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News Links, September 21, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Spain Sells 4.8 Billion Euros of Bonds, Most Since January
Libor-Like Manipulation Possible in Other Benchmarks, Iosco Says
Tickle that shopping bone: Revealed: 10 new malls coming to the Middle East
Foreigners Boost Holdings of Japan Debt
U.S. factories struggle, Europe and China slump
European car engine stuttering
Japanese Exports Sink 3rd Month; Flash China Manufacturing PMI Shows Output down at Sharpest Rate in Ten Months
Eurozone Steepest Contraction Since June 2009; Unwarranted Hope and Reflections on Panic!
Italy Slashes Official GDP Forecast for 2012 to -2.4%
Gap Between Rich and Poor Grows in Germany
Japan launches QE8 as 20-year slump drags on
Bank of Korea: not considering capital controls
Asia's millionaires outnumber those in North America
Fifth Consecutive Negative Yield TIPS Auction

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Planes of the future could fly on sawdust or straw
They might, but it will be precious few. -- RF
Crew fight delays American Airlines flight
Lufthansa Combines EU Flights Into Low-Cost Unit
Nigeria's Arik Air cancels domestic flights
JAL faces tough challenges after going public again

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Mexico's Zetas crime gang using mass jailbreaks to restock ranks; wardens, guards often help
Mexico deploys troops to outskirts of Mexico City
"Mexico has sent soldiers to patrol a suburb of Mexico City for the first time to combat a rise in drug-related violence that is beginning to encroach on the capital."
U.S. official says Benghazi consulate was "terrorist attack"
Growing Unemployment and Civil Unrest - The Real Picture in Iran
Iraq denies airspace used by Iran to ship arms to Syria
Russia cuts Kyrgyz debt for military, power deals
"Russia agreed on Thursday to write off nearly $500 million in debt due from Kyrgyzstan in exchange for a package of deals that will extend Moscow's military and energy footprints on the volatile fringes of the former Soviet Union."
Pakistan readies production of UAVs
European army backed
Greek state tries to stem neo-Nazi rise
China to keep ships, fishing boats near Senkakus
McCain: US Should Consider Leaving Afghanistan

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
India hit by national strike over economic reforms
"Schools, shops and government offices were shut in some Indian states on Thursday as protesters blocked road and rail traffic as part of a one-day nationwide strike against sweeping economic reforms announced by the government last week."
South African miners return to work as unrest spreads
Deadly clash at Peru protest over Barrick gold mine
Pakistani protesters try to siege US embassy, clash with police

## Energy/resources ##
LDK Solar's Very Poor Q2 Numbers: Will Shareholders' Equity Disappear By Christmas? (China)
Report: Saudi offers more oil, Gasoline prices still near highs
KESC to increase power cuts due to gas shortage (Pakistan)
Security concerns worsen for oil firms in Libya
Disputed islands: oil bonanza or just rocks?

## Got food? ##
Malawi shifts focus to nutrition and new crops to tackle food crisis

## Environment/health ##
U.S. West should expect bigger wildfires more often: report
Facing anti-malaria nets, mosquitoes alter habits: study
Arkansas hits record for West Nile deaths
Man-Made Cave Built To Shelter Bats From Infection
Sail Transport Network
Arctic Death Spiral: New Local Shipping And Drilling Pollution May Speed Up Polar Warming And Ice Melting

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
How Safe Are Bank Deposits? No One Knows
"People who wanted to log on to to check personal or corporate accounts found the site could not be reached, or ran very slowly yesterday. According to media reports, customers had similar problems with one of Bank of America Corp.'s (NYSE: BAC) websites. The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center, which tracks these kinds of problems for banks, raised its alert level to "high." Like most cyberattacks, no one knows the culprit(s) or what their intentions were yesterday. Customers were left to worry whether their money is safe, even though the attacks may have only been acts of malicious teenagers."
VIDEO: NYT Reporter Confirms Paper Is Purposeful Mouthpiece for Military-Industrial Complex (Daily Bell)

## Systemic breakdown ##
Is the United States an empire in decline?
Indonesia Facing a Looming Scientist Shortage, LIPI Says

## Japan ##
Japan exports and imports fall raising growth concerns
Japan Posts $9.6B August Trade Gap as Exports Wilt
'Japan's 80 trillion yen stimulus to have miniscule effects on commodity markets'
BOJ: Economic recovery to be delayed 6 months
Japan firms say China protests affect business plans: Reuters poll
"About 41 percent of Japanese firms see friction with China affecting their business plans, with some considering pulling out of the country and shifting operations elsewhere, a Reuters poll showed, amid growing tensions sparked by a territorial dispute."
Excessive cesium found in 9 types of fish caught near Fukushima plant
Selection of radioactive waste disposal site creates unhappy locals
Gov't to step up int'l PR push on Japan's sovereignty over Senkaku Islands: FM
Japan Average Gasoline Price Posts 6th Straight Weekly Rise

## China ##
Is China The Biggest Malinvestment Case Of All Time?
Yuan Hits Fresh High Against Dollar
China's FDI down for third month
Factory data sends China stocks to nearly 4-year low
Manufacturing growth slows in China
Beijing bans publishing of Japan-related books
China suggests economic sanctions over Senkakus
"China is condoning boycotts and suggesting export restrictions against Japan as Beijing's psychological warfare in the dispute over the Senkaku Islands shifts toward hurting the fragile Japanese economy."

## UK ##
UK MPs call for halt to "reckless" Arctic oil drilling
Green car scheme subsidising wealthy motorists
Pension saving slumps to all-time low
Household incomes fall to 2002 levels, ONS says
Universities 'using foreign students as cash cows'
Britain Will Lose Its Triple-A Rating – And Political Chaos Will Follow (PDF)

## US ##
Flash Crash Part 2 Could Come at Any Time: Analyst
"A former hedge fund analyst told U.S. senators on Thursday that another "Flash Crash" in financial markets could come at any time as a result of super high-speed computer trading."
High-Frequency Trading: It's Worse Than You Thought
Bank of America to cut 16,000 jobs: report
Is America The Most Materialistic Society In The History Of The World?
Factory, jobless claims reports signal weakness
Mid-Atlantic manufacturing treading water
Portraits of drought: Dry soil damaging homes
Three Mile Island nuclear plant shuts down unexpectedly
California Pension Freezes Executives' Pay, Cuts Bonuses
The tax consequences of a shrinking middle class – Nearly half of Americans do not pay income taxes because they earn too little or are flat out on Social Security.
EPA Sets 4-Gallon Minimum for Motorists Buying Gas at Ethanol-15 Pumps
Has vehicle efficiency really curbed U.S. oil demand?
"The majority of the U.S. oil demand decline since 2005 was due to the recession, not more efficient vehicles."
U.S. Household Debt Climbs
Rail Sector Sinks on Norfolk Southern Earnings Warning

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