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News Links, October 4, 2012

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## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
French Economy Implodes
France's Hollande at risk of losing gamble on steel furnaces
"A quest by President Francois Hollande to show he can halt industrial  closures by rescuing two mothballed blast furnaces in northeast France risks backfiring, with industry experts doubting any buyer will come forward."
Australia's trade deficit widens to US$2 bn
Energy Stokes Inflation in Developed Economies
Asian Development Bank cuts growth forecast for Asia
Spain: The ECB's Plan May Not Be Enough
IMF Ready to Plunder Spain; IMF's Latest Trojan Horse Offer
Vietnam's Slowdown Shows in Higher Unemployment Costs
EU Weighs More Integration of Euro-Zone Budgets
Portugal announces higher taxes as strike is called
Greece Learns Nothing, Dumps $37 Million Into Formula One Racetrack
Point Out The Auto Sales Recovery In These Charts
The War Between Credit and Resources
"It is either lurid or tragic that assertions of abundance would flower after energy prices endured a price revolution, agriculture prices did the same, and purchasing power and incomes in the developed world entered decline. The repricing of the planet is a super-trend that has endured for more than 10 years now, and it has wreaked havoc on  just about every asset class from stocks to housing. While observers currently cheer stabilization in such prices, it's worth noting that the S&P 500 first reached current levels more than 12 years ago. Therefore, each unit of the stock market buys less of everything. So much for abundance."

## Airline Death Spiral ##
India's Kingfisher Airlines grounded for third day
South African Airways to receive $600 mn bailout
Domestic Airlines Struggle To Survive (Ghana)
Spirit Airlines plans $100 last-minute baggage carry-on fee
Korean Air, Delta Discuss Wider Links
2012 Holiday Airfares Currently Priced 3% Above 2011

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Interview with Professor Yabuki on the Senkaku/Diaoyu Crisis and U.S.-China-Japan Relations
Curiously, the Japanese word translated as "interdependence" actually means "collusion." Nevertheless, this is an interesting and informative article. -- RF
Chinese ships enter disputed waters for 2nd day in a row
U.S. Aircraft Carriers Operating Near Senkaku Islands
Russia's Lavrov says "reset" with U.S. cannot last forever
Argentine naval ship detained in Ghana by bondholders
"An Argentine navy ship has been detained in Ghana following a court order sought by "holdout" creditors suing Argentina in international courts over its 2002 debt default, officials said on Wednesday."
Saudi Arabia to limit power of religious police
Turkey hits Syria with artillery in response to deadly mortar attack
Hyperinflation Has Arrived In Iran
US Preparing for JSOC 'Kill-Capture' Operations in Libya After Consulate Attack

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Clashes in Bahrain after death of imprisoned protester
Media groups protest tough cyber law in Philippines
Hackers Attack Philippine Central Bank Site to Protest Cyber Law
Kyrgyz police, protesters clash over gold venture
Brazil Indians' protest halts Vale's Carajás railway
Gang of youths assault Dubai shopkeeper and customers with sticks
Iran police clash with protesters over currency crisis
South Africa wildcat strikes spread to more mines

## Energy/resources ##
California Gas Stations Begin to Shut on Record-High Spot Prices
"Independent gasoline station owners in the Los Angeles area are beginning to shut their pumps because of supply shortages that have driven wholesale fuel prices to record highs."
EU nuclear reactors need 10-25 billion euros safety spend
South Korea shuts down two reactors due to malfunctions
Analysts foresee doomsday for iron ore as new mines come on stream
Drilling for oil in the Arctic: the risks are too great for companies to take on
Middle East oil industry 'on major reform path'
Pakistan may tap US gas reserves to quench energy thirst
"Adviser to the Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain has revealed that the government is mulling purchasing a shale gas field in the United States in an effort to tap a cheaper source of energy to meet growing needs of Pakistan."

## Got food? ##
GM crop technology backfires as farmers need more pesticides
In Washington State, Picker Shortage Threatens Apple Boom
FDA finds salmonella, unclean conditions at farm

## Environment/health ##
Taiwan's noise pollution dilemma
Heavy winter snow seen for Eastern U.S.
Black mamba venom is 'better painkiller' than morphine
CDC: Rare meningitis cases up to 26

## Intelligence/security/internet ##
Philippine cybercrime law takes effect amid protests
Harsh Prison Sentences for 3 Vietnamese Bloggers
Not From the Onion: Army Says 'Social Network' Use Is a Sign of Radicalism

## Japan ##
Japan joins ´shale revolution´
It was front-page news in today's newspaper. But it will never amount to anything but dashed hopes. -- RF
Japan's Political Shifts Expose BOJ to Extra Demands for Action
AMERICAN Government Forces Re-Start of Japanese Nuclear Reactors
TEPCO begins removing spent fuel at Fukushima Daini plant
U.S. urges Japan to keep stored plutonium to a minimum
Secret meetings held on Fukushima nuclear crisis's impact on human health
"The prefectural government here held secret meetings among a panel of experts on the nuclear crisis's impact on human health to work out scenarios for official deliberation sessions based on the view that there is no causal relationship between the disaster and the outbreak of cancer, sources close to the case said."
Fukushima faces serious shortage of nurses after nuclear disaster
Japan Minister Says Nationalization Needed to Phase Out Nuclear
U.S. To Deploy F-35 Stealth Fighters To Okinawa
Migratory birds lop a month off of stopover in Japan
"The time that six species of migratory birds spend in Japan has fallen by nearly one month since 1986 as they are now arriving later and departing sooner, apparently due to global warming, according to an expert."

## China ##
Chinese Netizen Speaks Out: "China Spending As Much on Calming Civil Unrest As US on War Effort"
China services PMI falls to lowest in nearly two years
In the Shadows of Shanghai's Skyscrapers

## UK ##
Triple blow hits UK nuclear revival
Hi-tech CCTV can recognise faces from half a mile away

## US ##
U.S. States Teetering on Brink of Fiscal Cliff, Ganeriwala Says
California Cities in 'Conga Line' For Fiscal Trouble
NY Mass Transit Fares Will Rise 35% From 2007 To 2015, And Surge From There
Homeland Security 'fusion' centers spy on citizens, produce 'shoddy' work, report says
Why Buying a New Car Is a Financial Trap
First-time voters concerned about student debt, getting jobs after graduation
Decline in U.S. births goes beyond the ailing economy
Complete Fed Failure: Retail Investors Pull Out Most From Domestic Equity Funds In Two Months
Wall Street Watch: Tech Bellwether Xyratex Sounds a Warning
"Earnings season has yet to get started, but the disappointments are already trickling in."
Is Dell Any Better Off Than H-P?

And finally… Michigan State professor goes berserk, strips naked in class
Daily BS… Report: If Captured Alive, Obama Favored Putting Osama Bin Laden On Trial

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