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News Links, March 28, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Cyprus: cash withdrawals capped at 300 euros, no checks to be cashed
A Furious Cyprus Begins Investigating Who Breached The Capital Controls
Cyprus Capital Controls First in EU Could Last Years
Greek ferry crews face months without pay as financial crisis batters an iconic industry
Triggers of 2008 financial crash now seen in China
Sovenia: The Next Cyprus?
The Real Doom of the Eurozone Is Italy
Italy's five-year debt costs highest since October
Argentine Supermarkets Extend Price Freeze to Tame Inflation
Canada Consumer Prices Post Fastest Increase Since 1991
Why Are Stores Charging Customers to Browse?
Three (more) things they don't tell you about capitalism
China Cosco Posts Worse-Than-Expected Loss on Cargo Price
"China Cosco Holdings Co. (1919), the nation's biggest shipping company, reported a worse-than-expected annual loss as dry-bulk rates slumped."
Global Youth Unemployment: a ticking time bomb

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Shape up or don't fly, Air India tells cabin crew over 40
Suvarnabhumi quieter after AirAsia loss
"Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport has seen a severe drop in passenger traffic this year, following AirAsia's move to the Thai capital's second airport, Don Mueang."
On Verge Of Bankruptcy, Kingfisher Airlines Loses Airplanes
Airlines pack in passengers at a record rate in 2012
China's Top Airlines Post Sharp Profit Fall
"Profits sank at China's top three state-owned carriers last year as growth in demand for air travel weakened and the yuan rose at a slower pace against the U.S. currency."
Southwest Airlines: We're Not Really About Cheap Flights Anymore
Boeing 787 faces new risk: limits on extended range: sources
Bankruptcy judge OKs American-US Airways deal
American Airlines Eyes New Perk to Get Us to Ditch the Big Carry-Ons
India's aviation faces hurdles

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
The Seeds of War Have Been Sown …
Ecuador courts Chinese oil bids for Amazonian land
Syrian opposition opens first embassy, says world lets it down
North Korea to cut all channels with South as 'war may break out any time'
North Korea: Military 'On Alert' to Attack Hawaii, US Mainland
Ban: UN Needs Tens of Thousands of Troops for Mali War

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Anti-austerity march hopes to break Iraq rally record (UK)
Myanmar Imposes New Curfews Amid Anti-Muslim Violence
Protesters end a day-long siege of Libyan PM's office
China jails 20 on jihad, separatism charges in restive Xinjiang
Protesting Unemployed Graduates beaten and arrested by the police (Ghana)
Police Make Arrests In School Closings Protest (US)
Anti-drone protesters arrested outside Nevada base

## Energy/resources ##
Power Outage Shuts Private Sector Down (Bahamas)
Your Energy Skyscraper Questions, Answered
Is The Sky The Limit For Wind Power?
"Several scientists now say it's actually possible to have so many turbines that they start to lose power. They steal each other's wind."
SMA Solar's profit plunges as industry crisis spreads
"SMA Solar's profits and dividend more than halved last year, hit by plunging prices that have led to a wave of insolvencies in the solar industry."
South Africa must cut power use 15%
South Africa Power System in Precarious Balance -Eskom
Prospects for Indian power sector bleak, says Moody's
Israel Electric formally cancels gas agreement with EMG
"The cut-off of supplies forced IEC and other Israeli customers to switch to gasoil and fuel oil as a result of the severe shortage of natural gas."

## Got food? ##
Diesel fuel prices affect food prices
Farmers are Having a Harder Time Getting Food to You
U.S. crops continue drought battle; freeze adds to woes
Starvation, American Style
The True Cost of Industrialized Food

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Transition Town: Community gardens have a long tradition

## Environment/health ##
Researchers link largest quake yet to drilling waste injections; 2011 Oklahoma tremor was 5.6
"An unusual and widely felt 5.6-magnitude quake in Oklahoma in 2011 was probably caused when oil drilling waste was pushed deep underground, a team of university and federal scientists concluded."
Study: Shale Gas Fracking Taints Rivers in Pennsylvania
Arctic change reverberates around globe, experts say
Water escapes Suncor oil sands pond into Athabasca River
One in five French bottled water brands contaminated with drugs
Neonicotinoid pesticides 'damage brains of bees'
Madagascar hit by 'severe' plague of locusts
"A severe plague of locusts has infested about half of Madagascar, threatening crops and raising concerns about food shortages, a UN agency says."
Canadian Pacific train derails, spills oil in Minnesota

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Third SEAL breaks silence on death of Osama Bin Laden
The other two guys are wrong… here's how it actually happened. Etc. Of course there can be countless variations to a story that was fiction from the beginning. The eagerness of Americans and many others to believe this crock-of-baloney narrative underlines the overwhelming superiority and success of the American propaganda system. Are you still interested in buying my oceanfront property in Tajikistan? -- RF
The astonishing speed of Chinese censorship
Saudi Arabia threatens to ban Skype
The Alarming Rise Of 'Digital And Content Pollution'
First-Known Targeted Malware Attack On Android Phones Steals Contacts And Text Messages
UK clearing house suffered 'major' IT outage on New Year's Eve
Ripple effects across Web as spam-blocking group Spamhaus hit by record-smashing cyberattack
Crowd-sensing apps tap every stranger's eyes and ears
Google Glass: An accident waiting to happen?
From Black Hat to Blackouts: Storms in the Cloud
40% of IT Managers Experience Cloud Outage

## Systemic breakdown/collapse ##
South Koreans in Farm U-Turn as Chaebol Era's Rapid Growth Ends
"The number of people leaving cities for rural areas is at a record high in South Korea, as government subsidies to boost agricultural production coincide with slowing economic growth."
Policy Experts Agree: The U.S. System for Financing Long-Term Care is Crumbling
Suicide surge followed Europe's financial crisis
Has Northern Ireland electricity network simply lost its power?

## Japan ##
Japan may be facing cancer time bomb two years after Fukushima
Rock shells disappearing on coast near Fukushima nuclear plant
Elderly 3/11 nuke evacuee deaths spiked
All of Japan's prefectures' populations will be down in 2040 from 2010 levels
Suzuki to stop selling autos in Canada

## China ##
Northwest China facing drought
China Bank Regulator Warns On Bad Loans, Especially To Solar Sector
Suntech Bankruptcy Bad News for Solar
"Solar stocks are extremely volatile right now and unable to deal with the combination of oversupply and declining demand at a time when government subsidies are being slashed. Suntech's bankruptcy is the straw that is breaking the solar camel's  back."
China's coal power sapping up water supply
Shadow Loans Hard to Squelch in China City Hit by Suicide
Growing social unease in China over right to a good education
Puru Saxena: China's Real Estate Bubble On The Verge Of A Bust

## UK ##
Big five UK banks rue 'dire year' as £11bn of fines erase profit gains
BOE Says U.K. Banks Have a Capital Shortfall of $38 Billion
Ministers told to prepare for more cuts of up to 10%
Don't come on in... the water's terrible: major reduction in number of recommended beaches
United Kingdom Besieged By Cooking Oil Thieves
Second LNG Super Tanker Arrives in UK to Help with Natural Gas Shortage
Millions of single pensioners worst off on energy bills in 2020, figures show
Egan-Jones Downgrades UK From AA- To A+
UK teacher shortage 'threat to standards'

## US ##
The Five Ways Deflation Has Already Taken Hold
Graph of the Day: Estimated vehicle miles driven on all U.S. roads, adjusted for population growth, 1971-2013
Scientists: Feds can't keep up with ills from two wars
Beef, Pork Prices Projected to Keep Rising in '13
The Lords of Capital Seize Detroit
EPA panel to probe hydraulic fracturing
Denver Water Imposes Mandatory Restrictions Over Drought
The Handy-Dandy Investors Crash Loss Calculator
This Housing Recovery Is Different: Investors Are Now Big Buyers
Americans Start New Gold Rush: CNBC Survey
Junior Plans to Milk Parents a Little Longer: Survey

And finally…
$10 fine dropped for swearing cockatoo

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