Monday, June 04, 2012


News Links, June 4, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
AIG Chief Sees Retirement Age as High as 80 After Crisis
Cyprus would seek EU bailout money 'if necessary'
Vanishing act: Where did Canada's mid-sized companies go?
Spain's Aid Plea Backfires as Bond Yields Rise
More QE Coming To Europe Next Week
CIS steel export prices continue going down
Argentine official denies devaluation planned
Moody's Hammers Greece, Again

## Airline Death Spiral ##
CAL lays off 90 in Jamaica
Bird Strikes Pose Growing Threat

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Access to Pacific harbors key to U.S. strategy: Panetta
"Defense Secretary Leon Panetta visited a deep-water Vietnamese port near the contested South China Sea on Sunday, calling access to such harbors critical as the U.S. shifts 60 percent of its warships to the Asia-Pacific by 2020."
Canada Eyes Singapore Hub as U.S. Shifts
China steps up Afghan role as Western pullout nears
Insight: Malaysia government losing Chinese support, putting reforms at risk
Several wounded in Toronto mall shooting : reports

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Egyptians threaten more protests after Mubarak verdict
Quebec protesters promise a summer of demonstrations

## Energy/resources ##
Bankruptcy Fears for China's LDK Solar Due to Market Downturn
Thin-Film Solar Panel Maker Konarka Files for Bankruptcy
Hospitals provided special feeders, still suffer power shortage (India)
Bangladeshis boil over power cuts amid hot summer

## Got food? ##
Tired Of Mowing Your Lawn? Try Foodscaping It Instead

## Environment/health ##
Stay or go? Some towns eyeing retreat from sea

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
Got A RAT in Your Computer?
IDF admits to using cyber space to attack enemies
Malaysia Calls for ASEAN 'Master Plan' to Fight Cyber Attacks

## Japan ##
Radioactivity: Japan's invisible enemy within
Electric life-support machines used in areas fearing rolling blackouts

## China ##
Chinese Purchasers Default on Commodity Contracts
"Chinese buyers are either deferring or defaulting on iron ore and coal purchase contracts as inventories in China rise and prices fall.  At the end of last month, there were at least six thermal coal cargoes—from the United States, Colombia, and South Africa—affected by these defaults.
"Moreover, Chinese steel mills are now postponing purchases of iron ore, especially from Brazil's Vale.  Purchasers in China have been seeking to delay deliveries of the commodity since October."
Mood darkens in Beijing amid crackdown on 'illegal foreigners'
China aims to boost growth with ambitious development projects
Dangdang Leads ADR Drop as Manufacturing Slows: Overnight

## UK ##
Bomb thrown at police vehicle in Londonderry

## US ##
City Council of North Las Vegas Unanimously Suspends Collectively Bargaining of Public Unions, Citing Emergency Statutes
America's Transition To A Part-Time Worker Society Accelerates As Part-Time Jobs Hit Record
Production pruning - RG Steel shutdown renews economic worries in US
Boomerang kids not being tossed back
The Ugly Truth About Social Security Is Revealed
Banks Skim Millions in Fees From Student Aid Using Debit-Card-Linked Student IDs
More Stealth Inflation: Shrinking Portion Department
Wells Fargo Seizes Stockton California City Hall, Parking Garages; City Prepares Bankruptcy Contingency Plans; Bondholder Mediation Underway

And finally…
Zombie Apocalypse Real-Time Tracker, Disaster Preparedness Simulation And Dispatch Form
The final frontier? Trillion-dollar plan to build Starship Enterprise

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