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News Links, March 26, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
'Mission impossible' for Spain's PM – another €40bn in cuts
Hungarian Market Collapses After Forex Loans Debacle: Mortgages
Berlin's Poor Collect Bottles to Make Ends Meet

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Spanish new low-cost airline Iberia Express launched
Let's see how long it lasts. -- RF
China Eastern's Annual Profit Falls 7.7% on Higher Fuel Prices
Clogged Southeast Asia airports hinder airlines
Kingfisher halts ticket sales ahead of Dubai shutdown

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Shell scrambles to pay huge bill for Iran oil
Report: Israeli soldiers scour Iran for nukes
"Israel using permanent base in northern Iraq to launch intelligence missions in Iran in search of nuclear evidence, Western intelligence sources say."
Sri Lanka gets US concession on Iran oil imports: report
I'm losing count of how many countries have gotten waivers. They're still supposed to be phasing out imports from Iran, but OPEC says world oil demand will be increasing by 900,000 bpd this year. Where's that oil going to come from? -- RF
Cyber and Drone Attacks May Change Warfare More Than the Machine Gun
Air Force Will Continue to Launch Mysterious X-37B Space Plane
Stay away from South China Sea: China warns India
Iran working with Shi'ite rebels in north, south Yemen: report
"Washington believes Iran is working with Shi'ite Muslim rebels in northern Yemen and secessionists in the country's south to expand its influence at the expense of Yemen's Gulf neighbors, the U.S. envoy to Sanaa was quoted as saying on Sunday."
Pakistan Taliban Issues Warning Over NATO Supply Route
"The Pakistani Taliban on March 25 threatened to attack lawmakers if they voted in support of resuming supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan, a spokesman said."

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Massive blackouts trigger massive protests in city (Lahore, Pakistan)
Occupy Wall St. protesters arrested outside UN (Reuters video)
Hundreds of Israelis march in Tel Aviv to protest war with Iran
Thousands in Belarus protest against government
Police detain protesters in Moscow, St. Petersburg
Indonesian Protestors Plan New Wave of Fuel Hike Protests

## Energy/resources ##
Oil shutdown pushing South Sudan to end row: Sudan
"South Sudan's shutdown of its crude production in a damaging row with Sudan over oil payments appears to have backfired and put pressure on Juba to soften its bargaining stance, one of Khartoum's negotiators said on Sunday."
Russia rules Pipelineistan
Uzbekistan closes the gas valve for Tajikistan
Why Saudi and American bluffing won't lower oil prices
Gaza runs out of Diesel fuel; power station activities halted
"The Gaza Strip energy authority announced that the power station in the Gaza Strip has halted its activities after the diesel supply which had been transferred from Israel ran out."
I told you it was a drop in the bucket. -- RF
Fuel shortage hurting power generation: NTPC (India)
Dangers of a diesel car boom (India)
Power partly restored at Zamboanga airport (Philippines)

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Massive leap in US metal theft claims
"Due to this, traffic controls at many busy intersections have been rendered inoperative and numerous highways have been plunged into darkness."

## Got food? ##
Indonesian Food Prices Rise on Fuel Fears

## Environment/health ##
House of hemp? Pushing cannabis as a construction material
Farmers begin to question Marcellus Shale drilling
U.S. heat 'unprecedented,' 7,000 records set or tied
Gulf Dolphins Exposed to Oil Are Seriously Ill, Agency Says

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Brazilian school district using computer chips to track students
U.S. Military Goes on Cyber Offensive
"Confronted with 10 million cyber attacks per day, the U.S. Defense Department is changing its tack."

## Japan ##
Japan 2012/13 steel output seen down 2 pct -industry group
Japan faces nuclear-free summer, power shortage risks
TEPCO's last operating nuclear reactor goes offline
Deeper U.S. ties to anchor Asia: Blue Book draft
"Japan will deepen its alliance with the United States and seek to play an active role in the security of the Asia-Pacific region as China's military grows, according to a draft of the Foreign Ministry's annual diplomacy report."
12,100 Bq/Kg from sludge ash

## China ##
China Luxury Hotel Craze: The New Dubai?
China's carrier set for commissioning
"China will commission its first aircraft carrier, Varyag, into active although limited service Aug. 1, a report by Naval-Technology military news Web site said."
Global Miners Make Risky Bet on China (Gordon Chang)
China's Soft Landing Still May Be Hard for Commodity Exporters
Sinopec to Boost Oil, Gas Production to Counter Refining Losses
Hong Kong may face renewed housing bubble risk

## UK ##
Nationwide anti-war protest in UK — 'Don't Attack Iran!'
Energy costs threaten UK steel industry
Army on standby as petrol tanker drivers vote on strike action
Rent day spells D-day: The crisis on our high streets
"Hundreds of high street retailers face the threat of closure as they struggle to pay big rent bills due at the end of one of the worst winter trading seasons in living memory."

## US ##
Big Banks Continue to Suck at the Government Teat With Never-Ending Stealth Bailouts
Malicious code in the IT supply chain threatens federal operations
Student Loan Debt Reaches $1 Trillion
Property Tax Revolution in North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan; It's Our Home Not Theirs! (Mish)
Spread Reckoning: U.S. Suburbs Face Twin Perils of Climate Change and Peak Oil (SciAm)
Wall Street gold rush in foreclosed homes
Cheney Recovering After Heart Transplant
Good. The bugger will live to stand trial. -- RF

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