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News Links, October 23, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
West in a 'Colossal Mess' in Five to 10 Years: Marc Faber
"The debt burden in the U.S. and other Western countries will continue to increase, Marc Faber, author of the Gloom, Boom and Doom report told CNBC on Monday, leading to a "colossal mess" within the next five to 10 years."
Worst Carry Trades Show Central Banks at Stimulus Limit
Eurozone crisis: Troubles grow in Spanish banking rescue
Appliances Hit Slow Cycle
"Electrolux AB and Royal Philips Electronics NV warned of a slowdown in North American demand for consumer appliances while European consumers continue to cut back."
Asia Inundated With Cash
1.5 million cheques worth Dh55.3bn bounced in the UAE last year
Caterpillar Sees Sales Growth Slowing Next Year on Economy
Gold Bullion Flowing from West to East
Major trade powers using stealth protectionism: study

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Airlines see Delhi among costliest airports
Why so much turbulence for Arkia?
Singapore Airlines freezes hiring of cadet pilots
American Airlines layoffs taking toll on families
Airports forced to ration fuel stocks (Scotland)
Kansai airport to double budget carriers' flights

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
After halt, South Korea resumes Iranian oil imports
Water: Source Of International Conflict And Weapon Of War
Carter: Mideast peace prospects 'vanishing'
Russia condemns United States for human rights record
Iranian gas pipeline to Turkey bombed
France Sends Spy Drones to Northern Mali, Prepares for Invasion
"The French government is deploying surveillance drones to the northern Malian region of Azawad today as part of their continued push for an international invasion aimed at imposing the rule of Mali's 'transitional government' on them."
PM: Israel to Expand Settlements in East Jerusalem 'Without Limits'

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Clashes break out in Beirut after slain official's funeral
Tibetan sets himself on fire
Tibetan Farmer Is Eighth Protester To Self-Immolate This Month
Saudi's turn to Twitter for 'revolution'
Greece's Extreme Right Strengthens as Economy Sinks

## Energy/resources ##
Must read: Gas Bubble Leaking, About to Burst (Richard Heinberg)
Suzlon Energy shares gain on strength of order books, debt crisis looms
Fuel Scarcity May Persist till March (Nigeria)
Siemens backs away from solar power
Australia begins shale gas production
Minister: British shale gas won't be cheap
India needs to go for underground mining of coal before it is too late
"Reuters reported that India is running out of cheap open cast coal from existing mines and unless it starts investing now in underground mines, within a decade it will face a huge leap in energy import costs that could derail industrial projects, crimp economic growth and drive up inflation."
Asia needs to develop gas trading hubs for pricing on regional fundamentals: IEA chief
"Asia will need to develop natural gas trading hubs to go along with its rising dependence on gas for the power and industrial sectors or the current pricing structures will continue to favor coal as the fuel of choice, Maria van der Hoeven, chief of the International Energy Agency, said Monday."
We'll Go 100% Renewable Energy, Says ... Saudi Arabia
Keystone Pipeline Closes on "Safety Issues"
TransCanada Says Keystone Pipeline Safely Restarted; Running at Reduced Pressure

## Got food? ##
Why India Protein Food inflation can remain high
106 Years After 'The Jungle,' Foodborne Disease on Rise

## Environment/health ##
Pesticides put bumblebee colonies at risk of failure
"Pesticides used in farming are also killing worker bumblebees and damaging their ability to gather food, meaning colonies that are vital for plant pollination are more likely to fail when they are used, a study showed on Sunday."
Early puberty in boys may be linked to American food supply
How sugar may make you stupid
Aging Pipeline Poses Threat to Great Lakes, Report Says

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Britain is target of up to 1,000 cyber attacks every hour
Death by defibrillator: FDA called to address hacking risk
Israel, U.S. brace for cyber assaults

## Systemic breakdown ##
Doctor Shortage Spreading in U.S. Presaged in Las Vegas
Amazon Cloud Crashes, Takes Part Of Web Offline

## Japan ##
"My child is bleeding from her ears, you see many other people bleeding from ears on twitter too"
Japan trade deficit hit $7B in September
Trade deficit tops 3 tril. yen for 1st time / Falling exports to EU, China main factor
Seamless Easing; Japan "Falling Behind" in Monetary Stimulus, Complains Economy Minister; Humorous Irony of the Day
Supermarket sales drop for 7th straight month in September
Japan's Sept. convenience store sales down for 4th straight month
75% of companies say business 'stagnant'
Economic gloom spreads before BOJ meeting
Govt to support development of offshore plants
"The government plans to promote the growth of domestically produced offshore plants--which will be made from converted tankers--for refining and storing natural gas and crude oil at sea, in the hope of developing resources in the nation's exclusive economic zone, it has been learned."
4 Chinese ships seen in contiguous waters

## China ##
Chinese government mulls policies to support solar power industry
China's rapid growth to be a thing of the past: economists
China's Factories Losing Pricing Power in Earnings Threat
"Chinese factories are losing pricing power in the worst wholesale-cost deflation since 2009, signaling corporate earnings may deteriorate further and putting a damper on global inflation pressures."

## UK ##
It is wind power that will send our bills sky-high

## US ##
Earnings Cliff Ahead? Profit Outlooks Are 90% Negative
Rising rents have pushed up the CPI to highest monthly change in three years. Shifting the Fed bailouts onto the working class and poor.
EPA regulations 'spell doom' for economic growth in 2013
Human rights advocates raise concerns over increased police Taser use
Bankrupt cities problems may grow
Russell Means, Indian activist, actor, dies at 72
What clarity of vision! With a few simple words, Means was able to cut through the BS, lies, illusions, and propaganda. Long may his memory live! -- RF
Earthquake-Causing Fracking to Be Allowed within 500 FEET of Nuclear Plants

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