Saturday, October 06, 2012


Sustainability issue on EROI

Special Issue "New Studies in EROI (Energy Return on Investment)"

"This special issue presents the results of approximately 20 new studies on energy return on investment, including 10 empirical studies of particular energy resources and a similar number examining methodological issues and the social and economic implications of changing EROIs.  The studies cover the most important energy resources currently used by Western society, as well as several possible alternatives.  The results, which have great consistency across studies, have enormous implications for our economies and for society more generally.  Several papers examine the direct economic and psychological implications of declining EROI, as well as the implications for planning. We believe that taken as a whole these papers have great power in helping to understand our current economic difficulties as well as guiding what we must do to adjust to new energy realities.  A failure to understand these issues will severely limit our ability to plan for the future."

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