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News Links, September 25, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
German business mood worsens for fifth straight month
IMF's Christine Lagarde warns of more global growth cuts
S&P 500 Has Longest Slump in 7 Weeks on European Crisis
Asian Shares Mostly Lower; Exporters Struggle in Tokyo
Royal Bank of Scotland Cuts 300 More Jobs at Investment Bank
Caterpillar Outlook to 2015 Disappoints
As China sneezes, will the world catch cold?
Vietnam CPI Rises at Fastest Pace in 16 Months
Africa next: The quest for Africa's riches
Barbecues Get Chopped as Miner Fortescue Cuts the Fat (Australia)
You're Dreaming If You Think The Euro Crisis Is Resolved (Automatic Earth)
Eurozone struggles with fresh crisis stalemate

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Soekarno-Hatta airport hit by power blackout
Delays, cancellations grow at American Airlines
American Airlines notifies nearly 3,000 North Texas workers of possible layoffs
Two Near-Collisions at Chicago's O'Hare Under Investigation
As the unions flex muscles, it's a bumpy ride for airlines industry

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Japan protests as Chinese ships enter its territorial waters near disputed islands
70 Taiwanese fishing boats sailing to Senkakus to protest Japan's nationalization
China announces plans of unmanned drones to monitor disputed islands
Japan-China military conflict seen unlikely
U.S. clears path for more sanctions on Iran oil deals
U.S. Naval Exercises Send Message In The Tense Gulf
The New Great Dictators Are Gaining Momentum In Europe
Spain Warns Catalonia Separatists of Treason Charges in Military Court; Looming Showdown between Spain and Catalonia
Gerald Celente-The First Great War of the 21st Century has Begun

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Welcome to the World Revolution in the Global Age of Rage
Residents stage protest by lighting torch on lamp posts
Foxconn halts production at plant after mass brawl
More Riots at Apple Inc NASDAQ:AAPL Supplier
Journalists, technicians strike in Greece
From Nigeria to Athens, Muslim protests rumble on
In Singapore, The Voices Of Dissent Grow Louder
South Africa truckers strike

## Energy/resources ##
Israel's Offshore Gas Reserves - Bonanza or Security Threat?
Conclusions on the Chinese Energy Situation
Includes timely comments on the Senkaku/Diaoyu Island issue. -- RF
How Iran's oil buyers are working around sanctions
23 Nuclear Plants in Tsunami Risk Zones, Study Finds
Degrowth and peak oil
Insecurity in Nigeria Could Push Oil Price to U.S.$150 Per Barrel

## Got food? ##
Funding Sources of Anti-Organics Stanford Study Questioned in New Report
"A study released last week by Stanford scientists, which claims organic foods are no more healthy than non-organic foods, was funded by corporate agriculture and biotechnology giants, according to a new report by the Cornucopia Institute."
Food prices set to rise in 2013

## Environment/health ##
New virus linked to SARS identified in Britain
Flooding hits 3 Indian states, 35 dead
Fears of rapid rise in hazardous wastes (UAE)
In half century, Brazil lost 80% of coral reef: study
N.J. frack waste move sparks debate
As Arctic Ice Melts, So Does The Snow, And Quickly
Ocean creatures face climate consequences

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
Vietnam jails dissident bloggers
Google Search and Gmail censored in Iran
Everyone who attended OWS with a cell phone had their identity logged, says security expert

## Systemic breakdown ##
Monorail rescue as power cut
"A rescue operation will continue this afternoon to remove people from Sydney's monorail line following a power outage today."
Power outage halts rail traffic near Stockholm
Power outage affects northeast Eugene traffic lights, neighborhoods

## Japan ##
Following QE8, Japanese Teachers' Pension Fund Goes All-In
Salarymen's pocket money falls to same level as 30 years ago
'Benefit in kind' proposals raise concerns among welfare recipients

## China ##
China set to top US in number of skyscrapers
Skyscrapers: Status symbols today, uninhabitable white elephants tomorrow. -- RF
China's Rich List Sees Property Fallout
Why The Foxconn Riot Comes At The Worst Possible Time

## UK ##
Vauxhall's UK factories close for a week
Hospital patients facing 'severe' cutbacks if elderly care crisis not solved
Three shot by Tasers every day
Autumn blows in with a wild torrential downpour

## US ##
Large manufacturers begin moving production back to the United States
Vilsack fears deeper cuts to farm programs
Revealed: 64 Drone Bases on American Soil
The Fed Is Systematically Destroying Social Security And The Retirement Plans Of Millions
Confirming US Dumbification, Verbal SAT Scores Just Hit Record Low
Could Municipal Bonds Be the Next Financial Titanic?
More Bank Layoffs Coming: 'Bad as I've Seen It': Whitney
Data Barns in a Farm Town, Gobbling Power and Flexing Muscle

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