll shows
UK water shortage could lift electricity prices-S&P

## US ##
Factory growth cools, spending stagnant
"U.S. manufacturing cooled in February and consumer spending was flat for a third straight month in January, suggesting the economy lost more steam early this year than expected."
Huge Problem With Bernanke's 2% Inflation Target Explained in Pictures
SecDef's nightmare: Cyber-attack
Fitch sours outlook on Kansas City finances
"Fitch Ratings on Tuesday revised its outlook on Kansas City finances from 'stable' to 'negative.'"
19 Signs That America Has Become A Crazy Control Freak Nation Where Almost Everything Is Illegal
For all I know, it might be illegal to read this! -- RF
Goodbye, First Amendment: 'Trespass Bill' will make protest illegal
States Crack Down On Animal Welfare Activists And Their Undercover Videos
Texas's New Weapon Against Cartels: Armored Gunboats
Fannie Mae seeks $4.6 billion in aid after Q4 loss
Bernanke Speaks, Gold Swoons, Peter Schiff Scoffs: "They're Doing QE3 Whether They State It Or Not"
Riots Are Coming (Awake News video)
Credit unions hit a record number of members
"Credit unions hit a record number of members last year, as a growing number of consumers grew fed up with the fees at the nation's biggest banks and took their money elsewhere."
Underwater borrowers are on the rise
Republic Airways posts 4Q loss on accounting, fuel
Many American cities lose out in Southwest-AirTran airline merger
"As U.S. airlines continue to consolidate, travelers in many small and midsize cities are losing some connections to the nation's air network. The departure of low-cost carriers is a particular blow because many rely on them to keep fares in check."

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