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News Links, August 13, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Asia Firms Struggle to Deliver on Earnings
China Is Running Out Of Money
Is China's Economy Staring Down The Bottomless Pit
China Rate Cuts All But Certain
"Rate cuts in China seem all but certain now. The People's Bank of China has cut consumer borrowing and lending rates to try to spur consumption growth, but the slowdown has continued despite these efforts. Analysts now expect further rate cuts and potential cuts of the Reserve Requirement Ratio (RRR) instead of consumer rates."
India Could Lose Investment Grade Status
Spanish towns in hock as banks cope with $250B in bad loans
Bankster Fraud Has Driven 100 Million Into Poverty, Killing Many
Europe's Most Dangerous Politicians: Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, David Cameron, Jean-Claude Juncker, Jose Barroso, Mario Monti, Herman Van Rompuy

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Low-cost Italy airline Windjet near collapse

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
'Armed men attack peacekeeping troops in Egypt's Sinai'
Iran steps up nuclear warhead work, Israel media report
Israel demands nuclear ultimatum for Iran
Israel to Hold Home Front Drill Amid Rise in Iran Tensions
Turkey treating Iraqi Kurdistan 'as independent'
Tech Talk - tensions over oil in the South China Sea

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Spanish fieldworkers union 'expropriates' food for the poor
Guyana police, protesters clash over electricity
"Government offices were burnt down Friday amid fresh clashes in south-eastern Guyana over rising electricity rates and claims that officers killed demonstrators, officials said."
Student protest for free education turns violent

## Energy/resources ##
Will high oil costs permanently ruin world's economy?
These common-sense ideas are gradually making their way into the mainstream media. -- RF
Recycling Reality: Humans Set to Trash Most Elements on the Periodic Table

## Got food? ##
World over-using underground water reserves for agriculture
As drought looms in India, fear for its cattle
9 Tips for Food Safety When the Grid Goes Down

## Environment/health ##
Arctic ocean losing 50% more summer ice than predicted
Summer's record heat, drought point to longer-term climate issues
Climate change may boost frog disease chytridiomycosis
Canary Islands wildfires lead to evacuation of 5,000 people
Can we bear the legacy costs of industrial society's toxic pollution?

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
Drones in the sky over America
"They're coming: In a few years the skies over the United States will be filled with hundreds if not thousands of of drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, doing a variety of tasks -- border security, disaster relief, search and rescue, counter-terrorism and looking down on people and streets on behalf of police departments."
A "Drone" That Captures Rather Than Kills?
Boeing Demonstrates Drones That Perform Like 'Swarm Of Insects'

## Systemic breakdown ##
Professor sees energy 'trap' ahead
Urban disasters spotlight strain on Asian cities
"Biggest cities are buckling under the strain of rapid economic development, extreme weather"

## Japan ##
Energy cuts in Japan sap spirits and economy
"Workers in short-sleeved dress shirts spend their days in 28-degree offices, the new standard. Lights are dimmed and printers are on only when necessary. Companies chart their energy use, and at one bread factory on this northern island, an employee jumps on the PA system when electricity usage spikes, ordering airconditioners off and asking select workers to stop what they're doing."

## China ##
China factory output disappoints and more stimulus seen
Trade growth sees sharp slowdown
A Chinese Trade Deficit?

## UK ##
Euro-Area Crisis Has 'No Obvious End in Sight,' BOE's King Says

## US ##
The 'fiscal cliff': Without congressional action soon, the U.S. economy might resemble Wile E. Coyote
The cost of a nation of incarceration
Romney's Paul Ryan VP Pick Pleases War Hawks

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