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News Links, September 24, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Euro zone to boost bailout fund firepower to 2 trillion euros: report
IABr may cut Brazilian steel output estimates for 2012
Fiat's Woes A Symptom Of Italy's Industrial Malaise
Sustained rally in industrial metals to hinge on Chinese economy: Deutsche Bank
Greece Caught Underreporting Its Budget Deficit By Nearly 50%
Greek Budget Gap At $26 Billion
Gloom beats boom as house prices fall faster here than anywhere else
Does auto parts trade war loom?
Philippine mining at policy crossroads as investment sputters
Former ECB Chief Economist Says ECB Is In Panic, As Czech President Warns The End Of Democracy Is Imminent
Yikes! Deutsche Bank recommends gold -- even a gold standard
ECB Says Cost of New Frankfurt Skyscraper Soars by 41%
"The European Central Bank said the cost of its new Frankfurt headquarters will jump by as much as 41 percent due to higher prices for construction materials and 'a number of unforeseen challenges.'"

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Etihad's push to get airberlin back in the black
Ryanair cuts Sweden flights
American Airlines Flight Delays Pile Up

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Top China official visits Afghanistan, signs security deal
"China has signed security and economic agreements with Afghanistan during a rare trip to Kabul by a top Chinese official, in deals seen aimed at bolstering Beijing's influence ahead of a NATO withdrawal of most combat forces by 2014."
Egypt's Mursi says Iran is vital to ending Syria's crisis
"Egypt's Islamist President said on Saturday that having a strong relationship with Iran is important for Egypt at this time to be able to work out a way to end the bloodshed in Syria."
Egypt jihadi groups say behind deadly Israeli border attack
US Navy orders 11 Boeing sub-hunters
Seven mutilated, burnt bodies found in western Mexico
Iran could launch pre-emptive Israel strike-commander
"Iran could launch a pre-emptive strike on Israel if it was sure the Jewish state was preparing to attack it, a senior commander of its elite Revolutionary Guards was quoted as saying on Sunday."
Iran vows to hit US bases if Israel strikes
"US bases in Qatar, Afghanistan and Bahrain will be targets if Israel attacks Iran, senior military official says."
Upgrades Boost U.S. Naval Capabilities Against Iranian Threat
All Chinese marine patrol ships leave waters near Senkakus

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Gas drilling protests held in U.S., other countries
Angry bikers protest EU-imposed tests on two-wheelers
Taiwan activists rally against Japan over islands

## Energy/resources ##
Congo could allow oil exploitation in parks: minister
Germany's Wind Power Chaos Should Be A Warning To Everyone
Global oil exports in decline since 2006: What will importing nations do?

## Got food? ##
Global Soybean Consumption to Decline 3 Million Tons on Prices
Cattle enjoy sweet life amid corn shortages
North Korea plans agriculture reforms

## Environment/health ##
Central Java District Desperately Need Artificial Rains
"The Central Java district of Sragen is asking the government to induce artificial rains through cloud seeding to prevent widespread harvest failure, as irrigation reservoirs in the region are nearly empty."
Dubai running out of landfill space to dump its rubbish

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
Nation soon to ban smiling on drivers' license photographs
Controversial 9/11 film soars to #1 on PBS, breaks local records
Iran readies domestic Internet, blocks Google
Iran denies hacking into American banks
Vietnam launches drive to censor anti-corruption bloggers

## Systemic breakdown ##
Valencia: A Spanish city without medicine
Gaza's Future Looks Bleaker Even Than Its Past
"A recent report by the United Nations says the Gaza Strip will be unlivable by 2020 if nothing is done to alleviate the situation in the tiny coastal territory."
Drug shortages sweeping hospitals (US)
Drug shortage looms large (Pakistan)

## Japan ##
Losses in anti-Japanese protests estimated at 10bn yen
High grain prices hit Japan
Sharp to scale down solar power operations
Toyota may halve hours of retirees it rehires
Tritium leakage from reactor 5 and 6

## China ##
Soybean prices in China skyrocket on reduced crop
Toyota Resumes China Operations After Protests
iRage: Apple's FoxConn China Plant Damaged As Riots Resume
There's No Engine for Global Growth Pt 1 (China)
China cancels 40 year celebration of Japanese diplomatic ties
China wealth fund targets Australia dairy farms

## UK ##
Clegg Seeks More U.K. Tax on Unearned Wealth, Top-End Property

## US ##
Goldman Estimate: QE3 could be $1.2 to $2.0 Trillion
17 Numbers That Prove That The Redistribution Of Wealth Has Greatly Accelerated Under Obama
CBO: 11 Million Uninsured Americans Will Be Subject to Obamacare's Individual Mandate 'Penalty Tax'
"According to CBO, 11-12 million uninsured Americans will be subject to the mandate; the agency expects more than half of them to pay the fine instead of buying insurance. But there's something that the CBO didn't say: as more people pay the 'tax penalty' instead of buying insurance, premiums for everyone else will go up, potentially triggering a death spiral in the private insurance market."
Poll: Record number of Americans distrust mass media
Los Angeles preps for 'Carmageddon II'
Vt. Town Hires Livestock To Save Money, Go Green
"Cities and towns facing tight budgets have often neglected their cemeteries, an oversight that has left many of them in disrepair with broken fencing, crumbling gravestones, overgrown grass and persistent weeds.
"But this summer, the Vermont town of Charlotte implemented a new strategy to both save money and keep grass in the town's graveyards under control, and it's a decidedly traditional way of doing it: Let goats and sheep do the work."
America's hidden unemployed: too discouraged to count
CBO on Electric Cars - Don't Buy Them!
Illinois foreclosure filings reaches seven-year high
U.S. oil boom comes with ugly tradeoffs

And finally‚Ķ Neglect ruins Imelda Marcos' vast shoe collection

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