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News Links, April 10, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
The suffocation of unsustainable global debt – Total global debt is now over $190 trillion and more than three times global GDP.
Greece's debt-to-GDP to rise to 170% - Fitch
Dow's Loss Is Fourth Straight
"The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen for four straight days, the deepest such decline of 2012 and erasing the past month's gains. Two of those days saw the Dow fall by triple digits, in what had been a rare occurrence."

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Once High-Flying, JetBlue Returns to Earth

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Willing Banks Find Profits in Legal Trade With Iran (WSJ)
Armenia to import Iranian oil products
India considering return to Iranian gas
"India is running an energy deficit and may consider rejoining a natural gas pipeline project from Iran, a senior diplomat said."
Israel eyes Iraq's F-16s and worries
"Israel is monitoring Iraq's re-armament program with disquiet amid intelligence reports Iran is consolidating its influence in Baghdad."
Iran rules out conditions to talks: Salehi
New blast hits Egypt gas pipeline serving Jordan, Israel
"An explosion hit the gas pipeline between Egypt, Israel and Jordan in Northern Sinai for fourteenth time on Monday, security sources said."
Syria ceasefire plans close to collapse
Israeli Military Practicing for Military Occupation of Lebanon

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Yemen unrest: Deadly attack on southern army base
British officials fearful of Olympic protesters
Tibet self-immolation death toll rises to 25
Police clash with anti-gov't protesters in central Tunis
Riots may be controlled with chemicals (UK)

## Energy/resources ##
Are Denmark's renewable energy goals wishful thinking?
Running industrial society solely on renewables won't work. -- RF
Back in black: electricity rotation system returns (Myanmar)
Lebanon agrees deal for Turkish electricity boats
Russia's Transneft has 3 days of oil for Czechs
"Russian state oil pipeline monopoly Transneft only has sufficient volume in the Druzhba pipeline to supply the Czech Republic for three more days, after Russian oil companies failed to submit new requests for deliveries to Czech customers."
Nearly 60 islands hit with water crisis (Maldives)
China's wind energy market to hurt badly in the next year
"China's wind farm market bubble will deflate as the industry enters the worst year in its history, said the Spanish wind power maker Gamesa, Xinhua News Agency reported."
First Solar Flirts With All-Time Lows… A Busted IPO Case
Chile's Uncertain Renewable Energy Future
Helium shortage affecting some businesses
"Helium is becoming more difficult to find these days. There is a world wide shortage, and it's affecting some businesses bottom line."

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Metal thefts affecting churches and commuters

## Got food? ##
In an old Chicago meat plant, greens and fish grow
When the lights go out, this whole operation will go bust overnight. -- RF
First lady plants potatoes
At least somebody at the White House is doing something constructive. -- RF
Nation's farmers, ranchers aging, USDA fears (US)

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Anonymous says hacks Tunisia prime minister's emails
CISPA: New Internet bill could practically shred the First Amendment

## Japan ##
Sony to axe 10,000 jobs in turnaround bid: Nikkei
Panasonic executives to take pay cut
"Executives due to take up their posts at Panasonic Corp. in June already face pay cuts of between 10 and 30 percent as the company faces a record loss."
Tokyo taking step away from Iran's oil
"Japan is set to start cutting back on the amount of crude oil it purchases from Iran once new contracts enter into force, an official said."
Gov't gives preliminary OK to restart 2 reactors at Oi plant
"Japan's economy minister said Monday two nuclear reactors tentatively met government safety standards even though completing improvements will take several years, paving the way for final approval for their startup soon."
Japan Corporate Bond Risk Rises, Credit-Default Swap Prices Show

## China ##
China's high-speed rail on fast track to financing quagmire: World Bank
"A recent report by the World Bank has issued a warning to China over its high-speed rail system, which the international organization says faces dire financial straits based on its significant long-term debts."
China Inflation Speeds Faster Than Estimated
China's navy grows, focusing on 'first island chain'

## UK ##
Bank holidays 'cost economy £19bn'
"Each bank holiday costs the UK economy £2.3bn and scrapping them would boost annual output by £19bn, economists say."
Well, let's also scrap weekends and make the Little People work 365 days a year. -- RF
Shop failures cost 10,000 jobs in first quarter - Deloitte
Wales unemployment: Extra 7,000 by end of summer - IPPR

## US ##
Tax Bill Is Beginning of Formal Debt Criminalization
Thirteen Ways Government Tracks Us
US Police Can Copy Your iPhone's Contents In Under Two Minutes
"It has emerged that Michigan State Police have been using a high-tech mobile forensics device that can extract information from over 3,000 models of mobile phone, potentially grabbing all media content from your iPhone in under two minutes."
Cops can request a copy of your complete Facebook activity
Consumer Credit in U.S. Rose Less Than Forecast in February
School buses hit with rising fuel costs
It's a 'Mad Max' world: Rising gas prices fuel criminal ingenuity
"With gas hovering around $4 a gallon, more and more people are deciding they'd rather steal it than pay for it.
"Theft of fuel has traditionally risen and fallen with pump prices, but now crooks are going beyond simply siphoning gas from a parked car or driving off without paying after a fill-up. Around the nation, thieves are using ingenious methods and breathtaking brazenness to empty the tanks of trucks, industrial fleets and even gas stations themselves."
Moody's cuts Detroit water and sewer debt ratings

And finally… Preparing for an alien invasion (video)

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