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News Links, February 26, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Volkswagen's Start to Year Is Worse Than in 2012, Poetsch
"Volkswagen AG (VOW) predicted the first quarter would be worse than a year earlier, adding to a forecast last week that 2013 operating profit probably wouldn't increase as Europe's auto market shrinks."
Trade protectionism looms next as central banks exhaust QE
Goldman to begin fresh round of job cuts
Lies, Damned Lies, And Banks: Deutsche Bank Caught Again
Egypt Seeks Up to $1 Billion From Debut Sukuk
Euro zone economy to shrink again in 2013, EU says
EU Doesn't Like Its Forecasts, So It Removes Them From Its Site
PIIGS KILLERS: Italy PM Vote Threatens Austerity, All Over Again

## Airline Death Spiral ##
When full-service airlines go budget
Budget cuts will lead to long lines at airlines, White House says
IATA's Tyler Says 787 Grounding 'Huge Problem' for Airlines
Dreamliner: Japan's ANA cancels more Boeing 787 flights
Airlines get early jump on fare hikes in 2013
Polish LOT Airlines to present make-or-break plan
Airlines, Not Yet Where They Want To Be, Make 21 Cents Per Passenger

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Obama to Inform Netanyahu of Plans for Summer Iran War
Karzai Orders U.S. Special Forces Out of Afghan Province
The coming water wars?
Egypt vote could be 'road to total chaos': ElBaradei
Israel carries out Arrow missile interceptor test: official
Chinese transport "workhorses" extending military's reach
"China is expanding its long-neglected fleet of supply ships and heavy-lift aircraft, bolstering its military prowess in support of missions to enforce claims over disputed territory and to defend Chinese interests abroad."
South Korean merchants plan Japan boycott
"South Korea's self-employed merchants said Monday they plan to boycott Japanese products to protest Tokyo's latest sovereignty claim to a pair of islets controlled by South Korea, according to Yonhap News Agency."
US Drone Strikes Soaring in Afghanistan

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Bulgarian protests for cheaper energy intensify
Palestinian prisoners stage fast over inmate death
Israel fears new Palestinian uprising could erupt

## Energy/resources ##
Massive blackout hits Pakistan
Power Returns to Pakistan Cities After Nationwide Grid Collapse
Start saving power now, PM urges public and business (Thailand)
Maharashtra's power ambitions take a blow (India)
"Maharashtra's hopes of turning into a power-surplus state in 2013-14 have taken a knock with water scarcity forcing a shutdown of the 1,130-MW Parli power project and poor gas supply hitting the Dabhol and Uran power projects. The statewide shortfall now is 4,000 MW."
Must read: The shale phenomenon: fabulous miracle with a fatal flaw
Shale oil: no revolution on the horizon
Algerian gas plant resumes some production - CEO
Otto Sees Successive Full Year Loss amid Contract Cancellations
Origin Prepares to Axe 350 Jobs by end-2013 amid Profit Slump
Silicon Valley Shifting to Power Grid After Solar Sours
"Silicon Valley investors that helped build the solar industry are shifting cash into electricity-grid technology and energy-storage developers after bets on panel manufacturers failed to pay off."
Chevron pursues Australian shale
Analysis: Nigeria losing ground in changing oil world
Chesapeake Deal Values Oklahoma Oilfield Below Estimate
"China Petrochemical Corp., the second-largest energy producer in the most-populous nation, agreed to buy a stake in a U.S. oilfield from Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK) for less than one-third of its estimated value."
The Price of Solar Power
Iraq oil payment talks 'hit impasse'
"Iraq talks aimed at resolving an oil payments dispute with Kurdistan are believed to have hit deadlock, while reported deals signed by Russia's Gazprom Neft with the regional government are set to further strain relations with the Baghdad regime."
Iran Boosts Oil Storage With Facility to Hold 500,000 Barrels
Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar urge joint ventures in energy sector
How do you find oil in the desert? Drill 2 miles deep

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
'Tremendous' number of metal thefts reported
Hundreds of houses in Beddington and Croydon will be without phones and internet for over a week

## Got food? ##
Native American Gardening: The Three Sisters and More
Feedlots, meatpackers closing as cattle herds shrink (US)
"Meatpacking plants and feedlots have been closing because of the shortage of cattle after years of drought, and the impact will be felt in grocery and restaurant bills as a smaller meat supply means higher prices."
Egypt insists food supply secure as wheat imports dive
Water shortage hits farm output
Instead of Trying to Feed the World, Let's Help It Feed Itself
"We know about the ecological problems that follow when farmers are asked to 'feed the world.' What would happen if they just tried to feed their neighbors instead?"
Horse Meat Scandal's Latest Victim: Ikea Meatballs
Drought set to worsen sugar cane shortage (Kenya)
Chicken Price at All-time High (Nepal)

## Environment/health ##
Ancient Chompers Were Healthier Than Ours
"Prehistoric humans didn't have toothbrushes. They didn't have floss or toothpaste, and they certainly didn't have Listerine. Yet somehow, their mouths were a lot healthier than ours are today."
Poll: Environment is low global priority

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
House Intelligence Chairman: U.S. 'Losing' Cyber War
Predictive cyberthreat service launched
Sony's New PlayStation 4 and Your Privacy
Chinese hackers seen as increasingly professional
Hacks, Hijacks and Hunts for Chinese Data Thieves
And the Oscar goes to... the CIA

## Japan ##
After Fukushima: families on the edge of meltdown
"Two years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, a new phenomenon is on the rise: atomic divorce. Abigail Haworth reports on the unbearable pressures and prejudices being faced by those caught in the radiation zone"
Forgotten Fukushima-Japan Two Years After the Daiichi Accident
Goldman Said to Plan Cutting Tokyo Office Space to Reduce Costs
Tokyo police look to hire young hackers to prevent cyber crime
Who'll repair Japan's roads?

## China ##
A war over Diaoyutais will cripple China's economy: economist
China to Increase Fuel Prices for First Time Since September
China's Slower Manufacturing Casts Shadow Over Recovery: Economy
Labor shortage hits Chinese businesses after holidays
China's mainland home to 247 'cancer villages'
China's PMI shows growth slowing

## UK ##
Ofgem chief warns of looming 'crisis' over energy shortage
"Ofgem's chief executive has warned of the UK's lack of energy capacity, labelling the period between 2015 and 2018 as a 'near-crisis'."
Britain will take years to earn back AAA rating, says Ken Clarke
50 feet tall mobile phone masts can be erected anywhere under new assault on planning rules, councils warn

## US ##
Walker Says Entitlements Should Be Cut to Reduce Deficit
Spending Cuts Threaten State Recoveries, Governors Say
3 Fiscal Crises Heading Our Way
Gun Violence Is Public Health Crisis in Chicago
Plains Will See Second 'Crippling, Historic Blizzard' In As Many Weeks
50 Signs That The U.S. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam That Is About To Collapse
The Banks Show No Mercy: 10 Foreclosure Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind
Sequester Cuts Would Hit Education, Law Enforcement, Worker Training And Federal Parks

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