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News Links, August 22, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Germany forcing Greece's day of reckoning
Greece Shortfall Rises another €2.5 Billion to €14 Billion; Proposed Solution is Zero Interest Rate on Emergency Loans
German central bank warns country's financial health not a given
German Job Cuts? Another Bad Sign for Region
Netherlands House Prices Dropped the Most on Record Last Month
Industrial Giant Could Cut Thousands of Jobs: Report
Gold Buyers Prosper in Crisis-Hit Italy
Woe Mount For Chip Equipment Firms; Ultra Clean Warns
"The near-term outlook for the semiconductor equipment is looking increasingly grim."
Is Gold Money? LCH Accepts Shiny Yellow Metal As Collateral
Bad-Debt Fears Rise in Vietnam
Small Mining Companies Scramble to Unearth Fresh Seams of Cash
"A wave of small and midsize miners are facing a global cash crunch, as commodity prices fall and investors and banks get picky about where they put their money."
Australia's Resource Boom Is Losing Steam
"Australia's multibillion-dollar spending boom on resources is losing momentum unexpectedly rapidly, with several projects on hold or canceled as commodity prices fall and banks become less willing to lend."
Jacob Rothschild, John Paulson And George Soros Are All Betting That Financial Disaster Is Coming

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Pilots forced to make emergency landings because of fuel shortages (UK)
"Pilots have had to make 28 emergency landings because they were running low on fuel according to figures compiled by the Civil Aviation Authority."
3 United Airlines Flights Make Emergency Landings Over The Weekend
Maintenance Crew Scrawl Message On Aeroplane's Broken Wing
Regional airlines face closings, bankruptcy (US)

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Afghan rocket attack damages US army chief plane
Ecuadoreans rally behind president over Assange asylum
Iran unveils new missile, other weapons
Iran looks to Armenia to skirt bank sanctions
Netanyahu 'Determined to Attack Iran Before US Vote'
Japan and the US to conduct Diaoyutai recapture drill
Why China Can't Afford a Confrontation With Japan
Yemen LNG says explosion on Balhaf gas pipe due to sabotage
Rumors of war within Mexico's Los Zetas gang raise fear of new violence
Fighting in Lebanese city for second night, 7 killed
Egypt deployment of armour in Sinai worries Israel
China's Increased Investment Upsets Some Pakistanis
Taiwan won't side with China in isle dispute with Japan: Ma
Northern Sea Route heats up between Europe, East Asia

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Food riots predicted over US crop failure
The Growing Threat Of Soybean-Inspired Social Unrest In China
Togo police teargas opposition protesters in vote run-up
"Police in Togo fired tear gas and rubber bullets to try to disperse thousands of opposition protesters in the capital Lome on Tuesday, as tensions over upcoming legislative elections boiled over."

## Energy/resources ##
How A Biofuel Dream Called Jatropha Came Crashing Down
Bear Market in Tin Shuts 70% of Indonesian Capacity: Commodities
North India may face another power outage
Vietnam faces serious power shortage

## Got food? ##
Russia harvest forecasts cut as drought hits crop in east
Balkan drought highlights years of farm neglect
Ohio Corn Yield Falls 29%, Soy Counts Decline, Tour Shows
Soybeans Soar on Fears of Small Crop
Commodities Begin Bull Market Amid U.S. Drought
California Farm Labor Shortage 'Worst It's Been, Ever'
Zimbabwe faces maize shortage, likely to import
Welfare agencies report national food shortage (Australia)
By The Numbers: Disappearing Fish
Farmers hunt far and wide for hay for their animals (US)

## Environment/health ##
Low water strands 97 vessels on Mississippi River: USCG
Arctic sea ice likely to hit record low next week
Lack of prey said threatening Indian tiger
Saltwater Invades Mississippi River
A Double-Duty Solar Solution: How to Build a Solar Water Heater

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
Anonymous hits UK government websites in Assange protest
"Computer hacking collective Anonymous says it has attacked government websites in retaliation for the UK's handling of the Julian Assange case."
India cracks down on Internet after communal violence
"India pressed social media websites including Facebook and Twitter on Tuesday to remove 'inflammatory' content it said helped spread rumors that sparked an exodus of migrants from some Indian cities last week."
Reuters 3000, One Of Two Key Global FX Trading Platforms, Is Offline
7 Facts About Geolocation Privacy
"Recent ruling that upheld police remotely activating a phone's GPS tracking feature without a warrant highlights the legal gray area surrounding GPS data privacy."

## Systemic breakdown ##
The City As Engine: Energy, Entropy And The Triumph Of Disorder
One hardly ever sees articles this good in the mainstream media. But sad to say, it is certain that only one in a hundred people who read this will understand its implications. -- RF

## Japan ##
Record radiation levels found in fish caught off Fukushima
Japan hints at economic action in South Korea island feud
Sharp looking to sell factories in China, Mexico

## China ##
China heading for financial crisis, says US economist

## UK ##
UK public borrowing more than expected in July
UK's biggest housebuilder sells just 220 homes under Government's 'affordable' scheme

## US ##
The Creators of the Financial Crisis Are Trying To Rewrite History (Eliot Spitzer)
Aggressive debt collection tactics are drawing federal scrutiny
One in Four Mississippi Residents Struggle to Afford Food
Diesel Prices Still on the Rise
Bank Fees Survey Mid-2012: Checking and ATM Costs Jump Again
Americans Having Fewer Babies Crimping Consumer Spending
Kickstarter's Funded Projects See Some Stumbles
The Return of the $100 Gas Tank is Here… Labor Day Spending Woes

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