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News Links, November 7, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
ArcelorMittal CFO: Running 14 Out Of 25 European Blast Furnaces
"Steel titan ArcelorMittal (MT) shut another two blast furnaces during the third quarter in response to weak European steel demand, the company's chief financial officer said Wednesday."
Oversupply hits earnings of Indonesian steel producers - IISIA
The Next Perfect Storm for the World's Economy
"The perfect storm of the U.S fiscal cliff, Greece and Spain that threatens the worldwide economy in 2013 may be supplanted by a new one. The International Monetary Fund warned that France could have problems nearly as great as those in Italy, where trouble could drive it into a condition not unlike Spain's."
G20 carves out some more wiggle room on austerity plans
IMF and Gallois report urge France to cut labour costs

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Troublesome trends in U.S. air transportation
Job losses as Air NZ cuts services
Kenya Airways swings to first-half loss of 6.589 bln shillings
Jet-fuel Hedging Remains a Tough Call for Airlines
No clear skies ahead for SIA
Some airlines fear jet fuel shortage in New York

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Britain could build up its military presence in the Gulf to counter Iran threat
Car bombing kills 27 at Iraq army base
Syria could turn into a new Somalia - UN's Brahimi
From Sudan to cyber, secret war with Iran hots up
Israeli PM Netanyahu 'ready' to order strike on Iran
Senior Obama Adviser Leads Secret Talks With Iran
Israel advances plans for 1,213 new West Bank settlement homes
Military planners prepare for war in Mali

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Hiring of Chinese miners in B.C. sends unions to court
South Africa Vineyards Burned for Second Day Protests Grow
General strike hits Greece ahead of austerity vote

## Energy/resources ##
World needs $700 bln in power grid upgrades
"The world's 16 largest power grids need to invest $700 billion over the next 10 years to cope with a rising share of renewable energy in mature economies and with soaring demand in emerging nations, French power grid  RTE said."
Austerity hits oil patch's capital spending budgets
"The capital spending drought in the Canadian oil patch looks headed for a second successive year, as weak commodity prices, shrinking cash flows and an uncertain future have oil executives set to tighten budgets again in 2013."
Here we can see part of the mechanism that is relentlessly downsizing the industrial energy machine. -- RF
The Inevitable Decline of Russia's Energy Sector
Italy Aims to Increase Oil Production by 150% with New Energy Plan
Escalating Trade Disputes for Chinese-made Solar Panels
Sinopec Said to Buy Nigeria Oil Blocks From French Total
Exporting to China may not save the US coal industry after all - Report
South Korea widens nuclear investigation, risks power cuts
Chinese Firm to Build Coal-to-Liquids Plant in Wyoming

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Combating copper theft
"Copper theft is a global issue: in the US alone the 'trade' is now a US$1 billion a year problem and it is potentially ten-fold that globally. Developing nations are especially susceptible to such theft. The South African government currently spends close to $28 million a year on simply replacing and repairing telecommunications equipment due to copper cable theft. Meanwhile in India there have been reports of criminals making off with up to 9,000 kg of copper wire in one raid."
Metrolink commuters hit by delays after metal thieves target cables in Trafford
Crime Stoppers: Metal thefts are crippling Houston businesses

## Got food? ##
United Nations: Haiti has food shortage
The real cost of global food
Florida tomato farmers in fierce battle to stay profitable
Major shifts in U.S. agricultural production could be bigger problem than climate change
Typhoon No Bar to Third Record Chinese Corn Harvest: Commodities
That's good news. But record harvests unfortunately don't come every year. -- RF
Record Food Prices Spell Trouble Ahead For The Middle East

## Environment/health ##
Americans fighting fat, but odds stacked against them
Unhealthful food, unhealthful lifestyles, and eating too much all add up to a fat epidemic. -- RF
Thousands displaced by floods in India's Andhra Pradesh
PwC Report States that Global Temperatures will Increase by 6°C by 2100
Every hour of TV viewing reduces lifespan
Restaurant Meals Mean More Calories And Soda For Kids And Teens
Drug-Resistant Malaria On The Rise In Southeast Asia
'We've Built Right Up to the Edge in the Most Foolish Way'

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Is Facebook "broken on purpose" to sell promoted posts?
Why was an Indian man held for sending a tweet?
Twitter No Longer 'Disappearing' Infringing Tweets
Interrogation system heading overseas
7 Technologies That Will Make It Easier for the Next President to Hunt and Kill You

## Systemic breakdown ##
Dangerous Ideas: The End of Growth
Gas on CraigsList? Shortages Lead to Desperate Measures

## Japan ##
Suzuki to Stop Selling Cars In U.S. After Three Decades
Key Economic Gauge Falls 2.3 Points In Sept
67% Fukushima workers have already left Fukushima
Team aims to stop good food going to waste / Revision of eat-by dates, 'one-third' rule on deliveries likely, but consumer understanding needed

## China ##
China to Build its First Ever Environmentally Friendly City
Will it have any residents, or become yet another ghost city? -- RF

## UK ##
Child benefit could be limited to two children for all families
We need more windfarms to power electric cars, says David Cameron
London finance jobs to hit 20-year low

## US ##
Electric power slowly returns to NYC, N.J.
Hard-Hit Long Island Awaits Power As Temps Drop
Nor'easter Could Worsen Power Outages, Slow Recovery From Sandy
American Suzuki Motor to file for bankruptcy protection
Half The New Jobs in the US Are Part-Time No Matter Who is in the White House
Evidence of Electronic Vote Fraud Pours In from Both Liberal and Conservative Sources

And finally…
Women can smell a wimp
After Driving On Sidewalk To Pass School Bus, Woman Must Wear 'Idiot' Sign

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