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News Links, May 9-10, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
German Ghost Port Shows Container Slowdown Enduring: Frei
Shippers Struggle With Overcapacity, Sinking Rates
Commerzbank sees no shipping industry rebound before H2 2014
Dubai Group aims to close $10 billion debt deal by June 6 - sources
Nothing to see here, folks. Move right along. -- RF
Greek youth unemployment hits 64 per cent
Portugal's unemployment rate hits 18%
UN: Global youth unemployment rate is rising
Visualizing The Collapse Of Fiat Currencies
IMF likely to be next Pakistan government's first stop
Canada's condo sector slowing as developers hit credit crisis
South Korea Joins India-to-Europe Rate Cuts for Growth: Economy
Action Plan to Save Slovenia is Trifecta of Stupidity
Are China's trade figures too good to be true?
"April's extra-strong export data add to speculation that Beijing is cooking the  books when it comes to official economic statistics."
Stodgy Netherlands is nation that'll blow up euro: Overindebted Dutch heading deeper into recession
Gold: Who'S Selling, Who's Buying, Who's Lying
Support for the euro hits historical low in Denmark
McDonald's, Wendy's dig in on deals in battle for diners
Bangladesh factory collapse death toll at 912
Officials: 8 dead in Bangladesh garment fire

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Ottawa clearing way for Canadian airlines to use fewer flight attendants
"Transport Canada signals it will allow Canadian carriers to fly with fewer flight attendants, citing competitive pressures from foreign airlines."
Leaner Airlines Mean Fewer Routes, Study Shows
"A decade of restructuring in the U.S. airline industry has produced a sharp reduction in air service that is curtailing traveler choice and some local economies even as it improves the industry's health, new research shows."
The airline industry continues to downsize itself into a shadow of its former existence. In the future, only the rich will fly, and they will have precious few routes and airports to choose from. -- RF
WestJet's record earnings fail to impress; CEO calls stock drop 'buying opportunity'
Airlines eye higher revenue from unbundling charges (India)
Bumpy ride ahead for travel agencies
"Airlines are rethinking their distribution strategy to cut costs in the slowdown"
Air India decides to sell 5 of 8 Boeing 777-200LR
Abu Dhabi airport installs 'sleeping pods' for weary fliers

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
The Global Land Grab: The New Enclosures
'This is the decade of fighting pipelines:' Keystone XL seen as just the beginning of oil pipeline wars
Japan protests over Chinese article on Okinawa sovereignty
"Japan has protested to China over a newspaper article that called for a review of Japanese sovereignty over Okinawa."
Israel approves almost 300 new West Bank settler homes
Karzai, uneasy about neighboring Pakistan's role, says US can keep 9 bases in Afghanistan
Afghan police demand weapons amid simmering tension with Pakistan
Payments Using Chinese Yuan Continue to Surge as Currency Tops Russian Rouble in Popularity

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
In Beijing, Mass Gathering Draws Police

## Energy/resources ##
Massive blackout hits Philippines
Another power outage hits Metro Manila
Aquino Sweats to Solve Mindanao Power Failure: Southeast Asia
Drought-stricken Panama orders power rationing, closes schools
"Panama on Tuesday ordered government offices and private businesses to slash their power consumption and temporarily closed schools in response to a drought that has sapped the country's hydroelectric energy supply."
Gas shortage concerns (UK)
National Oilwell Varco Sees a Big Future for Blowout Preventers
Hike in state power tariff to impact Industry (India)
Exxon eyes oil field 5 miles underwater
No North American-Style Shale Revolution for Developing World
Getting Serious about Ex-Military Recruitment for Hydrocarbon Industry
What's Happened to Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat?
Mexico shift to LNG drives gas costs higher
"Mexico is stepping up imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as rising demand, falling domestic output and pipeline bottlenecks for cheap U.S. imports force it to pay at least four times more for added supplies."
Resource Strain Pushes Coca-Cola, Dow to Put Price Tags on Nature
"Companies are starting to consider the value of natural resources in making business decisions, a practice that will become increasingly important as those resources become further constrained, corporate representatives say."
Are Methane Hydrates Really Going to Change Geopolitics?
With methane hydrates, just as with shale gas, we must resign ourselves to production at a loss. This is not about making money, but about staving off energy collapse. -- RF
Fracking is draining water resources, especially in the West
Brent-WTI Oil Spread Collapse Spooks Refiners, Railways

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Cable theft causes widespread blackout (South Africa)

## Got food? ##
Egypt's Wheat Farmers Hobbled by Fuel Shortages as Silos Run Low
European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government
G8 under pressure to rethink biofuel mandates
"Leaders of the EU and their partners in the G8 nations are under mounting pressure to reconsider their support for biofuel targets amid concern that plant oil production competes with food output in poor countries."
Bad news at the grill as beef prices hit all-time high
Fish piracy costs $10 billion to $23 billion a year -report
McDonald's cuts Angus burgers from U.S. menu due to high beef prices
Corn Drought Easing Boosts Reserves Most Since 1960: Commodities
Bee Deaths May Have Reached A Crisis Point For Crops

## Environment/health ##
Officials Prepare For Another Flu Pandemic — Just In Case
The Silence Around Tibet's Ecological Crisis
Worse times ahead for drought-hit areas (India)
Founder of Greenpeace Worries that Modern Environmentalists are too Extreme

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
China calls U.S. the "real hacking empire" after Pentagon report
Cyberwar is breaking out all over
"Costly and dangerous attacks on government and corporate computer systems are soaring. The Pentagon alone wants $4.7 billion to combat them."
Smart Paper Makes Traceable Money Possible
Syria Gets Its Internet Back
FBI may be reading emails without a warrant
DOJ: We don't need warrants for e-mail, Facebook chats
Eight charged in electronic theft of $45 million
Boston chief: City 'received no word' from the FBI about warning from Russia about Tsarnaev
House committee hearing on Boston bombings Thursday, as investigators continue to trace activities of Tsarnaev brothers
"Dozens of federal agents and local and state police officers are tracing the steps of the Tsarnaev brothers in the weeks and months before the Boston Marathon bombing, but they have not been able to connect them to a foreign terrorist organization, according to law enforcement and intelligence officials."

## Systemic breakdown/collapse ##
Air Force sidelines 17 ICBM launch officers; commander cites 'rot' within system
"The Air Force stripped an unprecedented 17 officers of their authority to control - and, if necessary, launch - nuclear missiles after a string of unpublicized failings, including a remarkably dim review of their unit's launch skills. The group's deputy commander said it is suffering 'rot' within its ranks."
Reaching Limits in a Finite World
This Is What Happens As America Converts Into A Nation Of Renters
Power shortage shock foreshadows fall of government (Philippines)

## Japan ##
Japanese Documentary Tells the Real Story of the Daiichi Nuclear Plant Evacuees
Sony reports first annual profit in five years
Japan's biggest export? Deflation
Renesas Posts Record Loss On Massive Restructuring Charges
Rubella infections further spread in Japan

## China ##
Data for China's groundwater pollution seven years out of date
Maritime law enforcement to double air patrols
People's Daily hints Beijing may press claim to Okinawa
Falling Producer Prices Signal Trouble for Chinese Economy

## UK ##
Independent Scotland faces long fight with UK over oil
Social care in England 'has bleak future on £800m cuts'
Britain's Auto Sales Surge Set to End as Economy Softens
Town halls seek to levy 'widows tax'
Living on a budget: Readers' stories
Streetlights to go out in parts of East Dorset

## US ##
29 Shocking Facts That Prove That College Education In America Is A Giant Money Making Scam
The Jobs Of The Future Don't Require A College Degree
Student Loan Debt Has Been a Nightmare for Years. Now It's a Horror Movie
Some 15% of U.S. Receives Food Stamps
The Number Of US Citizens On Disability Is Now Larger Than The Population Of Greece
U.S. companies' overseas earnings hit record $1.9 trillion: study
34 percent of working American moms sole breadwinners
Department of Energy Spends $11.25 Million to Create Each New Green Job
Vulture funds circle Detroit
D.C. police: We'll arrest armed protesters
Freddie Mac posts second-biggest profit in its history
Fannie Mae reports record profit
Wholesales Sales Drop By Most Since March 2009; Relentless Inventory Accumulation Continues
Committee recommends eliminating 80 percent of streetlights
Can't Afford That New Refrigerator? Sears Will Let You Lease-to-Own

And finally…
78,000 apply to leave Earth forever to live on Mars
It's a long supply line… good luck! -- RF

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