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News Links, November 8, 2012

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Dreadful Economic Data in Germany, Italy, Spain France
German economy sputters as euro zone crisis bites
"German industrial output fell more than forecast in September and the government's economic advisers said the economy would grow by just 0.8 percent this year and next as Europe's largest economy gets dragged deeper into the euro zone crisis."
Dow Plunges 312.95 to 3-Month Low
Following soccer club, brothel owner to sponsor school (Greece)
RBA might be printing money for foreign banks: UBS (Australia)
"Global banking giant UBS says the Reserve Bank may be printing money to keep the Australian dollar under control."
Thai flooding leaves a sea of misery
World markets slide on weak growth outlook

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Companies—and the Military—Are Moving Forward with Super Fast, Super Efficient Hydrogen-Fueled Planes
Won't happen. -- RF
Spirit's $100 gate-checked bag fee starts Tuesday
Ontario Airport will lose more flights in 2013
Fliers fume about fewer seats, longer lines
Nor'easter Travel: Airlines Cancels Flights Ahead Of Storm

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Obama Bombs Yemen Hours After Winning Reelection
Is AFRICOM Preparing for Another "Humanitarian" Military Intervention?
Americans tour base to recruit for Libya army
Poll: Majority of Israelis back apartheid against Arabs
Turkey seeks NATO deployment of Patriot missiles on Syria border
Japan, China engage in war of words at ASEM summit
Russian FM: Syrian Rebels Have 50 US Stinger Missiles

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Violence erupts at Greek anti-austerity protest
"Greek police fired water cannon and fought running battles with protesters hurling petrol bombs outside parliament on Wednesday during the biggest rally in over a year against spending cuts the country must approve to avert bankruptcy."
Protesters teargassed as Cameroon's Biya marks 30 years in power
China Communist party congress: protesters head to Beijing to steal limelight

## Energy/resources ##
Big Coal in big trouble as coal production costs rise
"What is driving the decline of the U.S. coal industry? Most of the blame has gone either to Obama's 'war on coal' (EPA regulations) or to cheap natural gas. But there's a third factor at work, which has gotten much less press: Coal is getting more expensive to produce."
Floating Power Plants to Make Up for Shortage in Korea
"The government could rent four 150,000 kW powerships from Turkey to make up for a possible electricity shortage this winter."
Kuwait National Petroleum Company to Invest $32 Billion by 2019
Natural Gas Pipelines are Being Converted to Carry Crude Oil
Total latest to tilt toward Asia-Pacific
Iraq says Exxon to quit oilfield, ends Turkey TPAO deal
"Doubts about who can replace Exxon in the important project could raise questions about Iraq's target to increase crude output to 5-6 million barrels per day by 2015 from 3.4 million bpd."
How Big Oil Spent Part Of Its $90 Billion In Profits So Far In 2012
Another Layer of Bureaucracy for Oil and Gas Exploration in the US?
In China, growing frustration over Canada's 'outdated' oil sands
"Canada's oil sands risks being left behind by the global energy industry if the pipelines needed to carry bitumen to the west coast do not soon materialize, a Chinese oil industry academic warned."
High Nuclear Power Outages In 2012 (Driven By Global Warming–Fueled Sandy, Flooding, & Repair) (US)
Obama, Romney avoid hard truths about energy

## Got food? ##
Nanoparticles in your food: Safe for Consumption?
China's demand for seafood to rise
UK Shop Price Inflation Accelerates On Food Prices
Food has become too cheap in developed world, industry boss says
Expansion of agricultural land has come to an end (Vietnam)
Gov't on alert as wheat shortage looms (Egypt)
47 of 119 districts in NTB prone to food shortage (Indonesia)
Mandated Corn Ethanol's Ripple Effect on Global Commodity Prices and Food Security
Traditional Foods Help Remind Us Who We Are
Zacky Farms Files Bankruptcy, Cites Cost of Poultry Feed
Feeding light test grain to cattle

## Environment/health ##
Over 100,000 farmers squatting in Sumatran park to grow coffee

## Intelligence/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Cyber help squad set up by GCHQ (UK)

## Systemic breakdown ##
Grid-Down Collapse: Hard Assets Soar In Value
"What we are witnessing are the immediate after-effects of what is referred to as a grid-down scenario, where utility infrastructure like water and electricity, transportation infrastructure like food and gas delivery, and commerce infrastructure like electronic banking and brick & mortar trade are no longer functioning."
Nationwide drug recall likely to deepen shortages
Could You be Next? 23 Things You Need When the Power Goes Out
Gasoline stocks stranded as shortages linger at NY oil hub
What Superstorm Sandy Means to the Electricity Industry, Outdated Electricity Grid and Job Gap

## Japan ##
TEPCO says Fukushima clean-up costs may double to Y10 tril
TEPCO wants gov't support to cover Fukushima nuke plant decommissioning costs
Robots-to-Cosmetics Profit Slump Adds to Japan Economy Woes
Japan's auto giants warn on China dispute, strong yen
Japan's economy is in recession, data suggests
Japan kicks off winter energy-saving campaign

## China ##
China Hopes that Subsidies will Lead to Shale Gas Boom
Sinopec seeks African oil through French firm Maurel & Prom
Chinese companies wrestle with labour shortage in Thailand
China's leadership challenge in new era: douse "inequality volcano"

## UK ##
Drugs could keep elderly working for longer
"Drugs which enhance the ability to think and concentrate could be given to older workers within the next decade as the workforce ages, a report claims."
You see? Everyone knows the Little People will have to work until they drop. -- RF
Sellafield nuclear waste storage poses 'intolerable risk'
"An 'intolerable risk' is being posed by hazardous waste stored in run-down buildings at Sellafield nuclear plant, a watchdog has found."
And more of this will happen around the world because it is too expensive to build facilities that could store deadly nuclear wastes in a manner that is even half safe. Nuclear power: Too cheap to meter! -- RF
British 'brain drain' of professionals raises concerns over skills shortages
Deck the shelves: lack of stock leaves customers wanting
Street light switch-off saves council £300,000

## US ##
Hurricane Sandy: Beware of America's disaster capitalists
Colorado legalizes recreational use and sale of marijuana
Washington Is First State to Allow Pot's Recreational Use
Wintry storm smacks an already battered Northeast
U.S. Warned by Fitch on Fiscal Cliff; Moody's Stands Pat on View
'Sad and Depressed' CEOs See No Light at End of Partisan Impasse
Marc Faber's Asset Protection Plan: "Buy A Machine Gun", No Really, "You're Right, Buy A Tank"
In September Uncle Sam Continued To Hand Out Car And Student Loans Like A Drunken Sailor
'U.S. Per Person Debt Now 35 Percent Higher than that of Greece'
Warfare State Wins Reelection, Along With Obama
Consumer Credit Growth Slows as People Charge Less

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