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News Links, November 2, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
"Deposit Wars" an Act of Desperation by Spanish Banks; Bankia Déjà Vu
Sweden pays jobless youth to move to Norway
One-in-four South Africans jobless, mine layoffs loom
U.S. fiscal cliff looms large at Mexico G20 meet
Greece Running Out of Cash; Government Under Threat
MidEast retailers 'running out of space', says CBRE
This looks more like a set-up for a crash. -- RF
India's growth aspirations tested by population bulge
But the growth ideology says we're supposed to have more workers and more consumers. Go figure. -- RF
Amplats says strike-hit South Africa mines still down

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Cut those jobs, ground those planes! Lufthansa and Air France-KLM profit higher
"The airlines are both in the process of cutting thousands of jobs to help restore their domestic operations to profitability, restructuring their airline subsidiaries, keeping aircraft on the ground rather than flying them empty, and looking at ways to capitalize on relatively robust demand on many long-haul routes."

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Riyadh industrial building hit by explosion
"An industrial building in eastern Riyadh was almost entirely destroyed by a large explosion on Thursday, a Reuters witness said."
Car explodes outside barracks in Turkey's Iskenderun port
U.S. warns Israel against preemptive strike on Iran
Netanyahu rival blasts his "obsession" with Iran
Nigerian pirates free 6 Russians, one Estonian
How US drones forge as many foes as they kill
Photos show second China stealth fighter prototype
UK Commander: NATO Struggling to Deal With Afghan Green-on-Blue Attacks

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Lines grow, tempers flare at pumps as gas shortage grows after Sandy
"Motorists in New York and New Jersey exchanged words – and reportedly even shoves and punches – as they faced a second day of stressful, sometimes miles-long lines Thursday at the gas stations that still had both electricity and supplies after superstorm Sandy."
China struggles for solution to growing NIMBY movement
Strike hits East African hub port Mombasa
Protesters vent austerity anger on streets of Lisbon
Gunmen occupy Libyan parliament

## Energy/resources ##
The Unbreakable Bond between Crude and Steel
But as we have seen, technology does not equal energy. -- RF
Zambian Capital, Lusaka, Runs Out of Fuel
Nuclear fusion is going to provide unbelievably cheap electricity, just as nuclear fission has. Remember? It was going to be "too cheap to meter." -- RF
"Permanent restoration of the system to the full revenue service that was previously available could take more than two years."
Here's a preview of how such buildings will be uninhabitable in the future. Yea, condos! -- RF
In the era of cheap energy, being a "24-hour city" was a badge of progress and a mark of having an advanced economy and society. Already the clock is being turned back. -- RF

## Japan ##
Hong Kong Taxing Homebuyers in Bubble Fight: Mortgages

## UK ##
Comet: more than 6,000 jobs at risk
"High-street electrical chain is estimated to have lost £35m in a year and could go into administration on Thursday"

## US ##
About those car sales: GM Channel Stuffing Soars To Record
Ford Fails
"If the car sales market is still growing in the U.S., no one could tell from Ford's October sales."
And not a moment too soon. -- RF

And finally… 
Math anxiety hits brain like physical pain

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