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News Links, August 19, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Broker blows whistle on sub-prime scandal (Australia)
Greece Close to Slashing Billions in Costs: Official
Still No Escape for Taxpayers If Banks Go Bust
Batista Failing in $1 Billion Earnings Pledge
"Billionaire Eike Batista's energy and mining companies lost almost as much money in the second quarter as in all of 2011, reducing the chances that Brazil's richest man will deliver the profits he promised for this year."

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Running on Empty: Big Airlines in Big Trouble
Airline asks passengers for gas money
Pinnacle Airlines asks employees to help with belt-tightening
Ecuador offers subsidized fuel for flights

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Kidnappings show Lebanese government 'collapsing'
US says stepping up trade activity in Africa
"President Barack Obama's administration, criticized for not doing enough to boost trade with Africa in the face of rising competition from China, has taken steps in recent months to address those concerns and plans to do more."
Egyptian police, soldier injured in Sinai attack
Russia against no-fly zone over Syria: Sky News Arabia
Ecuador rallies Latin America in Assange battle with UK
"Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa on Saturday cast the Andean country's tensions with Britain over asylum for WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange as a menace to Latin America, warning the UK that it should think twice before trampling on the region's sovereignty."
Two More US Troops Killed by Afghan Trainees

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Global Pussy Riot Demonstrations
One Spanish Mayor Is Stealing Groceries for the Poor, and Another Refuses to Eat
Pro-Bradley Manning protesters occupy Obama campaign's Oakland headquarters
Bahraini teenager killed in clash with police
Demo against 16-hour power shutdown in Sahiwal

## Energy/resources ##
Special report: FORWARD TO DARK AGES
Punjab hit hard by electricity loadshedding: LCCI
Troubles for Indian solar panel industry
Increase in North American oil output to depend on pipeline capacity: CIBC
Egypt electricity on the blink again

## Got food? ##
Maize crisis looms in South Africa
3D printed meat: It's what's for dinner

## Environment/health ##
Metro Manila sinking at a fast pace
"The entire Metro Manila is sinking by several centimetres per year, estimated as one metre in four years, said Dr Fernando Siringan"
Wildfires roast western states (US)
Outbreak of Ebola virus strikes DR Congo town of Isiro

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
Oil giant Saudi Aramco hit with virus
N.Y. firm to build hawkish radar
"The Department of Homeland Security said it had awarded a defense contract to a New York firm to create a radar system for tracking ultralight airplanes."

## Japan ##
Govt aims to promote self-reliance / New public assistance measures also devised to curb ballooning cost of benefits
Sharp could cut thousands more jobs
Japan should fortify defense around isles, Maehara says
China protests as Japanese activists arrive at Senkakus

## China ##
China to have 40% of world's most dynamic cities by 2025: report
In 2025 we will be wondering which of the world's cities is the worst hellhole. -- RF

## UK ##
Scrap tax on savings and start protecting the prudent from the downturn, Chancellor George Osborne told
Hotter than the Caribbean, as temperatures hit 90F

## US ##
Retirement costs will take a larger share of L.A. budget, estimates show
Second Harvest Food Bank Deals with Dwindling Water Supply
Wildfires strain outdoor tourism business in western U.S.
Poverty draft: In Weak Economy, College Grads 'Surge' Into Military
California cities face credit downgrades
A Final Word On Those "Robust" July Retail Sales
Dennis Gartman: Tapping SPR Could Drive Oil to New Highs

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