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News Links, April 8, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Japan, China to Discuss More IMF Funding
Afghans store opium as hedge against uncertain future: U.N.
"Opium is emerging as a new gold standard in Afghanistan, where traders and farmers are hoarding the drug as a source of ready cash to hedge against the risk of a power vacuum when foreign troops leave, the country's U.N. drugs tsar said."
Gold Bottom, $25 Trillion in Debt, ECB & Swiss Franc
As money moves west, empty schools on the rise in Atlantic Canada
Thai wage hike hitting firms / Large increase has manufacturers considering relocation

## Airline Death Spiral ##
SriLankan revamps European routes
"SriLankan Airlines announces certain capacity adjustments to its European route network taking into consideration the rise in fuel and operational costs and economic indicators in the EU region."
Delta pulls out of Sioux City

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Iranian cleric says Saudi is "centre of sedition"
"An Iranian cleric accused Saudi Arabia on Friday of giving refuge to terrorists and committing crimes in Arab states including Bahrain and Syria, the Iranian Students' News Agency ISNA reported."
Air Force ramps up drone war

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Residents living near troubled nuclear plant want out (Korea)
"No longer appeased by a hot springs resort and special taxes paid to their county, residents living right next to the troubled Kori nuclear power plant here are demanding that they be moved en masse to a safer location."
Energy riots persist (Pakistan)

## Energy/resources ##
Blackout remains in some parts of Jakarta
Water shortage imminent (Pakistan)
"They said industries were already facing a number of issues, including strikes, law and order problems, gas and power shortages, high tax rate, failure to meet local and export orders and the situation should not be allowed to deteriorate."
What Happens if Iran Doesn't Back Down?
Why we shouldn't count on KSA to cover the loss of Iran's oil. -- RF
California's Nuclear Power Woes
Alaska predicts slowing decline in oil output
Quest for 'extreme oil' leaves nations blind to the risks

## Got food? ##
Growing Food Demand Strains Energy, Water Supplies (National Geographic)
Guerrilla Grafters Bring Forbidden Fruit Back To City Trees
Care and Cultivation of Permanent Garden Beds

## Environment/health ##
Matt Damon to star in 'The Promised Land' anti-fracking movie
Brazil's Amazon boom pits economic growth versus forest

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
'Anonymous' says it will hack more Chinese sites

## Japan ##
Rocket launchers deployed in Tokyo ahead of NK launch (Photo)
SDF, U.S. ships deployed for North's rocket
Aichi to take 1 million tons quake debris
One shudders at the thought of how much fuel will be used to transport waste such long distances. -- RF
Predictions of summer power shortages may be inaccurate
"It is unclear whether Japan will be hit by significant power shortages this summer if it has no access to nuclear power, despite a steady drumbeat of warnings about power cuts from government and power industry officials."
There are several factors to consider here. First, conservation measures have eliminated much — although certainly not all — of the incredible waste needed to goose "growth." Second, the economy is in a downward spiral and less energy is needed. And third, idle nuclear plants are white elephants to the power companies, who would rather have them running and bringing in revenues. -- RF
Tougher food safety standards of radiation levels creates hardship for many farmers
Beware of headlines like this. It's not tougher standards that are to blame, it's nuclear power. -- RF

## China ##
PetroChina in talks with Shell, Hess to explore shale oil
China too is scraping the bottom of the barrel. -- RF

## UK ##
UK's energy production falls by 14 per cent
"THE UK's energy production fell by 14 per cent last year as a result of decreased gas and oil output from the continental shelf, according to the latest figures."
How much does your water company leak?
"The water industry in England and Wales loses 3.36 billion litres of water a day in leaks."
Parents face threat of fresh wave of teacher strikes
"Millions of children face being turned away from school next term after teachers voted for a fresh wave of industrial action over pay and pensions."
U.K. Property Agents See More Empty Shops, Telegraph Reports

## US ##
New Report Highlights Staggering Costs Ahead for Water Infrastructure
USA Today staff to take unpaid leave
"USA Today, America's second-biggest newspaper, has asked most of its staff to take week off without pay to save money. The measures come as the newspaper continues to struggle to sell advertising space and is the latest in a series of cost-cutting initiatives in recent years."
California nuclear plant shut indefinitely amid hunt to find cause of problems
Armed neo-Nazis patrol the streets of Sanford, looking for race riots
Official says L.A. risks insolvency without new taxes
U.S. Local Governments Cut Payrolls to Lowest Level Since 2006
J.C. Penney cuts 600 headquarters jobs
Rep. Paul: Repeal Patriot Act, NDAA

And finally… Ploompf!! Pillow Fights Erupt Across The Globe
"Today is International Pillow Fight Day."

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