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News Links, April 17, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
IMF Slashes World GDP Expectations; Japan Only Beacon Of Global Growth Hope
If Japan is our only hope, we are in deep trouble. -- RF
Where did we go wrong? Canada loses status as economic superstar: IMF
SKorean government plans $15 billion extra budget to boost slowing economy
This Gold Slam is a Massive Wealth Transfer from Our Pockets to the Banks
Countries Buying the World's Gold
Does The Crash In Precious Metals Signal The Beginning of Another Financial Crisis?
Demand for electronics soaring in India
"A top technology official in India says demand for electronics is growing so fast in the Asian nation it is nearing 'non-sustainable levels.'"
Russian economy at risk from global 'crisis'
Putin Calls for Stimulus Plan After Recession Alarm
Eurozone Could Collapse Sooner Than Many Think
Italy's Financial Crisis Means More (Bread) Dough At Home
German state raids homes of 200 alleged tax cheats
Jonathan Manthorpe: Fears grow of Japan's stimulus provoking a currency war
Zimbabwe claims it has no cash for poll
"Cash-strapped Zimbabwe is appealing for foreign help to fund presidential and parliamentary elections planned for later this year, Finance Minister Tendai Biti said Monday."

## Airline Death Spiral ##
American Airlines grounds planes on tech glitch
"American Airlines said Tuesday it had grounded all its aircraft due to problems with its reservation system."
American Airlines fixes computer system problem but sees delays, cancellations for rest of day
Few Steps Remain in American Airlines, US Airways Merger
Struggling Cyprus Airways in Talks with MEA
Domestic flight fares may rise as early as Oct. (Taiwan)
Services of low-cost and full service airlines set to overlap

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
China points finger at U.S. over Asia-Pacific tensions
"China's defense ministry made a thinly veiled attack on the United States on Tuesday for increasing tensions in the Asia-Pacific by ramping up its military presence and alliances in the region, days after the top U.S. diplomat visited Beijing."
Pain Rays and Robot Swarms: The Radical New War Games the DOD Plays
Saudis 'turn to South Africa for UAVs'
Israel can attack Iran without international help, military chief says
Japan Coast Guard reports Chinese ships in Senkaku waters
World sea piracy down 35 percent in first quarter
As is evident from the article, this decrease has been achieved at huge expense, and those expenditures cannot be maintained for long. The pirates need only bide their time. -- RF
Pirates pose complex, increasing threat to West African shipping

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
French police injured in clashes with Nantes airport protesters
Police arrest 50 anti-nuclear activists demonstrating at Faslane who are demanding the Trident submarines be disarmed (UK)
Uttar Pradesh: Massive protests after cut in power supply

## Energy/resources ##
Fish canneries hit hard by power crisis (Philippines)
Desperate times as Cyprus Electric threatens cuts due to cash shortage, bounced cheques galore
Never Mind Oil, Libya could Supply Europe with Solar Power
Here we go again. North Africa will never be a big supplier of solar-generated electricity to Europe for various reasons. For example, it will cost far more than envisioned, there will be transmission power losses, and desert dust is the enemy of solar panels. -- RF
China's cash-strapped Suntech considers Italian assets sale
OPEC basket falls below $100/b for first time since July 2012
Argentina importing fuel to meet shortages
"Argentina is having to import fuel to cope with shortages after fire damage to a state-run refinery in La Plata, 35 miles southeast of Buenos Aires, officials said."
India needs energy infrastructure
China's LDK Solar partially defaults on bond payments
Weak prices push China Sunergy to seventh straight loss
China Shows Interest in ConocoPhillip's Kashagan Oilfield Stake
Diesel-fed generator sets to deal with Mindanao power shortage urged

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Thieves risk their lives to cut 240v power lines and steal 1,000 metres of copper cable (UK)
Cable thefts caused 219 hours of train delays in the East Midlands (UK)

## Got food? ##
Are You Eating 'Superbugs?' Resistant Bacteria Found At Alarming Rates On Meat In Stores
When hunger came to Egypt
"Egyptians are getting hungry. The fall of the Egyptian pound to just 60% of its 2012 exchange rate against the dollar has priced everything but bread out of the reach of the poorer half of the population, and the bread supply is now at risk."
Let them eat vegetables: Egypt's wheat farmers hit hard by diesel price hikes

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Pressure-cooker bomb instructions in al-Qaeda magazine
The Enemy-Industrial Complex: How to Turn a World Lacking in Enemies into the Most Threatening Place in the Universe
Roaches, Mosquitoes, and Birds: The Coming Micro-Drone Revolution
Google Spy Drones For Street View?
Tokyo District Court tells Google to stop autocomplete words

## Systemic breakdown/collapse ##
Recipe for disaster: The World's Densest Megacities
Megacities And The Density Delusion: Why More People Doesn't Equal More Wealth

## Japan ##
Japan court rejects request to shut down Ohi nuclear reactors
TEPCO moves irradiated water to ground tanks
Japan starts testing on potentially largest offshore oil, gas field
Special development zones eyed / Abenomics plan focuses on Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi Pref.
The situation is getting desperate. -- RF
As global price slumps, "Abenomics" risks drive Japan gold bugs
Japan beefing up security as precaution
Japan's rootless and restless workers
Japan's population falls by record level
Demand fall hits Bridgestone rubber

## China ##
Smog Levels in Hong Kong Hit Highs
80% of Chinese disagree with rule of Communist Party

## UK ##
Storage: UK households and industry should prepare for higher bills
"The North Sea has for decades been a source of fuel, jobs and tax revenues for the UK, but its bounty has also left the country with a less welcome legacy: a shortage of gas storage."
IMF lowers UK growth forecast for 2013 again
UK 'must prepare for even higher energy bills'

## US ##
More Evidence That The Economic Peak Is In
Texas power company Energy Future proposes prepackaged bankruptcy
Eastern U.S. Wholesale Power Gains as Nuclear Reactors Shut
Silicon Valley power alert after substation damaged by gunshots
Boston runners were warned: Squamish man
In tough economy, fast food workers grow old
US builders start 1 million homes in March, most in nearly 5 years, led by apartment surge
Apartment Building Bubbles as Single-Family Homes Struggles
Survey finds more households renting and at high costs
U.S. industrial output up on heating demand; factories drag
"U.S. industrial production rose more than expected in March but the increase was due to a surge in demand for utilities during a cold snap, while output actually declined at the nation's factories."
Economic Confidence Slipping Again — Gallup
Letter Sent to US Senator Tests Positive for Ricin
The lucrative business of cigarette smuggling
Rate spike may lead to muni 'Armageddon' - SEC commissioner

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