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News Links, August 29-30, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
India central bank to sell dollars to oil companies to shore up rupee
India might buy gold from citizens to ease rupee crisis
India is considering a radical plan to direct commercial banks to buy gold from ordinary citizens and divert it to precious metal refiners in an attempt to curb imports and take some heat off the plunging currency.
Indian rupee resumes slide as fears grow for slowing economy
Financial Times: "World Is Doomed To An Endless Cycle Of Bubble, Financial Crisis And Currency Collapse"
BRICS nations close to agreement on Contingent Reserve Arrangement
Canadian Maple Leaf Sales Beat All Records
Singapore dollar: the next currency to fall?
Norway Retail Sales Decline as Registered Unemployment Rises
Norwegian retail sales fell for a second month in July and a report showed registered unemployment rose this month, adding to evidence the economy of western Europe's largest oil exporter is slowing.
S. Korea: Workers not happier from 44 hour to 40 hour work week
A reduction in work hours does not necessarily mean happier employees, because employers often don't reduce the amount of work, a South Korean researcher says.
Scandinavia's Weakest Nation Finds Welfare Habits Too Costly
Scandinavia's weakest economy can no longer afford the kinds of entitlements its citizens were raised on, according to Danish Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon.
Country by country, day by day, the Gravy Train slows as its fuel becomes ever more expensive. -- RF
Gold Mine CEOs Hoard Cash as Strikes Loom in South Africa
"We're not desperate" – Nakheel chairman on debt talks (UAE)
Nothing to see here, folks. Move right along. -- RF

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Virgin Australia Books Full-Year Loss
Domestic slowdown holds back Australian airlines
Turkish Airlines sees profits fall 29% in H1
Painful Payments: Your Brain On Airline Fees

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
US says it won't let diplomatic paralysis slow action against Syria
Britain Won't Join in a Syrian Attack
U.S. Prepares for Solo Strike On Syria After Britain Balks
Russia sends warships to Mediterranean as Syria tension rises
US Finally Admits What Ron Paul Said: "Nobody Knows Who Set Off The Gas"
Russia to deploy jets to Belarus
Russia orders oil cut to Belarus after potash clash
Russia ordered its oil firms on Wednesday to cut supplies to neighboring Belarus by around a quarter, in a major escalation of a trade and diplomatic dispute following the arrest in Minsk of the boss of Russian potash firm.
Obama Administration Copies Bush's Sidelining of Weapons Inspectors In Iraq
China Joins Russia In Warning Syria Strike Would Have "Catastrophic Consequences"
Iran's Khamenei warns US intervention in Syria would be 'a disaster' for Middle East
Syria: US Asks Greece for Military Base Access
UK sends jets to Cyprus in what it insists is a defensive move
Insiders Admit: US Intel on Syria 'No Slam Dunk'
As the rush to war continues, another familiar scene in which administration claims on intelligence don't live up to scrutiny
22 Reasons Why Starting World War 3 In The Middle East Is A Really Bad Idea
US Official: Washington Opposes New Erbil Oil Exports Through Iran
Malaysia Splits With Asean Claimants on China Sea Threat
Japan to beef up maritime security in Djibouti with more patrol ships
US says Iran can't access nearly half of its oil export earnings due to sanctions
Remember: The nuclear issue is mostly a pretext; regime change is the big prize. -- RF
Russian, NORAD air forces cooperate in exercise tracking hijacked plane over Alaska, Russia

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Get ready for gold prices to soar as South African producers prepare for strikes
Fast-food workers strike in 60 US cities

## Energy/resources ##
Northeast Brazil hit by large electricity blackout
Norwegian Oil Production to Hit 25-Year Low, East Arctic the Key?
Norway is the largest oil producer in Europe, and the second largest natural gas exporter in the world, but oil production is set to fall to a 25 year low this year, and with the North Sea oil wells in decline the country is desperate to try and develop new fields. The Arctic holds the greatest promise.
The Impact of Well Worded Press Releases on Oil Companies Stock Prices
They suggested that one of the reasons why companies were using more descriptive language nowadays, is due to pressure to impress their shareholders and justify the higher exploration and drilling costs of modern times. Over the past five years spending on exploration has increased by 13.5% a year, so they explained that "with higher spending on exploration… it is not surprising that today we are hearing news of 'extraordinary results' from appraisal wells and other language that aims to maximize impact."
Must read: Oil Prices Lead to Hard Financial Limits
What did I tell you? I said that debt is being used to compensate for the high cost of oil. As collapse proceeds, governments will continue to rely on financial hocus-pocus to prop up the system until they are totally overwhelmed by debt. Don't be caught unprepared when the dike breaks and the floodwaters come rushing through. -- RF
South Africa Scrambles for Any and All Energy Sources
Common Household Items that Add Hundreds of Dollars to Energy Bills
Ballooning costs threaten Merkel's bold energy overhaul
Seduced by generous subsidies, Germans are embracing the ambitious project with such fervour - installing solar panels on church roofs and converting sewage into heat - that instead of benefiting from a rise in green energy, they are straining under the subsidies' cost and from surcharges.
"Kitchen Sink" Time in India
Economic crisis may prompt India to restart Iran oil import
Libya Oil Output Tumbles as Protests Spread Westward
Pessimism and Optimism over Utica Shale
To cut natural gas costs, Chesapeake pumps up royalty deductions
Poland starts shale gas extraction
And shale gas will lose money in Poland just as it is in the US. -- RF
Credit Crunch Risks Blackouts as Projects on Hold: Poland Credit
Poland's push to avoid electricity blackouts by developing more than $5 billion of new power plants is at risk as the companies chosen to build them struggle to secure financing after a record bankruptcy.
Is Shale Gas Excitement in Eastern Europe Unwarranted?
Iran puts West in 'Check' with Omani Gas Deal
Fuel Supply-Demand Deficit Widens Without Iran, EIA Says
Excluding Iran from the global oil market increased the shortfall between worldwide supply and demand, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said.
The EIA is just saying now what I said here long ago — that the world needs Iran's oil. -- RF
GCC countries to face gas shortage by 2015
Peak Oil: a fertile concept
Norway opens new offshore reserves
Offshore Emirates set for 'super' complex
Tax incentives to stimulate Russian shale oil activity
Brazil's Batista sells more of stake in oil company OGX to pay debt
Saudi Arabia seen pumping record oil levels in Q3
How to price a barrel of water in the oil sands

## Got food? ##
GMO corn failing to protect fields from pest damage: report
Some of the farmers around me have more weeds in their rice paddies than I do — and they use herbicides. That's right: The weeds have grown resistant to chemicals. Ultimately, we have to fall back on mechanical weed control and learning to use weeds to our advantage. --- RF
For Restaurant Workers, A Struggle To Put Food On The Table
Drought spreads in U.S. Midwest, Iowa suffering: Drought Monitor
Protecting Chickens From Predators (Video)
Make Your Own No-Space Potato Barrel
Antibiotic Use On The Farm: Are We Flying Blind?

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
The US professionals quitting the rat race to become farmers

## Environment/health ##
Oceans Storing Earth's Excess Heat in Leaked UN Report
Floods in Laos kill 20, damage rice crops
Bringing Back the Night: A Fight Against Light Pollution
Get rich in the 'Age of Megafires': 2014-20: Sectors set to soar when the deniers quit denying
Study: Air pollution causes 200,000 early deaths each year in the U.S.
Study: Spilled fracking fluid killed fish
Poverty significantly saps our mental abilities say researchers

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Australian spies in global deal to tap undersea cables
The nation's electronic espionage agency, the Australian Signals Directorate, is in a partnership with British, American and Singaporean intelligence agencies to tap undersea fibre optic telecommunications cables that link Asia, the Middle East and Europe and carry much of Australia's international phone and internet traffic.
US Requested Tens of Thousands of Facebook Users' Data in Just 6 Months
Report welcome, but "governments don't necessarily need intermediaries like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to get our data."
How To Disappear When Someone's Spying On You
'Black budget' document shows goals of U.S. intelligence agencies
U.S. spying is costly but often ineffective: Wash Post
Largest Rocket Ever Launched From Vandenberg AFB Makes Lift-Off
Once in orbit, the classified payload is expected to be able to distinguish details back on Earth as minute as the make and model of an automobile, according to a ULA spokesperson.
Nasdaq says software bug caused trading outage
Gone Phishing: How Major Websites Get Hacked
Nothing Better to Do – The NSA Goes After Parody T-Shirts
Facebook may add your profile photo to facial recognition database

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
A list of organizations that give some hope for the future
Sleepless in the states: Nearly 9 million pop pills for shut-eye
Men and women almost equally depressed, new study shows (US)
Death (certificates) took holiday in wake of bankruptcy filing (Detroit)
City couldn't issue death - or birth - certificates because skittish vendor wanted cash to supply paper
The Global Economy Suffers From Hypothermia
Post-crisis policies around the globe are directed at saving the financial system, not the people the crisis has pushed into poverty. Since these people are not seen as crucial to the survival of the core, and the system as a whole, they are - almost ritually - sacrificed on the system's economic altar.

## Japan ##
Japan official wants Fukushima operator Tepco to be liquidated
Japan crude stocks near 3-yr low as refiners cut capacity
World's Fastest Train Resumes Trials as Japan Plans Maglev Line
I stick with my prediction that the project will be abandoned midway. -- RF
Japan's Debt Servicing Costs to Consume 21% of Budget
Fukushima Fishermen Ruined by Tepco Now Key in Radiation Fight
Environment Ministry giving out radiation dosimeters to Fukushima residents
Sea temperatures around the Japanese archipelago hit record high
1.5 mil. non-regular workers serve as breadwinners
Gas prices top ¥160 for 4th straight week
Abenomics-Wary, Wives Cut Husbands' Pocket Money
Japan's population drops for 4th straight year
Area near Fukushima remains a radiological ghost town
Japan consumer price rises pick up pace on energy costs
Japan seeks biggest defense budget rise in 22 years

## China ##
Is China's Cash Crunch Returning?
An Inside Look at China's Censorship Tools
Internet in China hit by 'largest ever' DDoS attack

## UK ##
As Coal Plants Shut Down, United Kingdom Faces a Power Crunch
Thousands of trains fail to arrive on time
Almost 150,000 fewer trains arrived on time across the country last year and more than half of trains on some lines were late, 'real time' figures show.
Immigration surge driven by eurozone crisis
Britain has seen a massive surge in the number of immigrants coming here to work as they flee economic collapse in Eurozone countries such as Spain and Italy, official figures have disclosed for the first time.
North Sea oil tax breaks to 'enhance' output
Surge of soldiers wanting to quit prompts morale concerns
UK gas imports rise to record high in first half of 2013
Hottest summer for seven years

## US ##
U.S. nuclear reactors remain vulnerable to attack, theft, sabotage
U.S. Bank Legal Bills Exceed $100 Billion
NYPD secretly labels all mosques terrorist organisations
The New York Police Department has secretly labelled all mosques in the US as terrorism organisations in a tactic that allows officers to use informants to record sermons and spy on imams even without evidence of criminal wrongdoing, it has been reported.
With driving down, researchers unsure whether economy or different view of car is responsible
The Debt Ceiling Is Suddenly Only 8 Weeks Away
If These Are The Fastest Growing Jobs In America – We're Doomed
Sprint Cuts 800 Jobs After Nextel Network Shutdown
Nearly half of homes are purchased in cash
Over 12 Million Mortgages Still Underwater, Dragging the Economy
Midwest Hot, Dry Spell Brings Back Drought Worries
Nuclear renaissance: US nuclear projects face construction challenges: industry

And finally…
Trump University called a scam by former students in wake of US$40-million lawsuit
Hello Kitty Themed Planes Are Coming To The U.S.
Too Weird To Be True? In China, You Never Can Tell
Zimbabwean charged for using Mugabe poster as toilet paper
Saudi prince ridicules Qatar as 'only 300 people and a TV station'

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