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News Links, March 10-11, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
World's Richest Add $29 Billion as Dow Hits All-Time High
France outlines 2014 austerity measures
France Postpones Austerity and Deficit Targets for Rest of 2013
Jim Rogers: We're Wiping Out The Savings Class Globally, To Terrible Consequence
Zimbabwe says it will struggle to pay for elections
Not Enough Fingers to Contain the Leak in the Dike
The Global End Game
A history of gold confiscation [INFOGRAPHIC]
Dubai records second highest property price rise in the world: report
Why Canada's Economy Is in Trouble

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Flight crews warn knives could add to air rage threat
Dreamliner Pilot Turns Rapper as Boeing 787s Remain Grounded
Transport Min: Air traffic to be under control in case of April blackout (Thailand)

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Asia's Week: The Rare Rumble of Armaments
IRAN-PAKISTAN-CHINA: New Powers Emerge in Strait of Hormuz
"Last week Pakistan announced that construction on the Pakistani portion of the Iran-Pakistan pipeline will begin on 11 March. This week Iran announced it would build a refinery in Gwadar, in Pakistan's Baloch province. This will spur China's energy plans in Pakistan and sets up Gwadar to become a major oil city near the Strait of Hormuz and out of Washington's hands."
Middle East Under Threat as Iran Encourages Shiite Uprising in Saudi Arabia
Somali pirates free chemical tanker hijacked a year ago
Nigerian forces say they have killed 52 Islamists, arrested 70
Afghan leader: Taliban, US are colluding to help show foreign forces are needed after 2014
Karzai cancels press conference after anti-American rant
U.S. Air Force stops reporting data on Afghan drone strikes
Beijing urges Senkaku nationalization reversal
Chinese ships skirt Senkakus again
Global list of top 10 companies profiting most from war
India may stop Iran oil imports as insurers back out
Iraqi Budget Deepens Oil Dispute with Kurds
Iraqi authorities deploy security forces around protest site, warn of terrorist infiltration
"Iraqi authorities deployed security forces around the main rallying point for Sunni protests in western Iraq overnight and warned on Saturday that the area had become a haven for terrorists."

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Egypt protesters torch buildings, target Suez Canal
Anti-nuclear protests to kick off across Taiwan on March 9
Thousands in Japan anti-nuclear protest two years after Fukushima
Hungarians rally as constitution seen curbing freedom
Bulgarians protesters demand stop of state railway sale
Protests in Slovenia continue despite government's fall
Saudi Arabia jails two prominent rights activists for 10 years
Mob in Pakistan torches Christian homes
Pakistan arrests scores over Lahore anti-Christian riot
In China, public anger over secrecy on environment
Azerbaijan police break up protest against abuse in the army
Police fire teargas on China village after land grab protest
Maha police gear up to tackle possible water riots

## Energy/resources ##
Blackouts dim prospects for south India's 'next Bangalore'
"Crippling power cuts in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu are shutting factories and threatening an industrial debt crisis that is wrecking its second-largest city's plan to become the country's next business Mecca."
Must read: Oil's average price posts new records and they're telling us it's abundant!
"It is a slick piece of public relations to convince people to disregard what is right in front of them and believe the opposite. And yet, that is what the oil industry has achieved with an oh-so obviously coordinated campaign to tell the public and policymakers that there is no need to be concerned about future oil supplies."
Zambo mayor initiates power summit to address 7-hour daily brownouts (Philippines)
Shale Gas: The Courtship Begins in India, Algeria
The Strange Surge in U.S. Oil Imports
Decommissioning to Reach New Heights in 2013
Of course someone has to pay decommissioning costs, and that will ultimately be oil consumers. -- RF
Water shortage in Valley again fuels tensions with Mexico
Diesel shortage adds to Egyptians' burden

## Got food? ##
Tuna recall includes three major brands
MARCH 11--TWO YEARS ON / Fukushima govts hesitant to plant rice
44 economies still ban, limit Japan food imports over radiation fears
Cattle Herds Shrinking as Plains Storms Fail to End U.S. Drought

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Living on Two Paychecks or Too Many Expectations?

## Environment/health ##
BP warns of rising costs from its settlement with Gulf Coast businesses over 2010 spill
"BP is warning investors that the price tag will be "significantly higher" than it initially estimated for its multibillion-dollar settlement with businesses and residents who claim the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico cost them money."
Most Insurers Lack Plans for Climate Change, Survey Finds
Floating tsunami debris to be a decades-long headache
Coal-fired plants cause huge health bill in Europe
Continued drought support unsustainable (New Zealand)

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
China says U.S. is top source of hacking attacks on country
Cyber-attackers penetrate Reserve Bank networks (Australia)
"The Reserve Bank of Australia's computer networks have been repeatedly and successfully hacked in a series of cyber-attacks to infiltrate sensitive internal information, including by ­Chinese-developed malicious software."

## Systemic breakdown ##
Three of five Austrians want strong man as leader: poll
"Three out of five Austrians want a "strong man" to lead the country and two out of five think things were not all bad under Adolf Hitler, according to a survey released on Friday."
California farms face labor shortage as farmworkers age

## Japan ##
Chinese sandstorms hit Japan
Japan's cleanup of radiation, other toxins from tsunami and nuclear fiasco anything but clean
MARCH 11--TWO YEARS ON / Reality of recovery differs from official data
About 60 percent of Fukushima evacuees cannot return home by 2017
Fukushima Toxic Waste Swells as Japan Marks March 11 Disaster
"Every morning, 3,000 cleanup workers at the Fukushima disaster site don hooded hazard suits, air-filtered face masks and multiple glove layers. Most of the gear is radioactive waste by day's end.
"Multiply those cast-offs by the 730 days since a tsunami wrecked the Dai-Ichi nuclear station two years ago and the trash could fill six Olympic swimming pools. The tens of thousands of waste bags stored in shielded containers illustrate the dilemma of dealing with a nuclear accident: Everything that touches it becomes toxic."
Big money available for doing manual labor at Fukushima disaster site
Residents failed by fitful rebuilding
1.4 tril. yen to be carried over in quake-hit areas / Most unused funds related to reconstruction
Fukushima Seeks Revival in Radiation-Free Farms With No Soil
Unsustainable. -- RF
Japanese firm U-ing presents living room gardening with Green Farm
Same as above. This is just eco-bling. -- RF
Panasonic's First Female Director Says Sweeping Changes Needed
3/11 disaster-linked failures reach 1,139 in two years
"Nationwide, 1,139 companies have gone bust in the two-year aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and continuing nuclear disaster, with liabilities totaling ¥1.31 trillion, according to a private credit research company."
700,000 lost jobs, took sabbaticals after 2011 quake
Employment survey shows enduring cost of 2011 disaster
David Suzuki Says Japan Wasted Time to Rework Atomic Plan
Abenomics accelerating stock market boom / But corporate earnings still not fully recovered, leading to skepticism about market gains
Govt mulls support for firms hit by fuel costs
Japanese bodies set to extract gas from seabed reserves in pioneer experiment
Filmmaker reveals enduring cost of Fukushima contamination
'Fukushima fear' deters tourists from entire northeastern Japan

## China ##
Food price increases drive China's inflation to 10-month high
China's Economy Off To Weakest Start Since 2009
China's leaders take aim at Railways Ministry, which has eluded reform for decades
Bellicose North Korea forces China to shift stance on old friend
New rules may ease China pollution, won't solve steel overcapacity
"New rules aimed at making China's sprawling steel sector greener will do little to tackle rampant overcapacity or help Beijing protect its big state-owned mills from smaller, nimbler rivals."

## UK ##
New wave of 'superbugs' poses dire threat, says chief medical officer
Revealed: HS2's £33bn budget already derailed before a track is laid
"High Speed Two (HS2), the controversial rail link that will carve through hundreds of miles of countryside from London to Manchester and Leeds, is in crisis over its £33bn budget four years before construction even starts."
This is starting to look more and more like Japan's ill-fated maglev plan. -- RF

## US ##
Ethanol Trails Gasoline as 'Blend Wall' Sends RINs to Record
Fed Injects Record $100 Billion Cash Into Foreign Banks Operating In The US In Past Week
US Share Of Total Chinese Exports Plunges To All Time Low
Hotels stinging guests with extra fees
When Rand Paul Ended Filibuster, He Left Drones On National Stage
New car affordability tougher than you think
Bottom line: Most people cannot afford the new cars they buy. We know how this will end. -- RF
Too Many Troops May Doom U.S. in Budget War
Real Estate Mania Makes a Comeback
Are we seeing a turning point in the US economy or are we mistaken
"The extent of underground economic activity in America of which the so-called off-the-books portion has been estimated at $400 billion a year suggests that the underreporting of employment on both the establishment and household reports could be quite significant. Further, anecdotal evidence regarding casual day-labor pools often observed on street corners and in front of large retail lawn and garden stores and building supply outlets points to the possible underestimating of unemployment. "

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