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News Links, January 29-30, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Zimbabwe's Total Cash On Hand: $217.00
NZ Post wants cut in delivery days
"New Zealand Post wants to cut the number of days it is required to deliver mail to most addresses from six to three days a week."
Labor Minister Says France Is "Totally Bankrupt"
Yes, the crisis is obviously over in Europe! -- RF
Ford Falls Most in 7 Months on Worsening European Outlook
COSCO Faces 3th Straight Year of Losses
"The world's largest bulk shipper, China COSCO, now faces the risk of delisting for its Shanghai A-shares if it fails to turn around in 2013."
Container ship owners could be sued for slow steaming
Canada's wealthy outpacing everyone else
North America's New Aristocracy grows by leaps and bounds. -- RF
Mark Carney Leaves Canada With 'Stealth QE' Rising At Fastest Pace Since 2009
Short sellers look to cash in on slump in European car market
No escape from austerity for Club Med countries
Dubai Suitcases of Cash Circumvent Loan Rules: Mortgages
Myanmar Clears ADB, World Bank Overdue Debt With Japan Help
Manufacturers threaten to quit New Zealand
"More leading export companies are on the verge of moving overseas due to the high dollar, Opposition MPs were told yesterday by manufacturers, who challenged the Government to do more to control the exchange rate."
India cuts interest rates for first time in nine months
Russia Arctic Natural Gas Shipping Route to Asia 10 Years Away
"Tanker transport of Russian Arctic gas through the Bering Strait to Asian buyers is at least 10 years away because of ageing infrastructure, vessel shortages and growing disputes over waterway rights."
Top-end Dubai villa prices rose by up to 38%
Koreans Tapping Inheritances With Reverse Loans: Mortgage
Libor Lies Revealed in Rigging of $300 Trillion Benchmark
Yikes! Financial Times makes GATA's case comprehensively
China Just Threatened a Currency War if the Fed Doesn't Stop Printing

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Japan eased safety standards ahead of Boeing 787 rollout
Lithium Ion Batteries Causing Big Problems for Aviation Industry
Dreamliner: No fault found with Boeing 787 battery
United offers airport-to-doorstep baggage delivery -- for a price
Etihad set to buy 24% in Jet Airways for $300 mn
Report: American-US Airways merger talks in 'final stages'
JetBlue Quarterly Profit Falls as Sandy Grounds Flights

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
US military plans to set up drone base in northwest Africa
Iran denies explosion at underground uranium facility
France tells nationals to leave northern Nigeria
"France has asked its citizens to leave northern Nigeria and areas around the capital Abuja after threats due to its military intervention in Mali, a diplomatic source said on Monday."
Mali crisis: UK troops set to join EU training forces
US Official: Mali Intervention 'Could Take Several Years'
U.S. plays down purchase of Iran oil by company in South Korea
Threats made against British embassy in Libya
Chinese officials may visit N. Korea
"Chinese officials may travel to North Korea to stop it from conducting another nuclear test, a diplomatic source in Beijing told the Chosun Ilbo."
Obama announces additional $155 million in aid to Syria

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Greek Workers Strikes Spreading
"Only days after riot police broke up a Metro strike, a new transport strike has shut down buses and trains for Jan. 28-29 and more work stoppages are being planned by doctors, health centers, ambulance drivers and utility workers. Trolley workers suspended their plans to strike."
Israel using deadly force on unarmed protesters, watchdog says
Egyptian protesters defy curfew, attack police stations
Sunni discontent and Syria fears feed Iraqi unrest
"Across Iraq's western desert, thousands of Sunni Muslims block highways, chant and pray in protests against Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that grow more defiant by the day."

## Energy/resources ##
Why EROEI Means Mining in Space will Never Work
I told you so I told you so I told you so… -- RF
Crisis-hit Greeks chop up forests to stay warm
So much precious forest will be lost worldwide because of idiotic politicians, economists, and "experts" who promoted infinite growth and never saw the inevitable energy crisis coming. -- RF
Syrians turn to forests as fuel shortages bite
Tanker Glut Worsening as OPEC Cuts Most Since Recession: Freight
"OPEC's deepest output cut since the global recession in 2008 is creating the biggest surplus of oil tankers in the Persian Gulf in at least three years and lowering earnings for Frontline Ltd. and other ship owners."
Militants attack oil pipeline in Algeria, two dead
Europe's offshore wind installations fall behind target
"The number of wind turbines built in European waters is lagging behind targets by nearly 1,000 megawatts (MW), the equivalent of around 330 turbines, an industry report showed on Sunday."
Teck and Shell bicker over oil sands projects
The Peak Oil Crisis: Looking at 2013
Water shortage to hit Taiwan by 2030: minister
"A shortage of water will hit Taiwan by 2030 due to serious buildup of silt in the country's reservoirs, Interior Minister Lee Hong-yuan said Monday."
India import price of Crude Oil rises to $110.64/bbl
Energy's Latest Battleground: Fracking For Uranium
Tunisia deploys special combat units to protect oil and gas fields
"Tunisia has sent special combat units to its borders with Algeria and Libya to  protect its oil and gas installations against potential attacks from Islamist militants, the state news agency said on Tuesday."
Gazprom sees South Stream costing $39 bln
Germany coping with power supply swings - operators
"Germany can cope with high wind power supply in coming days which will stress transmission grids already struggling with peak winter demand, power industry firms said on Monday."
Crude oil tops $97
Oil Refiners Say Higher Ethanol Blends May Damage Engines
Petrobras to raise gas and diesel prices
Shale Gas Boom Now Visible From Space

## Got food? ##
Spain's bumper olive years come to bitter end
U.S.: Contaminated food makes 1-in-6 sick
Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms on Straw

## Environment/health ##
Special report Livestock falling ill in fracking regions, raising concerns about food (Ecologist)
"In the midst of the US domestic energy boom, livestock on farms near oil-and-gas drilling operations nationwide have been quietly falling sick and dying."
Study: City heat can affect global climate
Huge New Slick at Site of BP's 2010 Gulf Oil Spill
Some bee-harming pesticides could face ban: EU Commission
Floods hit two Australian states, thousands evacuated
Drought Seen Worsening in US Plains, Midwest States
Biochar Initiative Restores Hillside at Former Silver Mine in Colorado
What are long term threats of plastic in our seas?
Cats kill up to 3.7B birds annually
'Clean coal' hopes to be tested in Canada

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Unseen, all-out cyber war on the U.S. has begun
Technology's president fears espionage - from a swarm of tiny drones (Norway)
ARGUS drone spots you from 20,000 feet — with camera-phone sensors
US Cyber Command in 'fivefold' staff expansion
LAPD Uses Anti-Terrorism Devise to Track Cellphone Users
"The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is using an anti-terrorism device that indiscriminately sweeps up cellphone communications of innocent bystanders during burglary, drug and murder investigations."
The Most Ridiculous Law of 2013 (So Far): It Is Now a Crime to Unlock Your Smartphone
Who's Faking It? Pentagon "Cyber-Warriors" Planting "False Information on Facebook"
FBI, Department of Homeland Security to team up to collect iris biometrics
How to Protect Your Devices From New Hack Threat

## Systemic breakdown ##
Egypt army chief warns of 'state collapse' amid crisis
Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and the Decline of Innovation
Visa service restored after Canada-wide outage
Chernobyl's Role in the Fall of the Soviet Union

## Japan ##
Fault line under Tsuruga nuclear plant almost certainly active, facility most likely to be scrapped
Japan to cut planned bond sales
"Faced with balancing aggressive spending plans on a mountain of debt, Japan's government said it would cut overall planned bond issuance in the coming fiscal year. But investors are likely to see some of the plan's one-off issuance reduction tactics as little more than a temporary fix to an escalating problem."
But bonds will nevertheless account for nearly half of government spending. That's a solution? -- RF
Slow Mining Machinery Sales Push Komatsu Off Track
Gov't approves Y92.6 tril budget
Japan to create coast guard unit for disputed isles
Keidanren to Rengo: No raises
Foreign workforce in Japan down 0.6% in October
This is insignificant compared to what is coming. -- RF
Deaths outnumber births in Tokyo for first time
BANISHMENT ROOM: Top companies under investigation over unfair labor practices

## China ##
China Averts $482 Billion in Local Bank Defaults via Massive Rollover Scheme; Extend-and-Pretend Chinese Style
Soaring Debt Precedes Financial Crises…
China tests anti-missile interception
Hot debate on how to keep South warm
Chinese banks' 2012 assets up 17.7%
I guess this is supposed to sound good, but in fact many of the "assets" held by banks around the world are actually liabilities, or just plain junk. -- RF
Buildings collapse after subsidence in S China
China appoints new Tibet governor, hardline policies to remain
Beijing shuts factories, removes cars, but pollution stays high

## UK ##
Pension scheme closures speed up
"The closure of private sector pension schemes accelerated in 2012, says the National Association of Pension Funds."
Potholes getting bigger because of cheap repairs
"Potholes are getting bigger because of shortcuts taken when repairing the road surface over the past years, it has been claimed."
Empty nest syndrome? If only, say stressed middle aged
"'Empty nest syndrome' is becoming a thing of the past as increasing numbers of households have three generations living under the same roof, a study suggests."
UK Manufacturers Fear 'Downward Spiral' as Pound Tumbles
IT firms among the most prone to collapse
A&E patients 'wait half day for bed'
"Seriously ill A&E patients at a hospital are waiting more than half a day for a bed, it has emerged."
Teens using mobiles for self-harming competitions
Fitch: UK Faces 'Significant' Risk of Downgrade

## US ##
Critical Warning No. 7: Banks crash economy again — Time to jail the bankers
Barnes & Noble plans to reduce outlets over the decade
Aging America: Elder abuse on the rise
Foreign Aid: Money Down A Rat Hole?
Government to Dispose of Radioactive Waste By Putting It In Our SILVERWARE
Latest Postage Stamp Price Hike Buys The US Postal Service Two Weeks Of Extra Time
Postage prices rise, but USPS still teeters at the edge of ruin
VMware to Cut 900 Jobs as Revenue Growth Slows
Boston Scientific to Cut More Jobs
PBS Drone Coverage Brought to You by Drone Makers
Stuck in reverse, Detroit edges closer to bankruptcy
U.S. to Bury its 70,000 Tonnes of Nuclear Waste
More Evidence On The Student Debt Crisis: Average Grad's Loan Jumps To $27,000
Student Loan Bubble Update: "This Situation Is Simply Unsustainable"
U.S. home ownership rate remains low
Hey, what happened to Dubya's "ownership society"? -- RF
Inflation unchained: US dollar down 23 percent from 2000, Tuition up 72 percent, and home values up 44 percent.
Bernanke Seen Buying $1.14 Trillion in Assets in 2014
Oil Spill Cleanup Backs Up 800 Barges Along Mississippi
High inflation and low rates squeeze retirees
"Never depend on the government. You must depend on yourself."
Will May 2013 Be the End of the Road for the U.S.?
The Next Great(er) Recession Now Baked In The Cake?
Department of Homeland Security to Purchase 7,000 "Assault Weapons"
Fear & Greed Index
Consumer Confidence Takes a Stunning Plunge

And finally…
Top 8 greatest lip-syncing fails (video)
Fox News paid Palin over $15 per word, including 111 'amens'
America Up for Sale on Japanese Auction Site! Bid Now!!
At the time of the screen shot, bidding was up to ¥6,000 (US$66).

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