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News Links, October 24, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Greece Austerity Diet Risks 1930s-Style Depression: Euro Credit
The Gray Economy: Europe's €1.5 Trillion A Year Black Hole
France to offer Peugeot credit help
Spanish Home Loans Plunge 28.5% to Record Lows; Brussels Revises Spain's Deficit Upward to 9.4% of GDP
Spain's 'Vicious Circle' Worsens as Moody's Downgrades Regions
European Stocks And Bonds Plunge Most In A Month
POSCO Q3 profit falls 25 pc as China slowdown hits steel demand
Global Debt Repudiation? IMF's Paper On The Chicago Plan Continues To Stir Opinions
Drop in infrastructure spending a drag on economy: Conference Board (Canada)
Study finds Canadians aren't feeling economic growth in their daily lives
Infrastructure projects will 'not come cheap' (South Africa)
Asian economies turn to yuan
German gold report reveals secret sales that likely were part of swaps
Iran sanctions could hurt NZ exports
In a Bad Spot: The Future Becomes Clearer, But More Precarious
Chris Martenson says hard landing in the offing. -- RF

## Airline Death Spiral ##
'Airport fee hikes will hurt India's civil aviation'
Sequestration Threatens Air Travel Progess; Economic Impact Could Last Decades
American Airlines Sends Out Layoff Notices to More Than 3,000 Employees

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Navy's Top Geek Says Laser Arsenal Is Just Two Years Away
Biggest anti-missile drill for Israel, U.S
Baghdad bombings kill 10, injure 27
Lebanon army deploys in Beirut and Tripoli
Mali crisis: 'Foreign fighters come to help Islamists'
South Korea parliamentarians visit islands claimed by Japan
Iran says may stop oil sales if sanctions tighten
"Iran said on Tuesday it would stop oil exports if pressure from Western sanctions got any tighter and that it had a 'Plan B' contingency strategy to survive without oil revenues."
How Iran Evades The Western Blockade: The Turkey-Dubai-Iran PetroGold Triangle
Bernanke famously said that gold is not money, but the Iranians prove him wrong. -- RF
Russia's parliament votes to expand definition of high treason

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
The power of China's strolling eco-warriors
Indian farmers protest Monsanto GM corn field trial in Haryana
Kuwait bans gatherings of more than 20 people amid protests
Racist attacks in Greece hit "alarming" levels: UNHCR

## Energy/resources ##
India's Vedanta Aluminium resumes Odisha refinery at reduced capacity
"Vedanta Aluminium Ltd (VAL) VEDAL.UL, India's largest aluminium maker, has resumed its alumina refinery in Odisha after a 10-day hiatus, but faces another shut down in December if it fails to secure more bauxite supplies, a senior company official said."
How Scarce Does Water Need to Get Before It's Valuable?
"Billions of dollars worth of water infrastructure upgrades are needed in the United States to stop major water losses each year. There will soon be too many people on this planet for everyone to consume as much water as they do today."
Baghdad Loses its Grip as Kurdistan Starts to Sell Oil on International Markets
Nine power plants out of production due to fuel shortage (Pakistan)
Air Conditioning Consumes One Third of Peak Electric Consumption in the Summer
China's Sinochem Further Expands Into Brazil's Offshore Oil Frontier
Is Ohio's "secret" energy boom going bust?
The murky future of U.S. shale gas

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Bosnian scrap metal thief steals iron bridge
Metal thieves are tearing up expensive ag pumps across Central Calif. for copper wiring
Metal thieves blamed for trains misery

## Got food? ##
Farmland grab: Al Dahra to develop farmland in Serbia
"Abu Dhabi's Al Dahra Agricultural Company is to develop 9,000 hectares of farmland in Serbia as it seeks to bolster food security in the UAE."
Argentine storms to help grain output, hurt quality
India's food distribution system to be computerised end-to-end
Grow Fresh Veggies all Winter with a Cold Frame
Rice Paddies have a Methane Problem
I agree that some practices could be adjusted to reduce emissions. Still, the benefits of high yields and artificial wetlands cannot be emphasized enough. Especially during this global orgy of wetland destruction, flooded rice paddies offer a refuge for frogs and many aquatic insects that would have increasingly few other places to live and breed. -- RF
Buying Food Past Its Sell-By Date Tough To Swallow For Greeks
"Although grocery auctions and salvage grocery stores are a popular outlet for expired food in the U.S., the news was met with anger from some anti-austerity activists in Greece. They say it forces food that supermarkets 'send to the pigs' on those who are already suffering. Many food banks in the U.S. do not accept expired food for similar reasons."
Farmers facing 'serious financial problem' (NZ)
Feeling the Heat: Report Finds One Million Maize and Bean Farmers Threatened by Climate Change
Across Corn Belt, Farmland Prices Keep Soaring

## Environment/health ##
Deaths linked to Monster energy drink
Fungal meningitis cases are nearing 300
Killer disease reaches Uganda capital, five dead
Dead Sea's Record Loss Grows With Potash Makers Demand
"The Dead Sea is shrinking at a record rate, prompting calls for Israel and Jordan to stop fertilizer makers from siphoning so much of the water whose restorative powers have attracted visitors since biblical times."

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Are Data Centers the New Global Landfill?
Amazon wipes customer's Kindle and deletes account with no explanation
1000+ Android apps leaking personal info but what's being done?
Informant: NYPD paid me to 'bait' Muslims

## Systemic breakdown ##
Record Food Prices Will Likely Disrupt Energy Markets

## Japan ##
Japan's radiation monitoring unreliable: Greenpeace
"Government radiation monitoring in areas near Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is unreliable, Greenpeace charged on Tuesday, with heavily populated areas exposed to 13 times the legal limit."
To avoid the risk of explosion, Tepco is to inject nitrogen gas to suppression chamber of reactor1 for a month
30-km nuke safety zone may not be enough
Cesium measured from 67% of the soybeans produced in Iwate
Toyota cuts output target
3 Chinese Navy ships seen off Okinawa
Japan shies away from 16-nation plan to outlaw atomic weapons
Eight regions are given BOJ downgrades

## China ##
Wholesale Price Deflation Hits China's Factories
China's ancient villages disappearing at 80-100 per day
And in their place an unsustainable consumer culture. The ancient villages would ensure China's future. -- RF
China Bans Foreign Ships From Rivers as Local Operators Struggle
"China will ban foreign vessels from sailing on domestic waterways including the Yangtze River, the world's busiest for freight, as local operators struggle to make money amid a global shipping glut."
China Economy Hit by Drop in Sales of Japanese Cars
China expands S. America energy footprint
"China is expanding its energy footprint in Latin America to secure its economy's fuel needs and create a niche for  its future trade in the southern region."
China hints at reform by dropping Mao wording

## UK ##
New powers for police to prosecute tens of thousands of speeding drivers and vandals
"Police officers will be given new powers to prosecute tens of thousands of speeding drivers, drunk thugs and vandals without asking Government lawyers first."
Britain to double number of drones in Afghanistan: report
Over-50s 'left £160,000 out of pocket by the financial crisis'
Britain has left the European Union in all but name

## US ##
Blue Chips Drop 243 Points
Low Rates Pummel Banks
U.S. Energy Trade Group Says Economy Sucks - Survey Proves It
ETF Deathwatch: Closures Hit 300
Rising Energy Costs May Usher in U.S. Freight Rail Revival
Eating Our Weight in GMOs
Retirement worries on the rise in U.S.
Burnout up among employees
21 Everyday Items That Have Dramatically Gone Up In Price
U.S. Government's Foreign Debt Now $47,495 Per Household
Obama Slashes Four Hours Off Definition of "Full-Time" Employment
Saturated Fat: McDonald's to Revisit 'Dollar Menu'; Reflections on Same Store Sales and Commercial Real Estate
DuPont cutting 1,500 jobs; slashes profit forecast
Dow Chemical: National Employee Morale Day With 2,400 Fired
"National Employee Morale Day came to Dow Chemical (NYSE: DOW) as it fired 2,400 people and closed 20 factories. America's large industrial sector, which appeared to be on the mend earlier this year clearly has started to struggle due to the global slowdown."
Companies Are Sitting on More Cash Than Ever Before
In Foreign Policy Debate, Romney Capitulates, Agrees With Obama
Of course they agree! Both candidates are members of the War Party. -- RF

And finally… Superman: Clark Kent quits reporting at the Daily Planet

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