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News Links, November 3, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Deeper euro zone factory downturn hardens stimulus view
"Euro zone manufacturing shrank for the 15th month running in October as output and new orders fell, a survey showed on Friday, fuelling expectations of further easing from the European Central Bank."
Egypt moves to rein in energy subsidy bill
"Egypt has taken a first step to getting expensive energy subsidies under control, a key component of an economic reform programme the cash-strapped government is presenting to the IMF to obtain a loan."
Four global banks told to hold extra capital
"Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and JPMorgan Chase have been told by global regulators that they need to hold more extra capital than their rivals."
Why and How to Buy Bullion... Plus Where to Store It
U.S. of A(sia) - United to Weaken the Dollar?!

## Airline Death Spiral ##
American Airlines freezes its pension plans
"American Airlines Inc. froze its four massively underfunded pension plans Thursday, an action that put to an end a long-running saga over the plans' future."
Fees for Everything: Airlines Rake In Big Bucks From 'Extras'
Nigeria: Airlines - the Burden of Survival

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Exclusive: PM on standby to send warplanes to Gulf as Iranian tensions rise (UK)
No matter who wins Tuesday's election, U.S. likely to become entangled in Syria's war
Guided mortar rounds fired from small UAV
U.S. renews sanctions, Sudan criticizes decision
The global war on free speech
"It's not just China and Russia: editors in Greece and Hungary are being harassed, while Britain's straitened press is in danger of being cowed by powerful interests and excessive regulation"
Desperate French Government Threatens To "Requisition" Vacant Buildings
Chinese ships in disputed waters for 14th straight day
The real struggle begins: Europe descends into fascism
Report: Afghan Can't Maintain US-Built Facilities After Pullout
"A new report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has yet more bad news for the prospects of the 11+ year war's success, cautioning that the Afghan government is completely unprepared to even maintain the buildings built for it or feed its own troops."

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Strike at East African hub port of Mombasa enters second day
NYC Man Accused of Pulling Gun in Gas Line
Expert Warns of 'Gunfire' If Gas Shortages Continue
"John Hofmeister, head of Citizens for Affordable Energy told CNBC that the governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut should resort to dramatic measures to prevent the inconvenience from spiraling into further chaos or violence."
Islamists protest in Cairo, call for Islamic law
Tanzanian police clash with protesters over arrested cleric
Fistfights, tear gas, sobs as Kiev tallies vote

## Energy/resources ##
Cost of playing east Africa oil game on the rise
Japan to import rare earths from Kazakhstan: media
New Pressure Cooking Technique Turns Algae to Crude Oil in a Minute
Well, this certainly shaves millions of years off the process, but at a tremendous energy cost because we have to supply the pressure cooker, whereas in the case of fossil fuels Mother Nature did the work for us. -- RF
Iraqi Kurds defy Baghdad, export own oil
Transformer explosion causes major blackout in S. Sulawesi
Former Shell CEO Urges Gasoline Rationing Plan (US)
Chevron's profit hurt by lower production and prices
"Chevron, the nation's second-largest oil company, says its third-quarter net income fell 33% to $5.25 billion."
First Solar, SunPower Seek New Markets as Sales Decline
US Releases Heating Oil Reserves for First Time Ever

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Metal thieves steal bridge in Salem Twp.
Copper thieves hit sports parks throughout the Kingwood area
Phones cut off as thieves steal cable

## Got food? ##
Forget About Gasoline, Is There a Food Shortage?
"Grocery stores were scrambling to keep shelves stocked four days after Super Storm Sandy hit the east coast, but their efforts were hampered by power outages, storm damage and a lack of fuel for trucks."
FAO: Africa land grabs like 'Wild West'
"The head of the Food and Agriculture Organization warned that 'land grabs' of arable land in Africa by foreign governments and investors threatens the continent's food security."
U.S. drought shrinking, but not fast enough
Jerusalem food co-ops face closure for lack of funds
Israel's biggest food chain raises prices by 4 pct
California food ballot measure could have national impact
Rooftops in Greece go green with gardens

## Environment/health ##
Sandy caused "major damage" to U.N. headquarters: official
Venice hit by worst flooding in two years
Peru's Glaciers, An Important Source of Drinking Water, Are Disappearing
Massive barrier plan to save New York from flooding
6 ways billionaires try to play God on climate: If 'climate science is a hoax' why spend on these schemes?

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Israel builds up its cyberwar corps
"Amid signs the cyberwar with Iran is heating up, Israel reportedly has launched a recruitment drive to expand a highly secret group to address cyberattacks."
Study: Unencrypted Smart Meter Signal Easy to Read

## Systemic breakdown ##
Electricity and the Price of Oil
"Until electrical power is restored to the Phillips 66 and Hess Corp. refineries in New Jersey, the refineries will remain out of production.
"And the long lines we've seen for gasoline are also due to the lack of electricity. Gasoline stations need electricity to run their pumps. No electricity, no gasoline."
Could failed power, hospital evacuations be the new normal?
"'Unprecedented' storm pushes disaster plans; backup power fails along NY hospitals"
Millions Stuck in Dark, Cold
Gritty New York faces grimy mess: Rotten meat, failing toilets
Blackout Backlash Builds as Sandy Slow Recovery Drags Out
Nomads in Queens Endure Life on the Line as They Forage for Gas
Without Electricity, New Yorkers on Food Stamps Can't Pay for Food

## Japan ##
Yearly Warm Biz campaign on to cut heat use
Toyota's China sales dive over isle row
Honda's car sales in China down 53% in Oct., Nissan down 40%
Panasonic shares plunge 20% after huge loss forecast
Mitsui To Invest Y50bn More In U.S. Shale Oil, Gas Field
7% power-saving target set for Hokkaido this winter
Debt crisis, China slowdown batter listed firms' outlook

## China ##
Chinese steel industry to see serious concerns in Q4
Global Cotton trade may fall by 21% on fall in China demand: ICAC
Water resources abused in China's north, west: researcher

## UK ##
'Dale farmers going without food so they can afford to feed their animals'
"TEESDALE farmers are going without food so they can feed their animals, a shocking new report into rural poverty has revealed."
Just a small amount of rain could cause flooding this winter - Environment Agency
British butterflies could face extinction if droughts continue

## US ##
Sandy on track to be second-largest flood loss ever
Widespread looting reported in Atlantic City
Who Will Pay For New York's Subway Repairs?
NYC Flooded Tunnels to Take Many Days to Drain
Some homeowners may be left high and dry with Sandy losses
Not a gas: Chaos continues at N.J.'s crowded pumps
"Gas lines stretched more than a mile in Somerville and Newark. Fights broke out at service stations in Elizabeth, Montclair and Middletown. Black marketeers and opportunists began to circle, reselling fuel at steep markups."
Guns drawn, punches thrown: Fight for gas in New York gets ugly
I go on record as saying that in the US riots over gas would come before riots over food. -- RF
Yonkers To Ration Gas, Impose 10-Gallon Limit
U.S. Waives Jones Act to Help Responding to Storm Sandy
The $35 Shower and Other Tales of the Hurricane Economy
Average Value of Cargo Thefts Rises in 3Q
"In the third quarter of 2012, FreightWatch recorded a total of 225 thefts in the United States, with an average loss value per incident of $172,403, a 23% increase from the previous three months of the year."
New York's Ultraluxury Office Vacancy Rate Jumps To Two Year High As Financial Firms Brace For Impact
Latest U.S. bank failures take 2012 tally to 49

And finally…
Move Over, Parrot: Elephant Mimics Trainer At Zoo

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