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News Links, January 6-7, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Egypt fires finance, interior ministers before IMF visit
Global steel sector vulnerable - Coface
"Global steel production will fall over the next 12 months because of current overcapacity and the slowdown in the Chinese economy says Coface."
As Cars Burn In France, The Industry Of Hope Booms
IFA opens $330m luxury Palm Fairmont hotel (Dubai)
World's largest Cheesecake Factory opens in Dubai
Dubai Airports opens $3.2bn A380 concourse
Dubai's real estate market back on an upward curve
Ukraine posts reduced iron and steel outputs for 2012
Financial crisis strains Palestinian government
'A bit of a mystery': Canada's whopping job growth may not reflect reality
The Next Year in Bitcoin: What 2013 Has in Store
Rio may halt Australia alumina refinery: report
"Rio Tinto PLC is considering suspending operations at a loss-making alumina refinery in the Australia's Northern Territory after talks with the territory government over power supplies to the plant broke down last month, the Australian Financial Review reported Monday."
Global Consumer Electronics Market Fell in 2012

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Fliers can expect higher airfares, fewer airlines, more fees, experts say
American Airlines entering key period in restructuring
AMR, US Airways merger clears hurdle

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Iran-Iraq Alliance and The Right Price of Oil
U.S. missile teams in Turkey, missiles come later
North Korea's New Master Plan
India and Pakistan in Kashmir border skirmish
Death of Hugo Chavez could set off shock waves across region
Saudi Arabia, Egypt Call for Peaceful Handover in Syria
Syria crisis: US decries Assad 'Western puppets' speech
'Russian ships gathering off Syria to deter West'
South Africa boosts presence in Central African Republic
Thousands of Libyan gunmen sign up for police training
Japan scrambles jets to head off Chinese plane
Yemen Drone War: New Model for US Intervention, With Saudi Help

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Sectarianism will prolong instability in Iraq: Saudi Arabia
Two Spaniards Self-Immolate Due To Financial Problems
Idle No More protests block Via Rail trains along Toronto-Montreal line
Kuwaiti forces disperse protesters with stun grenades

## Energy/resources ##
Gulf states counting even more on oil price
"Big increases in GCC public spending this year are pushing up break-even oil prices for some states and raising concerns about the sustainability of government largesse."
This has long been predicted. Oil-producing nations need to use more of their oil themselves, and they need to charge more for exported oil in order to pay for higher wages, social programs, and other rising expenditures. -- RF
The Challenges Presented by Global Population Growth
MENA water availability depleting fast
Power outages in Nepal up to 12hrs a day
Iceland grants arctic oil field permits
Gas supply to city mills stopped (Pakistan)
Saudi firms keen on investing in Sudan oil industry
Asia is Purchasing Nearly all of Iran's Oil

## Got food? ##
Nigeria: On the brink of a food crisis?
Why Investors such as Jim Rogers and George Soros are Interested in Farmland
U.S. Corn Belt crop experts: pray for snow
Saudi- 'Six-month food stock needed' for security

## Environment/health ##
Alarming sight: thousands of shark fins drying on Hong Kong rooftop
Study Finds Shale Gas is not as Clean as Thought
Report: Iran orders evacuation of Isfahan, near nuke site
Two Chinese women die from H1N1 flu in Beijing: state media
Flu increasing in Europe, more 2009 H1N1
Wildfires Force 3,000 People From Homes Amid Australian Heatwave

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Is the gov't spying? Alternative search engines protect privacy
Stunning Photos Of Google's Massive Data Centers
US DOD blocks some LGBT sites but Rush Limbaugh is fine
Cyberattack threat in Canada's oil patch raises risk of disruptions, stolen data

## Systemic breakdown ##
"Marginal villages" in the cities (Japan; article in Japanese)
Japan's rural districts are peppered with so-called "marginal villages," which are villages on the way to becoming ghost towns. But in the last few years such places have been appearing even in the cities. Pockets of cities are literally hollowing out, turning into areas with abandoned residences and aging and dwindling populations. Stores and schools close. Booming cities once fueled by cheap energy and cheap credit now find themselves on the front line of collapse. -- RF
Fukushima Film: Stores were looted on 3/11, everything stolen — Media reported everyone standing in line, gov't said only beautiful things (VIDEO)
'Collapse' in Congress: Lawmakers should learn from tribal elders (interview with Jared Diamond)
'We've lost respect for life': Detroit records deadliest year in decades

## Japan ##
Japan likely to increase defense spending due to isles row: media
Govt to fund helium project in east Siberia / Aims at steady supply, closer Russian ties
Crumbling infrastructure: Salt, CO2 speed aging of nation's infrastructure
How Japan Discovered Conservation: Fukushima
This is a misleading article. Japan has always been more energy-efficient than the US because of higher energy prices. Everyone knows that Japan gets more GDP per unit energy than the US. And there is no residential central heating in Japan. So although there is a lot of energy waste, much less is wasted in Japan than in the US. --RF
Military spending targeted to rise in fiscal 2013, first rise since 2002
Toyota to suspend construction of new plants for three years
"Toyota Motor Corp has decided to halt the construction of new factories for the next three years in a shift from its previous policy of building new plants almost annually, reports said Sunday."
54% of cities hosting nuclear plants OK restart: survey
Evacuees told they'll need to stay away for a generation
Japan Finalizing Stimulus Package of Up to 10 Trillion Yen

## China ##
China mulls more cotton import quotas, to sell state reserves
China sees coldest weather in 28 years
"China has seen its coldest weather in 28 years with snow and ice causing highways to close, flights to be cancelled and leaving tourists stranded."
China to Boost Urban Transport as City Congestion Worsens
China resumes construction of biggest nuclear power plant
66% of Chinese say boycotting Japan products: poll

## UK ##
High-stakes gambling machines 'suck money from poorest communities'
London Real Estate, A Magnet For Mega-Rich From Around The Globe
Supplies of helium are running so low that scientists was to ration it
Children will die without ward closures, doctor warns

## US ##
The four business gangs that run the US
Ron Paul on Military Spending, the Fiscal Cliff, Bipartisan Politics, Hypocrite Republicans
Detroit's Big Three trying to power up Motor City 
Auto industry still powering U.S. economy
Postal Service, decrying Congress' lack of action, says it will consider 'accelerated cost cutting' steps
Americans face higher prices, flat wages in 2013
IMF Says U.S. Must Reduce Government Benefits By A Third And Raise Taxes By A Third
Here Comes The Student Loan Bailout
FBI focuses firearms training on close-quarters combat
The Trajectory of U.S. Debt, Deficit And Interest Matches Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain
What's Inside America's Banks?
Why Goldman Thinks You Should Dump Bonds Now

And finally…
Hoax article on Wikipedia for 5 years
Kansas militia prepares for zombie apocalypse

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