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News Links, July 15-17, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Greeks Wait Tables and Hope for Economic Dawn
Eurozone industrial production fell in May
European Car Sales Double-Dip, Lowest Since 1993: "No Recovery Until Late 2014"
Uranium, rare earths miners in doldrums (Australia)
ADB cuts developing Asia's growth forecast
Charles Goyette interviews Ron Paul
Expect Another "Bad Bank" Bailout in Spain
Egypt's Real Disaster: Away From Political Turmoil, an Economy in Free Fall
Granny's Gold Bars Are Key to Vietnam Push to Boost Dong
China's Cooling Economy: GDP Fell To 7.5%, Will Drop To 6.9% Next Year
China Govt Advisor Says Economy In Crisis As Debt Costs Spiral
"Arguments about whether China will grow at 7% or 7.5% are 'pointless' because the economy is already in a financial crisis which may only worsen if the government doesn't address the country's crippling debt problem, a senior government researcher has warned."
Israel to develop desert at a cost of $139 mn
Gantz: IDF in 20 billion deficit, I don't recall a time like this (Israel)
No more bling: Hollande's self-imposed austerity
OECD Unemployment Forecast Offers Little Improvement

## Airline Death Spiral ##
The Checked Baggage Fee Hikes Begin for This Fall
PAL trims net loss to P4.1-billion
Ethiopian Boeing 787 Fire Damage: Repairability Issues Loom Large

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Netanyahu Says Israel May Have to Deal With Iran 'Before' U.S.
Why are the U.S. and China preparing for war with one another?
Pakistan-China developing transport link to Arabian Sea
France's foreign minister, in Mexico to bury hatchet, says U.S. no longer dictates world events
In Egypt, only military-imposed government will meet with U.S. envoy
"The Obama administration tried Monday to step up its diplomacy in Egypt, dispatching Deputy Secretary of State William Burns to this tumultuous capital, only to discover that some of the major players won't meet with a representative of the United States."
Israel Allows 2 Egyptian Battalions In Sinai Amid Daily Militant Attacks
Five Corporation-Crushing Disruptive Technologies That Will Empower the Masses
I'd be careful here. Anything that is high-tech and high-energy is more likely to benefit the New Aristocracy, which will have better access to such things. -- RF
Japan's Blunt Stance Riles China, S. Korea
Report: Saudi Airlines refuses tickets to Israeli citizens
Iran agrees to 'barter' with Pakistan for wheat
Russian Army undergoing largest exercises 'since Soviet times'
For Russia, $4.3 billion arms deal with Iraq is vital
Are the World Student Games in Russia using 'forced labour'? (BBC video)
Mexico captures kingpin of dreaded Los Zetas crime gang
POSCO may quit steel mill project in India's Karnataka: source
"South Korea's POSCO (005490.KS) is considering pulling out of a $5.3 billion steel mill project in India's Karnataka state because of opposition from residents and political instability, a source told Reuters on Tuesday."
Pressure grows on Merkel to take U.S. to task over spying

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
What we're protesting today
Across the U.S., outraged protesters call for justice for slain teen Trayvon Martin
Zimmerman protesters raid Wal-Mart, stop freeway
"Protesters ran through Los Angeles streets, stopping traffic, breaking windows and at one point raiding a Wal-Mart store, and a major freeway was blocked in the San Francisco Bay Area in the third night of protests in California over George Zimmerman's Florida acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin."
Egypt's Brotherhood Protests as U.S. Envoy Urges Talks
Greece: First state job cuts spur general strike, flights disrupted
Police arrest 28 in protests against Prawer-Begin plan (Israel)

## Energy/resources ##
Severe power crisis hits Pakistan
The receding threat from 'peak oil' (BBC)
The BBC joins the Propaganda Chorus. New technologies, massive new discoveries, blah blah blah. Are you reassured? Remember that net energy is the only useful energy. -- RF
Six Tech Advancements Changing the Fossil Fuels Game
This article is just a teaser, but you get the idea. We're supposed to be encouraged and put at ease because these Amazing New Technologies (ANTs) are "game changers" bringing us tons of energy. But in reality, they are measures of desperation to maintain production, and if we get a few more barrels, the endeavor is pronounced a resounding success. Just one thing: net energy continues to decrease, as evidenced by stubbornly high energy prices. -- RF
French President Rules Out Shale Gas Exploration
North Dakota Oil, Gas Production Reach New Highs
No mention of profitability. -- RF
Fracking water's dirty little secret: recycling
"The practice scales down the amount of freshwater used for fracking, but environmentalists say it does nothing to assuage concerns about groundwater contamination, and only facilitates the extraction of fossil fuels that produce climate-warming gases."
Beyond Petroleum, For Real this Time
If you pull back the curtain and look, you'll find petroleum. At best, this is just another fossil fuel extender. -- RF
Sweltering New York may try to reduce power use for 2nd straight day
Global nuclear power declines by 7 percent
Ageing nuclear reactors pose safety challenge - IAEA
South Korea's Iran oil imports up 16% in June
OPEC may cut oil output for first time in five years
Expect $50 oil, but not $2 gas, Gulf Oil CEO says
Just one thing: Much oil will be unprofitable at that price. If the price of oil were to drop that far, we would see a replay of what happened after the crash of 2008, when plummeting oil prices resulted in 60% of oil projects in the Gulf region being shut in. Deep sea operations would be unprofitable, and all the junk oil now being feverishly exploited would be unprofitable. So this talk about a golden age of cheap oil is just palliative propaganda for the masses. -- RF
Another Oil Refiner Cuts Q2 Outlook
Too hot to handle: Govt rejects shale gas price, terming it 'too much to absorb' (Pakistan)

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Cops: 3 men stole thousands worth of manhole covers, storm drains, catalytic converters

## Got food? ##
Where do you think you're going, humanity?
"Is it possible to switch to a more sustainable agriculture? Yes. And that agriculture would have to span much smaller scales and have people, animals, and small infrastructure intermixed with it. For the time being, as you watch your favorite TV distraction, or focus on the Royal Baby, this life-giving planet of yours is being trashed in front of your eyes wide-shut."
Italy moves to ban growing of genetically modified maize type
Euro Parliament committee endorses cap on using crops for biofuels
Robots to revolutionize farming, ease labor woes
If you think this is the future of farming, you get the Rotten Apple Prize. -- RF
Why to Support Labeling GM Foods

## Environment/health ##
Lionfish invade Atlantic waters, researchers call for human intervention
Power Outages Are Bad, Portable Generators Are Worse
Worsening Drought Impacts Western Rangeland on Public Lands
6,000 may have died in Indian floods
Greece reintroduces forced HIV testing
1,600 Die Prematurely in Hong Kong As Smog Spikes
Seas may rise 2.3 meters per degree of global warming: report
Graphene the 'Miracle Material' may be Deadly to Humans
Massive Bumblebee Die-Off Prompts Temporary Pesticide Ban in Oregon

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
New Utah NSA center requires 1.7M gallons of water daily to operate
The crux of the NSA story in one phrase: 'collect it all'
How Hackers Tapped Into My Cellphone For Less Than $300
Researchers hack Verizon device, turn it into mobile spy station
Retailers are cloak and dagger with customers
"British and U.S. retailers admitted that they were keeping track of shopper movement inside their stores by tracking signals from their cell phones."
German chancellor calls for stronger data protection in European Union
German spies made use of U.S. surveillance data: paper
In 'Chilling' Ruling, Chevron Granted Access to Activists' Private Internet Data
For first time ever, feds asked to sit out DefCon hacker conference
How Obama Is Expanding the Century-Long Project to Build a Total Surveillance State
South Korea says North Korea behind cyberattack last month on government, media websites
'Anti-Propaganda' Ban Repealed, Freeing State Dept. To Direct Its Broadcasting Arm At American Citizens
It doesn't matter what the BBG does. As I've said repeatedly, the US already has a highly sophisticated and immensely successful propaganda system. -- RF
Let's Talk About FAIRVIEW, the NSA's Plan to "Own the Internet"
Former US Senator Gordon Humphrey Thanks Snowden for "Exposing Astonishing Violations of the US Constitution"; Email Exchange Between Snowden and Humphrey
Microsoft Says It Doesn't Give NSA Secret Encryption Keys
Edward Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

## Systemic breakdown/collapse ##
Neighbourhood Watch groups should look after old – health minister
"More than a million 'miserable and lonely' old people in the UK should be cared for by Neighbourhood Watch groups, easing the pressure on the care services, a health minister has said."
As the nanny-state mechanisms of developed countries crumble thanks to net energy decline, the citizens are increasingly expected to take care of themselves — which is what everyone did before, anyway. -- RF
Detroit: An American Autopsy
Number of structurally deficient bridges grows in state
US bridges decay, while politicians focus on ribbon cutting
Besides the lack of money, another reason that crumbling infrastructure will never be repaired or replaced is the obsessive economic and ideological focus on expansion, which dictates that new infrastructure should continually be built. -- RF
Mining the World to Death
"Our industrial model, based on extraction, is setting us on a road to eventual collapse."
'Middle-class revolution' fuels Pentagon war plan: Neither governments nor capitalists can stop these 12 forces
"Early in the Iraq war the Bush Pentagon predicted that 'by 2020 there is little doubt something drastic is happening,' reported Fortune. 'As the planet's carrying capacity shrinks, an ancient pattern of desperate, all-out wars over food, water, and energy supplies would emerge. ... [W]arfare is defining human life.'"
Beyond Industrial Production, Has Capacity Utilization Peaked?
"Even after the jobs have been sent overseas and even after plants have been consolidated, the United States is running on lower and lower capacity utilization."

## Japan ##
Contaminated Water has been Leaking into Ocean for Two Years at Fukushima
2 years after nuclear disaster, Japan spawns freaky fruits and veggies
Inside Japan's nuclear exclusion zone
Japan's Internet Cafes: Home for the Underemployed
With photos. So sad. And this is just a peephole on a tiny corner of the crumbling economy. -- RF
Move to nationalize 400 remote islands in the works
Beach-storming drill in U.S. hones SDF amphibious edge
China naval fleet seen sailing through Soya Strait off northern Japan
Blackout in Kawasaki leaves thousands without power, causes flood
Japanese government chastises cellphone company over service failures
Technology fails to halt soaring eel prices
'Abenomics' recovery hardly felt in provincial industrial town

## China ##
China's economy slows for second straight quarter
China's Slowing Economy, An Illustrated Guide
China Wants To End Blackouts With Western Help -- And American Coal
China's worker revolution: If only Mao could see this
"Laborers are finally making a decent wage. But that could sink China's economy."
"China Urbanization Growth Fallacy"; Trouble with Ponzi Schemes; Stopped Clock Syndrome; Wrong vs. Early
Banks' bad loan ratios rise to 1% in first half

## UK ##
The streets are littered with gold
"One of the country's biggest street cleaning firms has announced it is to 'mine' the sweepings it collects from roads and pavements, in search of gold and other precious metals."
Wind farm subsidies cut by 25 per cent
Summer child care costs hit new high
Trident fleet may be cut to two subs in new Lib Dem plan
Road delays set to double by 2040
"Delays on Britain's major roads are likely to more than double over the next 30 years according to the latest Government predictions."

## US ##
It's a recovery! Economy skids dangerously close to contraction
A crush of homeless overwhelming Ariz. shelter
George Steinmetz, National Geographic Photographer, Arrested Taking Photos Of Kansas Feedlot
Why is the rich US in such poor health?
David Stockman: Financial Engineering As The ATM Of The Prosperous Classes
Birth defects linked to bad water in California's San Joaquin Valley
Starved of credit, construction suppliers lag housing rebound
Professional dog walkers reined in (San Francisco)
"The new rules require dog walkers to obtain a city-issued permit, puts a limit on the number of dogs that can be walked at a time (a maximum of eight) and requires dog walkers to have any vehicles used to transport dogs to be inspected, approved and carry $1 million in liability insurance."
Nation of waiters and bartenders: Behold The Part-Time Worker Society: "We Won't Start Hiring Full-Time People"
Big Miss in Retail Sales vs. Expectations; Trend Change or Another "Soft Patch"?
Panopticon Society: US citizens are the most surveilled people on earth. The US is the most surveilled place in history.
The Banks Have Blood on Their Hands (Podcast with written summary)
New York's MTA to sell $125 million 'catastrophe' bond
Homebuilder Blues: Costs Hold Down New Construction Demand
So About that $2 Gas …?
Geopolitical feedback, yes. But again, there is no mention of net energy. Unless some new form of energy offering high net yield is found, we cannot expect energy prices to go down. -- RF
Corporate Customers Flock To Anti-Snooping App Silent Circle
NSA Sued Over 'Blatantly Unconstitutional Attack on Civil Liberties'
Chicago police start using facial-recognition software to arrest suspects
Get Ready for Unfounded Attacks on the War on Poverty
Commission Needed To Reconsider Gold Standard: Sen. Rand Paul
Why Doesn't the Government Use Its Mass Surveillance to Bust the Big Criminals … the Banksters?
CPI Jumps On Food, Energy, Apparel, Medical Care Costs
About That "Incomes Are Rising" Claim...
"The mainstream media is claiming that 'The aggregate amount of money in paychecks is increasing about twice as fast as GDP.' (Source) This story points to Bureau of Labor Statistics data to support this claim.
"Rising aggregate household income doesn't tell the real story, which is:
"1. Most of the income gains flow to the top 10%
"2. Thanks to rising taxes, healthcare and other costs, household net income for the bottom 90% is declining."
The danger of too much ethanol
The doctor won't take your call
Gas Prices Surge Toward $5 in California
Western Pa. landowners disgruntled as drillers' deductions cut payments

And finally…
PayPal email tells man he's a quadrillionaire

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