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News Links, August 20, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
India luxury car boom a phantom
Spain May Tighten Reforms to Meet 2012 Deficit Goal

## Airline Death Spiral ##
AMR Flight Attendants Push for US Airways Merger after Contract Passes

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Iraqis helping Iran skirt sanctions: NY Times
"Iraq has been helping Iran skirt economic sanctions imposed because of its nuclear program, using a network of financial institutions and oil-smuggling operations that are providing Tehran with a crucial flow of dollars, the New York Times said on Saturday."
Egypt's Mursi to visit Iran end of August: state agency
"Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Mursi will visit Iran to attend the Non-Aligned Movement meetings on August 30, Egyptian state news agency MENA said, the first such visit by an Egyptian head of state to Tehran since the Islamic revolution."
Japan, China islands disputes deepen with landings, protests
Growing division in Israel over Iran
Turkish soldiers reportedly turn rifles on Greek border guards
3 women shot to death with assault rifles in central Mexico; 8 bodies found in western Mexico
Afghan Policeman Kills U.S. Service Member on Joint Patrol

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
French police on high alert after riots in Amiens
Anti-Japan protests across China over islands dispute
Web snares Vietnam as bloggers spread protests over land
"Farmer Le Dung and his fellow villagers stockpiled rocks and petrol bombs to battle police trying to take over their land for a luxury property development near Vietnam's capital city."

## Energy/resources ##
Water shortages hit US power supply
"As the United States' extended heat wave and drought threaten to raise global food prices, energy production is also feeling the pressure. Across the nation, power plants are becoming overheated and shutting down or running at lower capacity; drilling operations struggle to get the water they need, and crops that would become biofuel are withering."
Nuke reactor malfunctions, shuts down at power plant (SKorea)
Tata seeks govt's help for affordable electricity (India)
Global Warming May Affect Existing Nuclear Power Plants
Thousands of cracks found in Belgian nuclear power plant

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Cable thieves target Lincolnshire railway lines twice in two days (UK)

## Got food? ##
Nebraska Drought 2012: Ranchers Lose Hope Aid Will Come In Time

## Environment/health ##
The Army Has Issued Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray To Keep Troops From Taking The 'Easy Out'

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
German Spies Active Off Syria Coast: Report
"German spies are stationed off the Syrian coast and are passing on information designed to help rebels in their fight against President Bashar al-Assad, a newspaper reported on Aug. 19."
Disney Developing 'Physical Face Cloning'

## Japan ##
Rightwingers land on Senkakus, hoist flags
Do not underestimate the severity of the Fukushima nuclear crisis: interview

## China ##
China worries about social fallout of soybean oil price jump
Does China Plan a Gold-backed Renminbi?

## US ##
Crime-Riddled City Considers Axing Police Force
"Though considered one of the most dangerous places in the country, past budget cuts in Camden, N.J., have forced police layoffs. Now the city is considering even more dramatic steps: replacing the city's police force with one operated by the county."
New York City Jobs: Striking Divergence in Household Survey vs. Establishment Survey
U.S. Takes Another Shot At Networking the Border
"After several well-publicized fits and starts — and almost $1 billion sunk into a canceled program — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is about to kick off another new program in an attempt to blanket the U.S. southern border with a family of networked surveillance towers."
U.S. faces stiff opposition to emergency oil release plans
"President Barack Obama faced stiff resistance to the possibility of releasing emergency oil reserves to quell rising energy prices on Friday, with Asian allies and the head of the West's energy agency rejecting any need for action now."
Atlas shrugged? Manufacturing seems worn out

And finally… 
Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships
Ban on 'degrading' dances for dogs
EBay bans sale of spells and hexes

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