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News Links, April 27, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
S&P reduces Spain's credit rating
Cost of Spain's Housing Bust Could Force a Bailout
More Spanish property losses loom for Santander
Ontario Downgraded to Aa2 on Growing Debt Burden, Moody's Says
Dutch crisis: Parties agree deal on budget cuts
Container and Bulk Freight Ocean Shipping Capacity Spells Gloom for Investors
"Too Many Ships with Too Little Cargo"
Anger as Brussels sqanders millions then demands budget rise
Daimler plant closing compounds Canada's manufacturing pain
"The lingering after-effects of the Great Recession are still shredding Canada's manufacturing sector, more than two years after North America emerged from the downturn.
"The latest victim is a Daimler AG's Orion bus manufacturing plant in Mississauga, which will close within  the next 12 months as the company abandons the North American transit bus business, eliminating the jobs of about 200 active workers and another 200 on layoff."
India's Growth Story Dims on S&P Downgrade
Euro-Area April Economic Confidence Drops More Than Forecast
China Cosco Loss Widens as Cargo Rates Slump, Fuel Price Climbs
The Deadliest Vicious Cycle We've Ever Seen
Pakistan's Textile Industry Is Dangerously Fragile
Damaged resin plant will be down at least 6 months

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Airlines raise luggage, itinerary fees to stay competitive
1Q losses expected for Delta, US Airways
Fuel Costs Deck Chinese Airlines
United results hit by fuel costs, merger glitches
Air cargo: March cargo demand plunges in Asia-Pacific

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Pakistan says U.S. not listening: drone strikes must stop
"Pakistan has spelt out in no uncertain terms that U.S. drone aircraft strikes against militants inside its territory must stop, but Washington is not listening, the country's foreign minister said."
Israel's new ties to Azerbaijan worry neighboring Iran
U.N. Refugee Chief: 'We Are All Overstretched'
GCC forces in military exercises
Cutting into NATO's Muscle
"As defence budgets are slashed across the alliance, NATO faces uncertain future."
Vale to Redesign Giant Ore Ships to Protect Crews From Pirates
Islamist militants blow up Yemen gas pipeline
Amid Massive Budget Cuts, NATO Chief Meets with Spanish PM
Obama Approves CIA Request to Kill Unidentified Individuals in Yemen Drone War

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Protesters and police clash in Bahrain
"Bahraini protesters attacked a police station with petrol bombs on Thursday and riot police responded with teargas and stun grenades after a funeral march for a man killed in clashes during the Gulf Arab state's Formula One race last week."
Tibetan quake victims fight China government land grab
Students And Workers In Chile Back On The Streets
Niger uranium workers threaten to expand strike
Libya warns Agoco protest may affect oilfield work
Montreal police and protesters rage through the night as tuition march turns violent
Protesters Plan May 1 Shut Down Of S.F.'s Golden Gate Bridge

## Energy/resources ##
New Company will Start Plans to Mine Asteroids in Two Years
SF movies often feature mining colonies on other planets and huge spaceships trolling the universe for minerals, but operations like this would require far more energy than realized. Meanwhile, we can't even keep the lights on down here on Earth. -- RF 
8-hour rotating blackout persists (Philippines)
Venezuela Starts Nationwide Power Rationing
Nights get darker, hotter (India)
"On Wednesday, several areas in the city reeled under long hours of power cuts - in some places there was no electricity for as long as eight hours - thanks to the continuous shortage experienced by various power stations."
Can Developers Finance Big Solar Without the Cash Grant?
Solar Silicon Falling 9% Widens Slump That Hit Solyndra
Fujairah's oil costs rising on Iran sanctions, Barclays says
"The UAE's port of Fujairah will face higher costs as sanctions against Iran curb supplies of fuel oil for the Middle East's biggest ship-refuelling centre, Barclays said."
Exxon Mobil reports problem at Illinois refinery

## Got food? ##
Analysis: Dow's New Corn: "Time Bomb" Or Farmers' Dream?
Nigeria: Food Price Hike Pushes Inflation to 12.1 Percent

## Environment/health ##
Expert warns world needs to move 'rapidly' toward 'population shrinkage'
Plant disease moves south into Britain
Total installs diverter on leaking Elgin
Chesapeake Gas Well Blow-out in Wyoming Leads to Evacuations

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
E-Plus network suffers major outage (Germany)
Auckland train services shut down after power outage

## Japan ##
SDF jets scramble to meet Chinese planes record 156 times
"The Defense Ministry said April 25 that Air Self-Defense Force jets were scrambled a record 156 times in fiscal 2011 to meet Chinese aircraft approaching Japanese airspace."
Power, Gas Utilities Hiking Rates In June
"The nation's 10 major power providers and four gas utilities will all raise rates in June to reflect higher fuel costs."
Nintendo posts first-ever annual loss
Radioactive cesium spread 600 km in waters off Fukushima
"Radioactive cesium was detected in the ocean as far as 600 kilometers to the east of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, scientists said, in amounts that reached 100 times pre-accident levels."
Japan logs trade deficit of 455 bil. yen in early April

## China ##
Ground subsidence widespread as Beijing pumps too much water
Heavy refining losses put pressure on PetroChina, Sinopec profits

## UK ##
'Why I had to resort to using a food bank' (BBC video)
Green energy 'must be affordable' - Cameron
"Renewable energy sources must become 'financially sustainable' if they are to meet the world's needs, David Cameron is to say."
But the era of cheap energy is finished. -- RF
Confusion reigns in green revolution

## US ##
Obama Has Authoritarian Powers Bush Could Only Dream Of
84% of All Stock Trades Are By High-Frequency Computers … Only 16% Are Done By Human Traders
Even after bankruptcy, trapped by student debt
Cooling Job Market Takes Toll on U.S. Confidence: Economy
"More Americans than forecast filed applications for unemployment benefits last week and consumer confidence declined by the most in a year, signaling that a cooling labor market may restrain household spending."
Medical Debt Collectors Accused of Bullying Emergency Room Patients and Others
Peak Housing, Peak Fraud, Peak Suburbia and Peak Property Taxes
"Once again pundits are claiming that housing is 'finally recovering.' But they're overlooking three peaks: Peak Housing, Peak Financial Fraud, and Peak Suburbia, all of which suggest years of stagnation and decline, not 'recovery.'"
5 New Lies That The Federal Reserve Is Telling The American People

And finally… Occupy West Side Story (video; this is a scream)

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