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News Links, October 21, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
U.S. stocks nailed by disappointing earnings
Moody's Skeptical of German Banks
You can see $1,900 Gold by October end, if QE history repeats: Deutsche Bank
Australia's Nine Network on brink of collapse
Swiss banks closing U.S. accounts
Hong Kong Defends Its Currency Peg for First Time Since 2009
Ten Nations That Control the World's Gold

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Tighter security sees long queues at Heathrow
India could face shortage of air traffic control officers
Fuel Costs: 33-47%
Southwest Curbs Labor Spending After 13% Cost Growth
DGCA suspends Kingfisher licence

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
U.S. joins Turkey, Iran in call for brief cease-fire in Syria's civil war
Cease-fire imposed as rival Libyan forces square off outside Bani Walid
E.U. 'regrets' Israeli settlement plan
Israel seizes pro-Palestinian activist ship off Gaza
Eleven killed in Iraq bombings and shootings - officials
Six Afghan police killed in insider attack, officials say
Police in Azerbaijan arrest dozens of opposition activists
The Alliance From Hell (US and Pakistan)
Japan, U.S. to cancel drill to retake island
"The governments are set to cancel the drill as it could provoke further anger from China after a row escalated when Japan last month nationalised some of the disputed islands, also claimed by Beijing, Jiji Press reported Saturday."
Could the U.S. Become the Next Japan for China?
US Behind Turkish Downing of Syrian Passenger Plane

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Italian workers rally against job losses, spending cuts
"Thousands of Italian trade unionists rallied in central Rome on Saturday to protest against public spending cuts, job losses and factory closures, urging Mario Monti's government to do more to help workers hit by recession."
Protesters block roads in Lebanon after car bomb
London protesters bash Britain's austerity drive

## Energy/resources ##
India To Maintain Oil Imports From Iran At Current Level
Canada blocks Petronas' $5.2 billion bid for Progress Energy
Canada takes hard line on natural resources, no matter the cost
Syria Turns to Iran for Electricity, Leaves Regional Power Grid
Blackout Averted: Crisis meeting averts more blackouts (Antigua)
Economy still threatened by power cuts due to vandalism (Kenya)
Gevo, Syntroleum Vying for Military Biofuel Supply Deals
Nigeria's crude oil export to the US slumps
Big Oil Isn't as Profitable as Everyone Thinks

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Thieves Across US Stealing SUV Seats
Scrap metal dealers doubt local laws will stop thefts from buildings

## Got food? ##
Labor Shortage Hits Some Apple Growers Hard (US)
Nigeria: Food Scarcity Looms Afer Devasting Floods
Soaring Food Prices: The Reason behind Malnutrition
Rising food prices kept 8 million Indians chained to poverty: UN report

## Environment/health ##
Mobile phones can cause brain tumours, court rules.
"A landmark court case has ruled there is a link between using a mobile phone and brain tumours, paving the way for a flood of legal actions."
High winds create Dust Bowl effect over Wichita area
Boys in USA, like girls, showing signs of early puberty
Study: Heat prolonged ancient extinctions
Fungal meningitis outbreak tied to steroid shots isn't the first, reports show
CDC: Meningitis Mold In Tainted Drug Can Incubate For Months
U.S. CDC Says Meningitis Death Toll Rises to 23; 284 Sickened
Ocean fertilization experiment alarms marine scientists

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Future surveillance technology will read your brain waves
Web users turn on trolls in what may be a new Internet age
Russian opposition "election" hit by cyber attack: organizers
Police protection or citizen censorship? Spain to ban photos and videos of cops
Record 36% Concerned About Online Human Rights Abuses: Survey (Japan)
Conflicting images emerge of NY terror suspect

## Systemic breakdown ##
O2 UK to plough ¬£10m into network after latest outage

## Japan ##
Hokkaido Electric fears up to 10% power shortfall in winter
Japan utilities' Sept gas consumption rises 3.2 pct y/y
Robot suit offers hope for nuclear clean-up work
Japan eyes 200 bil. yen stimulus to boost slowing economy
Mitsubishi Fuso recalls 58,000 vehicles globally
Japan fails to win support on Senkakus issue from Europe's 'Big 3'

## China ##
Chinese steelmakers to suffer as property sector shrinks
China Unlikely to Replicate US Shale Gas Boom

## UK ##
Roll up your sleeves and find jobs, minister tells unemployed
"Jobless people who do not make enough of an effort to find work face a 'rude awakening' from tomorrow under new rules which could see them stripped of their benefits for three years."

## US ##
NRC Whistleblowers: Risk of Nuclear Melt-Down In U.S. Is Even HIGHER Than It Was at Fukushima
"Massive Cover-Up of Risks from Flooding to Numerous U.S. Nuclear Facilities"
40 Percent Of Americans Have $500 Or Less In Savings
The Strangely True Tale Of Johnny Appleseed
TSA Removes X-Ray Body Scanners From Major Airports
GulfSouth Private Bank of Fla. fails, 44th of year

And finally‚Ķ 
Photo: The 'grossest' Zombie Walk make-up ever for Halloween (This is gross!)
Products for the Zombie Apocalypse

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