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News Links, August 15, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Poll finds 45 per cent of Canadians don't set aside funds for emergency expenses
Italians Say Goodbye to Ferraris as La Dolce Vita Expires
Euro-Area Economy Contracted in 2nd Quarter on Italy, Spain
In EU, eight or more in recession
"Economies of at least eight of 27 EU countries are in recession, data released Tuesday by Eurostat indicates."
France Beats Expectations With 0% Growth; Eurozone GDP Sank .2%
Industrial production slides in Europe
Chinese companies pull out of US stock markets
Groupon sheds quarter of its value as Street questions biz
Currency's Days Feared Numbered: Investors Prepare for Euro Collapse
World shipping crisis threatens German dominance as Greeks win long game
"Germany's shipping industry faces a wave of bankruptcies over coming months as funding dries up and deepening economic woes across the world cause a sharp contraction in container trade."
How Bad Is Greece? Worse Than You Think, Ross Says
Buffett's Berkshire Slashes Stock Holdings

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Sequestration to cripple air travel, cargo, according to study
Tour Operators Face Losses as Wind Jet Collapses
Those Awful Airline Fees From United, American, Delta, and the Rest Add Up
Struggling Malaysia Airlines says Q2 loss narrows
Gol Sees 2012 Loss After Q2 Hit
Ticket prices set to soar as airlines chase profits

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
'Window Is Still Open" to Avoid Iran Strike, Panetta Says
H.K. protest ship on course to reach Senkakus on Wednesday
Japan Coast Guard warns of stopping Hong Kong activists from sailing to Senkaku
Hong Kong boat heads for Diaoyus — with PLA support?
Russia to send navy vessels to disputed Pacific islands
"Russia will send two navy vessels to the disputed Kuril islands in the Pacific, the Defence Ministry said on Tuesday, in a move likely to anger Japan which lays claim to them."
Bitter memories, current rivalries straining Japan's ties with China, South Korea
Sanctions stymie Iranian-Americans who want to help quake victims
Gunmen kill 8 in hail of bullets at Mexican strip bar
Iran protests U.S. presence in gulf
Afghan blasts: Dozens killed in Nimroz and Kunduz

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
French riots: Amiens buildings torched in clashes
Tibetans clash with police in west China; 1 dead
"Police in far west China beat a Tibetan man to death during a clash that broke out after two Tibetans set themselves on fire, a U.S. broadcaster said Tuesday, in the worst flaring of violence in the region in months."
Surge in Tibetan self-immolations challenges Chinese rule-rights group
Thousands rally in Tunisia for women's rights
Experts warn of food riot in Kenya
Saudi guard wounded in gun attack in Shiite area
"Masked gunmen shot and wounded on Monday a Saudi border guard in the eastern district of Qatif where tensions have been running high between security forces and Shiite protesters, police said."
Indian police arrest yoga guru during protest

## Energy/resources ##
Take Care, Water is not a Limitless Resource
Iron Ore spot prices at 31 month low
REC Energy Plans Bankrupcy for Norway Solar Unit
China's coal expansion may spark water crisis -Greenpeace
An Energy/GDP Forecast to 2050
"World economic growth would average a negative 0.59% per year between now and 2050, meaning that the world would be more or less in perpetual recession between now and 2050. Given past relationships, this would be especially the case for Europe and the United States."
Official warns of blackout in Upper Egypt

## Got food? ##
Global Food Crisis May Hit Us 'Very Soon,' IFPRI's Fan Says
Rooftop farms flourish in space-starved Hong Kong
Extreme heat and droughts -- a recipe for world food woes

## Environment/health ##
Fracking Hazards Obscured in Failure to Disclose Wells
Babies grow up healthier with dogs in the home: report
Researchers consider planting cypress trees to help halt spread of Spanish wildfires

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
Cities use surveillance systems that identify potential 'terrorists' with facial recognition
Jet Skier Breaks Through JFK Airport's $100 Million Security System
Malaysians protest against changes to internet law
Brazil plans $4 b. border security cordon
Could The New Air Traffic Control System Be Hacked?
The Social Media Implosion Continues

## Systemic breakdown ##
Docomo mobile phone's roaming services disrupted globally
"NTT Docomo Inc. said Tuesday its international roaming services for subscribers traveling outside Japan had been disrupted since the previous evening Japan time, affecting its World Wing coverage area comprising 220 countries and regions."

## Japan ##
Japan's youth face bleak financial future as social security system nears collapse
All over the world, pension programs are failing because growth is dead. -- RF
Nationalist Groups in Japan Gain Clout
Fukushima caused mutant butterflies, say scientists
Growth predicted to weaken / Weak overseas economies likely to spur slowing of nation's GDP
Businesses see job losses if N-plants shut down
Ministry to request funding to study burying spent nuke fuel

## China ##
Hot Money Turns Cold On Chinese Prospects
Deep Fried Black Swan Lands As China Admits It Has A Food Inflation Problem, Releases Corn, Rice From Reserves
China's ghost towns and phantom malls
Chinese Developers Wary at Land Sales
Weaker Economy Wrecks China M&A Market
China 'Golden Years' Are Gone as Growth Slows, Vale Says

## UK ##
Rail fare hike of 6.2% sparks angry reaction

## US ##
FedEx Delivers Bad News on the U.S. Economy
Five Reasons Why the Government Is Destroying the Dollar
Auto bailout cost now upped to $25 billion
"American taxpayers could wind up losing as much as $25 billion on the 2008 – 2009 automotive bailout, according to a new report, a figure that has increased by 15% since an earlier forecast, in large part representing the significant downturn in General Motors' stock price."
Congress' approval rating down to 10 percent
Many well users find their faucets are running dry
"After months of record-breaking heat and drought, many rural Americans who rely on wells for water are getting an unwelcome surprise when they turn on their faucets: The tap has run dry."
America's Alleged Economic Recovery Is Slower Than Japan's During Its Lost Decade
Too Big To Fail Has Become a Permanent Bailout Program

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