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News Links, August 16, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
World economy to fall into Great Depression by 2014: expert Gambles
"Well-known regional financial expert Paul Gambles expects the world economy to fall into another Great Depression any time between now and 2014, and that it will last for five to 10 years."
Global Car-Maker Channel Stuffing Conspiracy 'Theory' Now Conspiracy 'Fact'
When will the euro collapse? It's already dead
Summer of gloom for crisis-hit Rome shops
Brazil announces $60bn stimulus package
European steelmakers feel economic slowdown
Egypt may seek bigger, $4.8 bln loan from IMF
Property Values Sink Further in Spain — Wealth Will Be Slow to Recover

## Airline Death Spiral ##
THAI reports second quarter net loss

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
China warns Japan as activists near disputed islands
Japan arrests 14 activists after they swim to disputed isle
China demands Japan release activists over island protest
S Korea-Japan flare-up a setback for U.S.
Syria crisis: Blast near Damascus military compound
Israel Plans for Iran Strike as Citizens Say Government Serious
"Dozens of Israelis crowded in front of a storefront at a Jerusalem shopping mall yesterday to pick up new gas masks, part of civil defense preparations in case the military strikes Iran and the Islamic Republic or its allies retaliate."
Israel 'prepared for 30-day war with Iran'
Report: Obama to Tell Israel US 'Will Attack Iran by June 2013′ If Diplomacy Fails
Don't go to Israel because it mistreats Palestinians, South Africa tells citizens as mayors cancel trip
Iraq car bombs, blast kill 9, wound 34: sources
48 Killed, 130 Wounded in Afghan Suicide Blasts

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
French youths jostle minister after riot overnight
Riots add to economic woes facing France's Hollande
"A massive police presence restored calm overnight on Wednesday to the French city of Amiens, where arson and gun attacks on police have added law and order to the deep economic problems President Francois Hollande must confront."
Russian female punk rock band supporters protest at cathedral

## Energy/resources ##
Offshore oil rigs drilling deeper than ever
"'Ultra-deep' wells, drilled in water at least 1.5-kilometres deep into several more kilometres of rock to the reservoir below, have reached a landmark in 2012 to date, accounting for more than half of all the world's new discoveries so far this year, data from IHS Offshore Rig Consulting shows."
Shale oil everywhere… for a while
The sun is setting on solar energy
Norwegian Strikes: More Trouble Ahead?
Warm seawater forces Conn. nuclear plant shutdown
Increased power cuts in Egypt draw protests
West Bank faces power blackout over debts
Power is as valuable as peace
Turn up thermostat (SKorea)
"When I returned from work to my apartment in southern Seoul I thought that something was wrong. In a hurriedly-arranged announcement through loudspeakers installed in each household, a janitor was asking residents to turn off their air conditioners for fear the entire apartment complex where I live would have a possible blackout. He said transformers were on the verge of a power failure stemming from excessive electricity use."
BP may dump U.S. gulf assets
South Africa should work on 'Plan B' if nuclear build proves too costly
A Few Insights Regarding Today's Nuclear Situation

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
RI sees rash of scrap metal thefts
"First thieves swiped manhole covers from a new subdivision. Then officials discovered that bronze plaques honoring work done during the Great Depression had been pried from sidewalks at Providence's largest park. Then a historical marker vanished in Pawtucket."

## Got food? ##
China Crop Pests Add to Global Corn Pressure
"China's corn output is forecast to fall below earlier expectations due to a pest infestation—another spur for global prices already soaring over drought in major producer countries."
Food Price Shocks— Is Asia Bracing for an 'Acute' Jolt?
Drought-tolerant Corn Being Tested in US

## Environment/health ##
Wildlife vanishing fast in Brazil's forest fragments
Winds fan fires across hot, dry western states (US)
The Population Boom: 10 Billion by the End of the Century (You bet!)
Brazilian court halts work on world's third-largest dam
Siberian forests up in flames
Spain fights raging wildfires, firefighting budgets cut
"Spain is facing its worst wildfires in a decade, after more than three times as much forest has burned so far this year than in the whole of 2011, while firefighting budgets have been slashed by up to a half as part of the drive to cut public spending."
Losing Frogs
Beavers Benefit Salmon Populations
Summarizing America's Record Drought In One Picture

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
Appeals court: Police can track cell phones without warrant
Secrecy creep
"Executive branch agencies have learned well from the Obama administration's fixation on punishing whistleblowers"

## Systemic breakdown ##
VA office stacked 37,000 files on cabinets after running out of storage
Take a look at the photo. The system is overloaded, and so is the floor. Collapse is nigh. -- RF
More glitches hit DoCoMo global roaming services

## Japan ##
Water leak found at Fukushima N-plant
Food self-sufficiency rate falls below 40%, no effective measures in sight to improve it
Number of measles patients soars as gov't urges people to get vaccination
BOJ's ballooning bond holdings cause for concern

## China ##
The Hoarding Continues: China Has Imported More Gold In Six Months Than Portugal's Entire Gold Reserve
China Soured Loans Rise for Third Quarter as Economy Slows
"Chinese banks' bad loans increased for a third straight quarter, the longest streak of deterioration in eight years, highlighting pressures on asset quality and profit growth as the economy weakens."
How Likely Is A Japan-Like Collapse In China?

## UK ##
Thousands of UK Workers 'Blacklisted' Over Political Views
Air fares lift UK inflation to 2.6%

## US ##
Syracuse New York Headed For Bankruptcy, 100% Certain
Contractors and the US Military Empire
Worker Wage-and-Hour Suits Rise in Difficult Labor Market
Downsizing deals - ThyssenKrupp Steel USA to cut 197 jobs at Calvert plant
American gun lovers turn to Russian AK-47s
Social Security Administration orders thousands of rounds of hollow point bullets
Retail Sales Rise? Not in California Where Sales Tax Collections Plunge Amazing 40% Year-Over-Year
Shattered Movie Dreams May Mean State Control for Detroit Suburb
Freddie-Fannie Push Bank Bad Debt Cost to $84 Billion: Mortgages
Wall Street prepares for more layoffs

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