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News Links, July 30, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
The Rally's Dark Side: 68% Of Growth Funds Are Now Underperforming, A 30% Increase In Three Weeks
Greek leaders agree bulk of austerity cuts: source
Foreigners Dump Nearly €80 Billion in Spanish Debt; Haircuts Come After More Dumping
Santander's free business banking is no longer forever
Euro zone crisis heads for September crunch
Baltic index slides on slow freight business
Doom prevails at steel export market at Black Sea
Analysis: Apple sounds warning bell for smartphone industry

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Downbeat Unit Revenue Trends Spook Airline Investors

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Advisor: Romney would back Israeli strike on Iran
Romney backs away from aide's Iran-Israel comment
"Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney tried to distance himself on Sunday from an aide's earlier comments that he would respect Israel's decision if it should decide to use military force to halt Iran's nuclear program, according to media reports."
Regarding Iran, U.S. and Israel not on the same page at all (Haaretz)
Spain evacuates aid workers from western Algeria
Panel Urges More U.S. Ships in Pacific for Pivot to Asia
UAE arrests 10 more Islamists in crackdown: activists
"At least 10 local Islamists have been arrested in the United Arab Emirates over the past several days as part of a widening crackdown on dissidents, activists said on Sunday."
Can Turkey Afford Its Extensive Defense Plans?

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
12000 workers protest ILVA steel plant shutdown amid pollution probe
Japan anti-nuclear groups protest at parliament
"Tens of thousands of people protested against nuclear power outside Japan's parliament on Sunday, the same day a proponent of using renewable energy to replace nuclear following the Fukushima disaster was defeated in a local election."
Anna Hazare begins fifth hunger strike in 16 months
Nervous Chinese officials caving into massive protests

## Energy/resources ##
Gas supply falls short, hoarding suspected (Vietnam)
"With demand rising against the slumping domestic supply, Ho Chi Minh City and the neighboring province of Long An are facing a cooking gas shortage, some local dealers have told Tuoi Tre."

## Got food? ##
Farmers report modest summer crop yield on account of diesel shortage (Saudi Arabia)
"Diesel shortages has badly affected the harvest in Al-Kharj, according to a number of farmers. Lack of diesel at gas stations has negatively impacted their produce and damaged most of their crops, forcing many to stop cultivating clover as they are unable to irrigate their farms."

## Environment/health ##
Swaziland's health sector grinding to a halt
Specter of drought looms over northern and western India
Researchers list top 10 airports for spreading disease
Mysterious nodding disease afflicts young Ugandans

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
NYPD Plans To Launch New Criminal And Terrorist Tracking System
Your future home is vulnerable to cyberattacks

## Systemic breakdown ##
Our current infrastructure was built for a different planet

## Japan ##
Japanese Green Party forms with an eye on national politics
The article suggests that this is the first such party in Japan, but it is actually one of several. The first nationally organized Green Party was formed some 30 years ago. -- RF

## China ##
Slack domestic demand causes shares of Chinese companies to drop
Property companies go bankrupt in private lending crisis
China Iron ore fines import prices witness major crash

## UK ##
Braintree: See which streetlights could be turned off near you
"Braintree could be plunged into darkness as thousands of streetlights are set to be turned off to save energy and cash."
New U.K. Strategy Urged as Triple-Dip Recession Predicted

## US ##
$10 Trillion M2 Is Now In The Rearview Mirror
U.S. loves cops and firefighters - but not their pensions
Enbridge Energy Uncertain on Restart of Pipeline in Wisconsin
Coal industry sheds jobs, leaving Eastern Kentucky economy in tatters
Federal Bankruptcy Court Lets Stockton, California Cut Retiree Health Care Benefits; Flood of City Bankruptcies Coming

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