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News Links, May 14, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
China Crashes in April, Shows Signs of Contraction
Asian Stocks Post Worst Week Since November on Europe, China
Brussels Raises Red Flag on French Deficit, Hollande Blames Hidden Taxes of Sarkozy; France in Deep Trouble Already
Auto Outlook: Who is buying all these cars?
Jordan's fiscal deficit could hit US$4bn - minister
LightSquared on verge of bankruptcy: report

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Premium Asian carriers hit by severe crosswinds

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Chinese military exercises in Hainan serve as warning to Manila
Forty-nine headless corpses found in Mexico
Two British servicemen shot dead by Afghan police they were training

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Italy mulls using army to stem political violence
"Italy is considering using the army to protect the defense conglomerate Finmeccanica and the tax collection agency Equitalia, the targets of a series of attacks that are raising concerns about political violence, the interior minister said."
Israelis rally in bid to revive last year's mass social protests against high cost of living
In Bahrain, the spark behind Pearl Revolution still glows
Protesters in mass "stroll" to test Putin's police

## Energy/resources ##
Erdan: Pull plug on Gaza to avoid Israel shortages
"In the face of probable electricity blackouts at home this coming summer, Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan called on the government Sunday morning to cease supplying power to the Gaza Strip."
Canada's Deal with China Could Make Uranium Boom
Pakistan crisis over power cuts (BBC video)
The difficult future facing black gold

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
CBS47 Special Report: Copper Theft (US)
"It's a major problem on the streets of Fresno: lights out because of copper wire theft.  There are some 4,000 street lights that are off, which is about ten percent all the lights in Fresno."

## Got food? ##
Mad moms to food police: We'll eat what we want (US)
"Moms in Minnesota are preparing to defy state dictates over when and how they can access food supplies for their families, with a rally scheduled Monday to coincide with the beginning of the trial of the manager of a farm buying club, according to the Farm Food Freedom Coalition."
With food prices escalating, the G8 has to deliver on its plan for Africa
India crops have storage, transportation woes
Now, airstrips, stadiums to double up as granary (India)
GCC food inflation to rise 4.1%, says QNB
Plan for food security

## Japan ##
More mutated canola in Noda city Chiba
Dismal Job Opportunities For Under 30s Caused 150 Suicides In 2011
Pension fund involved in AIJ scandal decides to dissolve
Welfare costs to jump 40 percent to 5.2 trillion yen in FY 2025
Housewives seeking part-time work squeezed out by surge in jobless
Gov't seeks 20% cut in electricity use in central, western Japan
Firms fear summer meltdown in nuclear-free Japan

## China ##
Chinese food importers submit to takeovers as costs rise
"A food importer in Shanghai reports that the industry is mired in financial distress; numerous importers with over 15 years of history have reportedly been sold off."
China Building Power Transmission Line of World's Largest Capacity

## UK ##
Patients 'treated in corridors', claims Royal College of Nursing
"Patients are being left stranded on trolleys for hours and forced to have treatment in corridors due in part to the loss of hospital beds, nurses say."
30,000 police march through London to protest cuts

## US ##
Orange County power plant generators brought back into service to help avert shortage
A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College
Gov. Jerry Brown calls for cuts as deficit jumps
"California's budget deficit has jumped to $16 billion, forcing Gov. Jerry Brown to call for even deeper cuts in state spending when he releases his revised budget plan on Monday."
New York police frisk more people despite criticism
Wind industry's future in question as tax credit nears end
Anti-government 'Patriot' groups propagating at an alarming rate
Some Ala. farmers cut back crops, citing crackdown

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