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News Links, August 4, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Australian Services Industry Contracts for Sixth Straight Month
European Firms Hit by Sharp Drop in New Orders
S&P Says Italian Banks Look More Vulnerable, Cuts Ratings On 15
Central Banks Revealed They Are Now Impotent

## Airline Death Spiral ##
British Airways Owner IAG Plans Iberia Job Cuts After Loss
Virgin Atlantic swings to full-year loss
Kenya Airways plans to shed staff to cut costs

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Congress approves new Iran sanctions on oil, shipping sectors
The US has never gotten over losing Iran. As Ron Paul says, it's an obsession. -- RF
Blast hits Libyan military intelligence office in Benghazi
Deadly attacks across Iraq leave 12 dead
Russia Said to Send Warships to Syria as Fighting Intensifies
US Pouring More Military Aid into Africa, Chasing Non-Threats

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Spanish miners in Leon hold out against austerity cuts
Thousands stage anti-nuclear rally outside Noda's office (Japan)

## Energy/resources ##
Iran will Look to Refine its Crude Domestically, Rather than Export it
Pepco Inspires Youtube Ballad About Power Blackouts (video)
Spain May Cut Renewable Power Subsidies Today, Cinco Dias Says
Israel Finds $240 Billion Gas Hoard Stranded by Politics: Energy
"Tapping all of Israel's discoveries, which include Leviathan, a single field holding more gas than Middle East exporter Yemen has in reserves, may prove uneconomic without exports."
Ambani, Tata 'Islands' Shrug Off Grid Collapse: Corporate India
In India, as much as 40% of electricity is not paid for
Argentina looks to China to fund shale oil
Brazil's Petrobras Reports Surprise Net Loss in Second Quarter
Petroleum Demand in Developing Countries
North American Drilling Rig Count Falls

## Got food? ##
W.African leaders slash taxes to battle high food prices
Listeria fears expand N.C. cantaloupe recall; feds find 'unsanitary conditions'

## Environment/health ##
Hong Kong smothered in worst air pollution two years
Beware at fair: New flu virus can pass from pigs to people
More Cases Of New Swine Flu Virus Appear In Three States
Earth-sheltered Homes

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
US resists control of internet passing to UN agency
China's Comment Group Hacks Europe—and the World
Business fuels death of cyber bill
Reuters Says Its Website Was Hacked, Fake Syria Stories Posted
The Police State is Here

## Systemic breakdown ##
Most American adults experience annoying cellphone glitches
Aging US Power Grid Is Failing

## Japan ##
Sharp Shares Near 40-Year Low as Woes Pile Up
Sony's net loss grows to ¥25 billion
Renesas forecasts annual net loss of Y150 bil
Renesas considers dismissing staff
Gov't-backed radiation cleanup operation in Fukushima facing serious hurdles
Tepco's Compensation Payments Top Y1tln
Power Supply Fears Persist As Summer Heat Pushes Up Demand

## China ##
China Official July Non-Manufacturing PMI Falls Due to Weak Property Sector
Migrants Exit Guangdong as Chinese Powerhouse Turns Laggard
Short lived euphoria starts vanishing by week end in China

## UK ##
New generation of unmanned sea drones 'could launch attacks on other vessels'

## US ##
Headline Jobs +163,000, But Household Survey Shows -195,000 Jobs; Unemployment +.1 to 8.3%
Romney promises 12 million jobs in four years
If he's talking about the informal economy, I believe him. The informal economy is growing by leaps and bounds around the world, and is "creating jobs" at a furious pace. -- RF
Pension debt overwhelms bankrupt San Bernardino, California
Knight's future in balance after trading disaster
Ron Paul opposes new sanctions against Iran as 'act of war'
"Ron Paul took the Senate floor on August 1 to oppose the latest round of sanctions against Iran, denouncing them as 'an act of war.' He said the bill to tighten sanctions would be better renamed as the 'obsession with Iran Act 2012.'"
China Buys U.S. Businesses at Record Pace; What are the Implications? Will Alarm Bells Ring?
Congress won't rescue Postal Service as it defaults on health care benefits
Corporate Pension Fund Deficits at All-Time High

And finally… Chinese granny's blow-up sex doll slows down traffic at crosswalk

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