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News Links, May 20, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
World's Richest Lose $33 Billion as Facebook Debut Stalls
Spain reeling over financial fears: 'Will my money be safe?' ask customers in Madrid banks
Spanish Bank Downgrades Trigger Surge in Default Swaps to Record
Fitch downgrades Greek sovereign debt
I Just Got Back From the EU... and It's Worse Than You Imagined

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Airlines: Flying into area of high pressure

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Beijing on 'high alert' over Huangyan
"Beijing has vowed to remain on 'high alert' over Huangyan Island in case of any provocations, after Manila on Friday postponed a protest trip to the island."
From Mubarak to Worse
"More than 15 months after Egypt's Tahrir Square uprising and four months after free parliamentary polls, many Egyptians say that daily living conditions are worse now than they were in the Mubarak era."
G8, raising pressure on Iran, puts oil stocks on standby
"Leaders of the Group of Eight major economies raised the pressure on Iran on Saturday, signaling their readiness to tap into emergency oil stockpiles quickly this summer if tougher new sanctions on Tehran threaten to strain supplies."
Just when you thought the Stupidity Level could not get any higher… -- RF
Italy deploys 20,000 to protect sensitive targets
Hollande: French Troops to Leave Afghanistan by Year's End

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Molotov cocktails launched in Montreal protests following legal crackdown
'Cheerful and disorganized' protesters take to Chicago streets
Thousands march in Frankfurt against austerity measures

## Energy/resources ##
7 Reasons Speculators are Not to Blame for Higher Oil and Gas Prices
US shale boom to underpin global 'mismatch' of refining capacity: analyst
"The surge in output of US oil and natural gas liquids with over 50 API comes at a time when most US refining capacity additions have been geared towards heavy, sour crude, Sen told an oil conference in London."
Oil well in Cuba comes up dry, raises questions about future exploration
Iraq's southern oil exports fall sharply
Queensland scraps coal terminal expansion: report

## Got food? ##
US agriculture companies set millions for Africa
"A group of U.S. seed, chemical and equipment companies will invest at least $150 million over the next few years into African agricultural projects and products, the companies said on Friday."
Jim Rogers: Agriculture Will Fuel Commodities Rally

## Environment/health ##
The Big Fix: documentary exposes BP, U.S. Gov't on Gulf disaster
U.N. Readies Largest Ever 'Save The Planet' Summit
Unless they abandon the infinite-growth paradigm, their efforts are going nowhere. -- RF

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Anti-NATO activists weighed Obama HQ attack: prosecutors
"Three protesters arrested on terrorism-related charges ahead of the NATO-summit considered targeting U.S. President Barack Obama's re-election campaign headquarters and the home of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, according to court documents released on Saturday."
Chinese entities world's biggest economic spies: Pentagon
Google's New Search Tool to Use CIA and World Bank as Sources for 'Facts'

## Japan ##
Govt lays out power cuts for summer
"The government officially decided Friday on summer electricity consumption reduction targets, setting power savings goals of up to 15 percent of electricity demand seen in peak hours during the exceptionally hot summer of 2010."
Voluntary power-saving plan risky if heat, economy collide
KEPCO power targets wishful thinking?
Water supply cut off over formaldehyde

## China ##
Property price decline spreading
Its hell let loose in Chinese steel market
Barclays Reiterates 'No Hard Landing' Call For China
Don't they know these GDP numbers are cooked? -- RF

## UK ##
Up to 1,000 new doctors could face unemployment

## US ##
J.P. Morgan Struggles to Unwind Huge Bets
US elections: Why does the world's greatest democracy offer just two choices?
And that's hardly a choice. You call this democracy? -- RF
New doctors see workload, pay as grim

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