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News Links, April 16, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Spanish Minister Asks ECB to Buy Bonds as Crisis Deepens
S&P 500 Caps Biggest Weekly Decline in 2012
Hungarian PM attacks EU 'blackmail' over IMF loan
"Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban attacked the European Union for imposing political conditions on an EU-IMF loan desperately needed by Budapest, in an interview on Friday.
"'Creating political conditions -- for example over the justice system -- would amount to blackmail, which is unacceptable within the European Union,' Orban told national radio MR1 in his weekly interview."
Increasingly in Europe, Suicides 'by Economic Crisis'
"The economic downturn that has shaken Europe for the last three years has also swept away the foundations of once-sturdy lives, leading to an alarming spike in suicide rates. Especially in the most fragile nations like Greece, Ireland and Italy, small-business owners and entrepreneurs are increasingly taking their own lives in a phenomenon some European newspapers have started calling 'suicide by economic crisis.'"
Euro Area Seeks Bigger IMF War Chest on Spanish Concerns
Australia 'ready' for China slide

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Taliban attack U.S. embassy and government sites across Afghanistan
"Insurgents took over a high-rise building on Sunday and began firing rocket propelled grenades and assault weapons at government buildings and towards the U.S. Embassy."
Iran, big powers agree - to keep talking
Well, what else can the "big powers" do? -- RF
India replaces China as Iran's top oil client
"India has vaulted to the top of the list of Iran's oil customers, overtaking China, in a first-quarter buying surge ahead of tighter sanctions against Tehran this summer, data published by a leading industry consultant showed."
Cuba's allies to boycott future Americas summits
Iraq dinar hit by fallout from sanctions next door
Officials: 5 killed in Iraq attacks
"Iraqi officials say attacks across the country including a car bomb in a northern city have left five people dead."

## Energy/resources ##
Astroturfing Cold Fusion: Making the Promise Seem Real
Uganda: Power Outage Disrupts Water Supply in Kakiri
S.Sudan: Sudan bombing Heglig oil facilities "to rubble"
Petrol stations run dry in Juba as Sudan oil row bites

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Internet openness at risk from censors, antipiracy laws and monopolies, claims Google founder
SOPA's Evil Twin Sister – CISPA (Infographic)
UAE Signs Deal to Integrate National IDs Into Mobile Phones
"The United Arab Emirates signed a deal with telecommunications company, Etisalat, to embed citizens' national ID information into mobile phones."

## Japan ##
In a Shift, Chinese Capital Flows to Japanese Firms
"As the fortunes of Asia's two largest economies diverge, Chinese companies are stepping up acquisitions in Japan—a trend likely to accelerate as it relies on China's growing wealth to help rebuild Japan's businesses.
"Over the past several months, Chinese companies have stepped in to save a string of Japanese companies that were desperate for funding."
China continues to buy up Japan. -- RF
A Visual Tour of the Fuel Pools of Fukushima
Another thermometer breaks at Fukushima
Tests find cesium 172 times the limit in Miyagi Yacon tea
All atomic power to halt 'momentarily'
"Operations at all of Japan's 54 nuclear power plants will be suspended "for a moment" starting on May 6, trade minister Yukio Edano said in a speech in the city of Tokushima Sunday."
Japan considering $60 bil contribution to IMF
Poll: Majority of Japanese reject posthumous names
People unfamiliar with Japanese customs may see nothing significant in this article. But funerals are expensive, and a big business. Further, temples charge a hefty fee for assigning posthumous names. So all this points serious economic streamlining by households, especially since lavish funerals have always been considered de rigueur. -- RF

## China ##
China gives currency more freedom with new reform
"China took a milestone step in turning the yuan into a global currency on Saturday by doubling the size of its trading band against the dollar, pushing through a crucial reform that further liberalizes its nascent financial markets."
Grim Fairy Tale: China's Economy Grows at 8.1%
"Considering everything, it's extremely unlikely that the economy expanded anywhere near the claimed 8.1% pace. The momentum at the moment is on the down side, and day after day we are witnessing a dynamic increasingly difficult to reverse."

## UK ##
Pensioners lose money
Worst drought since 1976
"More than half of Britain is now in drought, the Environment Agency has warned, as the UK faces its most severe water shortage since 1976."

## US ##
Best Buy Announces Locations for Store Closings
"Best Buy on Saturday announced the locations of 50 stores that it is closing this year, including seven in California, six in Illinois and six in the company's home state of Minnesota."

And finally…
WikiLeaks' Assange to launch TV talk show
Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Sex Pistols to release anti-monarchy anthem for Queen's Diamond Jubilee

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