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News Links, August 25, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Consumer debt in Canada at eight-year high
Worst not yet over for Indian steel mills
Widespread manufacturing woes test fragile global economy
Caterpillar Cuts China Production as Digger Slump Reaches Mining
Woolworths Profit Slumps 15%

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Boeing 787 Profit Plan Strained by Order Cut
German airline to build igloo village in Sweden
I will just say that it makes sense for airlines to get busy opening up new lines of business. -- RF
Airline industry woes chip away passenger choices
Smaller seats, more passengers: Inside United Airline's painful new plan

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Massive Cyberattack: Act 1 Of Israeli Strike On Iran?
Hamas leader gets invite to summit in Iran
Pakistan Summons US Envoy to Protest Drone Strikes

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Alcoa workers jump in sea, part of protest
Anti-nuclear activists continue their protest in Tokyo

## Energy/resources ##
PetroChina's troubled Middle East investments
"PetroChina, the world's biggest publicly traded energy producer, is only one of a number of international energy companies reporting disappointing earnings amidst the turbulent global economy and recession, which began in 2008."
Push on for efficient hydrogen production
Don't get excited. We are never going to see fleets of hydrogen-powered cars on the highways. -- RF
Australia's Victoria state bans coal seam gas "fracking"
Power cut forces courts to pull out typewriters and reschedule hearings (Pakistan)
ReneSola Falls as Loss Exceeds Estimates, Sales Drop 6.5%
"ReneSola Ltd. (SOL), the third-largest maker of solar wafers, fell the most in more than a year after its second-quarter loss exceeded analysts' estimates."
Peak Oil Denial: Another Curious Contribution
TS/Hurricane Isaac Posing Threat To Gulf Oil & Gas Production
Latvia, Estonia affected by power outage in Russia
Electric utility industry challenged by skilled worker shortage (US)

## Got food? ##
Drought, food supply fears boost small-scale irrigation: study
Global commodities trading company: 'Drought good for business'
Mexico scrambles to beat egg shortage

## Environment/health ##
Nanofibres 'may pose health risk'
"Inhaling tiny fibres made by the nanotechnology industry could cause similar health problems to asbestos, say researchers."
Wildfires spreading in California
Bats threatened by climate change
Brazil's biggest city suffering with no rain
The Deadly Tin Inside Your Smartphone
Cholera outbreak sweeps though West African coastal slums
Native plants in yards benefit birds
Buy a Home Kit and Build Your Own House

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
Police drones could be used to monitor public from sky (UK)
"Unmanned drones, similar to those used in Afghanistan, could be used by police to free up officers for other duties, it was reported."
10 Incredibly Simple Things You Should Be Doing To Protect Your Privacy

## Systemic breakdown ##
Infrastructure Investment in India Falls Off a Cliff

## Japan ##
Imported wheat prices to increase by 3% in Oct.
Rust found in Hamaoka nuclear reactor water
Seoul holding islets illegally, Noda charges
Noda vows to be tough on territorial disputes
Japan Tepco mulls importing 1-1.5 mil mt/year US LNG from 2016: source

## China ##
Chinese government presses panic button as market sinks unabated
Economic slowdown: China confronts mounting piles of unsold goods
Three dead in newly-built Chinese bridge collapse

## UK ##
Bank's stimulus plan 'has lined pockets of the rich'
"The Bank of England's money-printing programme, intended to revive economic growth, has delivered a massive boost to the wealth of the most prosperous 10 per cent of households in Britain while delivering relatively scant returns for the poorest, a new analysis from the Bank indicated yesterday."
UK gas prices rise as maintenance knocks out supply
Midnight switch-off agreed by council

## US ##
US steel sector downgraded
Nineteen shot in Chicago night of mayhem
Man Slain After Shooting Ex-Colleague Near Empire State
American Incomes Are Falling And Near-Retirees Are Getting Crushed: Study
Mish Translation of Bernanke's Statements on the Treasury Carry Trade and the Tax on Savers
All praise to the new subprime – 1 out of 6 FHA insured loans is now delinquent.
Bakken Oil & Gas Assets Change Hands
U.S. Power Supply Will be Impacted by Water Shortages
Romney Energy Plan a Massive Pipeline Dream

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