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News Links, April 3, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Cyprus Seeks More Time to Meet Targets in Talks With Troika
Eurozone unemployment rate at record high
The pain of southern Europe's unemployed
Euro-Zone Manufacturing Shrinks at Fastest Pace Since December
Spanish Manufacturing Slump Accelerates
Spain's Deficit Set to Soar; GDP Poised to Plunge; Job Losses Fastest in 3 Years; IIF Wants Permanent Tax Hikes
Mexico Follows U.S. in Foreclosures Crushing Builders
5 of 10 Top Economies in the World Drop the Dollar
IMF Urges Denmark to Drop Risky Mortgages as Losses Loom
Build floating bridge to The World, says Emaar's Alabbar
"Mohamed Alabbar, chairman of UAE real estate giant Emaar, has suggested building a floating bridge from Dubai to Nakheel's The World manmade islands development, as part of a plan to rescue the troubled project."
Alabbar keen to build 1km plus tower in Asia
Most young Pakistanis pessimistic as economy struggles: survey
Sharp Deterioration in French Manufacturing; Hollande Orders Employers to Pay 75% Tax; Top Executives Join France Exodus
Fuel Fights Expose Egypt's Depleted Cash as Mursi Seeks IMF Loan
Ottawa's bank 'bail-in' talk spooks investors
The Ongoing Death of the Euro: 1929 in Slow Motion
Cyprus sits close to exit door as four trends point to euro-zone collapse – UBS
What Happened In Cyprus Will Happen Everywhere: Marc Faber
Bitcoin Boom? An ATM for Virtual Currency in the Works

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Airline to charge overweight passengers more
"Samoa Air has become the world's first airline to implement 'pay as you weigh' flights, meaning overweight passengers pay more for their seats."
Analysts see wider 1Q loss for United Airlines
Vietnam: airlines ill-prepared for regional competition
Airlines Haven't Reached Escape Velocity
Ongoing 787 woes force United to delay Denver-Tokyo again

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Russia ponders return to Afghanistan
"Russian defense officials are exploring the possibility of establishing military bases on Afghan soil after the U.S. drawdown in 2014, according to Russian press reports."
Pakistan attack: Deadly raid on Peshawar power plant
More problems cited in F-35 JSF program
China mobilizes military on N. Korea threats
"China has started mobilizing military forces around the Korean peninsula in response to rising tensions that follow recent threats by North Korea to launch missile attacks against its southern neighbor and the United States."
US moves missile-tracking radar platform closer to North Korea
China Sees Spate of Defections from N.Korean Soldiers
Israel to Invest in Navy to Protect Giant Natural Gas Fields
Israeli troops return fire into Syria
Israel launches air strike on Gaza; first since truce
UN May Send Massive Number of Troops to Syria If Govt Falls
Saudi deports thousands of Yemenis, remittances to suffer 
U.S. wants to support fight against al Qaeda in Mali: senator
Armed men attack Baghdad newspaper offices over story on cleric
U.N. Approves Treaty To Regulate Multibillion-Dollar Global Arms Trade

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Hundreds of teens mob pedestrians on Chicago's Magnificent Mile
Hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay spreads
Startling Images of Rooftop Scuffles in China During Forced Eviction

## Energy/resources ##
Rio's loss-making smelter must stand on its own feet-New Zealand
"Rio Tinto's loss-making aluminum smelter in New Zealand, which wants a government break on its electricity bill to stay afloat, must learn to "stand on its own two feet," New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said after the firm rejected a short-term subsidy offer."
Gambling on Methane Hydrates: Risk Outpaces Reward - For Now
Heavy snow knocks power out for 100,000 in Poland
China's exploitation of Latin American natural resources raises concern
But exploitation by other countries doesn't? -- RF
Even Secretariat faces power loss (India)
Recent rainfall of little help in easing water shortage: official (Taiwan)
Exxon, BHP plan world's largest floating LNG plant off Australia
Japan to start world's first LNG futures contract
Karachi Bombing Creates Gas Shortage
"Parts of southern Pakistan were without natural gas supplies after suspected militants bombed a 22-inch diameter gas pipeline, a gas company spokesman said."
Adapting to shortage, Gazans turn wood into charcoal
Dammed or Damned: Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Wrestle Over Water-Energy Nexus

## Got food? ##
Pesticide makers, facing ban, propose plan to help bees
Rains to ease U.S. drought stress but also slow corn seedings
Corn Planting Off to a Bumpy Start

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
How to Start a Repair Café
Getting rid of the debt trap
Get rid of junk and make money with a garage sale

## Environment/health ##
Birth defects soar in Fallujah, key battleground in Iraq War
Gulf Of Mexico Dolphin Deaths Point To Continued Effects Of BP Oil Spill, Group Alleges
Exxon oil spill cleanup ongoing in Arkansas, pipeline shut
Canadian Pacific oil spill cleanup to last two days
Forest pipelines threaten wildlife amid gas boom, create quandary for energy-hungry Northeast
Could Wind Turbines Be Toxic To The Ear?
Tracking the Causes of Sharp
Decline of the Monarch Butterfly

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Military Veterans Wanted As Hackers In Cyberwar
Tokyo police sets up cyber crime squad
ATM Viruses Are Out to Steal Your Cash (US)
"A new type of malware that targets point-of-sale systems and ATM card readers known as "Dump Memory Grabber" scans those devices for payment card data and is beginning to infect a large number of the nation's largest banks, according to a report from SecurityWeek."

## Systemic breakdown/collapse ##
Canada's labour pain: 1.3 million jobless, but not enough skills
Can Washington get vets off the streets? Tens of thousands homeless despite billions in spending
NRA calls for armed guards in US schools
Wal-Mart Customers Complain Bare Shelves Are Widespread
Pentagon May Outsource Supply Of Explosives Due To US Shortage
The Coming Crash: Our Addiction to Endless Growth on a Finite Planet
Dead Shopping Malls

## Japan ##
Japan Public Pension Plans Asset Sale
Japan to free electricity retail market from 2016
Govt OK's power rate hikes for 2 utilities
BOJ survey shows 'Abenomics' not yet reaching real economy
Winter bonuses down for 4th straight year
NHK's labor union agrees to 10% salary cut
Record temperatures for March recorded in 35 locations
Japan: Monetary Madness in Times of Unsustainable Deficits?

## China ##
China issues plan to rejuvenate old industrial base
Diseased pork eaten in Shanghai for years, says farmer
China's shrinking workforce has big repercussions
Beijing Prepares for Avian Flu

## UK ##
British manufacturing remains in a slump
Thieves use bomb to blast cash dispenser open
Stratford's streetlights switched off
Fears grow over the mounting cost of nuclear deal with energy giant EDF

## US ##
Most teens well down road to heart disease, study finds
Oregon set to ban GM salmon and mandate GMO labeling
Domestic Car Sales Decline For Third Month As Hurricane Sandy Replacement Cycle Fades
GM Sales Rise, but Well Below Estimates
Texas Gang Activity: Over 100,000 People Are Involved In Criminal Gangs, Report Finds
Fourth Hoboken water main breaks in three days
City bankruptcies loom over retiree plans
The only 4 strategies to use in the next crash
Gatsby Index
Rush for Visa Workers Might Slam US Employees
Bank of America to Lay Off Employees in Upstate New York

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