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News Links, August 3-5, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
The 'new world order' of mining isn't pretty
"If there was a stock market discount bin, it would be overflowing right now with mining stocks of all shapes and market caps. The TSX materials sector is down more than 30% so far this year, with gold miners being particularly clobbered, having lost 38% of their value since January. It's been the worst year for global mining stocks since the financial crisis."
Australia unveils levy on bank deposits
"Australia has unveiled a levy on some bank deposits to raise money towards a fund aimed at safeguarding against a banking collapse."
Financial struggles with bills and debts 'worsen' (UK)
Shadow economy in Belarus at 8-10% of GDP
Debt in advanced economies unsustainable, Japan looks broke
The Fractional Reserve Gold System Is Closer To Collapse
The $7 Trillion Problem That Could Sink Asia
Greece slashes restaurant taxes
July silver imports highest in 5 years (India)
Gold imports jump 102% in Pakistan; ban imposed
Russia follows the yellow brick road, increases gold reserves
Canada's economy may have shed up to 10,000 jobs in July, think-tank suggests
French bank Natixis to shed up to 700 workers: report
China Halts Fonterra Milk-Powder Imports in Blow to N.Z.
Euro zone inflation at 40-month low
Detroit Today, Washington Tomorrow

## Airline Death Spiral ##
International Cons Airlines H1 Loss Widens
BA Owner IAG In £300m Half-Year Loss
Lufthansa sees net loss in first half but stays with earnings goal for year
Austrian Airlines reports EUR35 operating loss in 1H2013
The Favorite New Hidden Fee of Low-Cost Airlines
Qantas hikes fares
Bribing a More Common Practice Among Airline Passengers Looking for a Better Seat
Sizable losses for China's airlines in first half of year

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Mexican cartels hiring US soldiers as hit men
Spiraling violence in Iraq
No, says State Dept., Drone Attacks in Pakistan Will Not Be Ending 'Very, Very Soon'
Kerry: US Not Withdrawing From Afghanistan
France to cut 34,000 military personnel
US military to set up X-Band Radar in Japan to monitor missile launches
Iraqi General Survivor in Attacks That Leave 58 Dead
On Location Video: Mexico's drug cartels recruit migrant labor

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Greek protesters take campaign to Acropolis
"Greek civil servants protesting mass staff cuts took their campaign to the gates of the ancient Acropolis on Friday, after the government announced that 500 workers at the culture ministry would be suspended next month."
New wave of unrest impedes efforts to end protests in Libya
Turkish police fire water cannon, teargas at Istanbul protesters
'The Tide Has Turned': NSA Protesters Back to the Streets for #1984Day
Tens of thousands rally in Taipei to demand human rights in military

## Energy/resources ##
Must read: Oil Limits Reduce GDP Growth; Unwinding QE a Problem
Net energy decline! A monster tsunami is bearing down on us, and the only thing the world's leaders can think of doing is holding up their hands in a futile attempt to stop it. Smart people will flee inland. -- RF
Musings: Shale Alters Energy Market, But Players Face Challenges
Pakistani official: Energy crisis worse than terrorism
Berlin to make big industry pay more for power grid
U.S. sinks $22 million into new biofuels research
Companies frack in ocean off California's shore in search of new oil
Offshore...Fracking: Far More Common Than Previously Known
Hooking up the Grid: Power Ships and Floating Nuclear Plants
Peak Oil, EROEI and the Muffled Drum
"Declining EROEI could be the end of civilisation as we know it for, in the immortal words of James Lovelock - 'civilisation is energy-intensive'. Better believe it."
People are starting to get it. It's not the number of barrels you have, but the amount of energy you get from the number you have, minus your energy expenditure. -- RF
Higher Production Costs Sink Major Energy Stocks Exxon, Shell
Of boiling frogs and oil prices
Yemen's main pipeline attacked, crude flow stops again
The Helium Cliff: Will Government Gridlock Send Prices Skyward?

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Amazing: Russian man accused of stealing an entire road

## Got food? ##
New Zealand botulism scare triggers recall of up to 1,000 tons of dairy items in 7 countries
"New Zealand authorities have triggered a global recall of up to 1,000 tons of dairy products across seven countries after dairy giant Fonterra announced tests had turned up a type of bacteria that could cause botulism."
Japan Saves Wheat From Monsanto's Ruination
Wheat Costs in Japan to Gain for 3rd Time as Abenomics Bites
World food security more vulnerable than ever to climate change

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Our daily conveniences are somebody else's suffering

## Environment/health ##
Stomach bug triggers mass vomiting during 16-hour Qantas flight
Drought making trees more susceptible to dying in forest fires
Pakistan warns of more rain after floods kill 45

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
NSA pays £100m in secret funding for GCHQ (Guardian)
Surveillance: You may have 'nothing to hide'–but you still have something to fear
The High Likelihood That Future NSA Abuses Will Occur
How to Decode the True Meaning of What NSA Officials Say
"A lexicon for understanding the words U.S. intelligence officials use to mislead the public."
Members of Congress Denied Access to Basic Information About NSA
Other agencies gripe that NSA, FBI shut them out of data sharing
Danger! Airport Security Seizes Boy's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toys
Danger! US in worldwide travel alert after 'al-Qaeda threat'
Danger! Terror Threat Extends U.S. Embassy Closures to Aug. 10
Danger! Interpol issues global security alert
Keating To FBI: We Need Answers On Boston Bombings
The camera in your TV is watching you (video)
"Hackers at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference are able to turn on the camera in your smart TV, without you ever knowing."
The Postal Service is taking pictures of your mail
"The agency says it's to ensure effective delivery, but the cash-strapped carrier hangs onto them for a month and doles them out to security agencies on request."
Scientists developing Bluetooth tooth that spies on your oral habits
Any cellphone can be traced by its digital fingerprint
Via Rail eyes more baggage checks, sniffer dogs and background traces
"Taking a train in Canada could soon become more like boarding an airplane as Via Rail considers greater scrutiny of checked baggage, more inspections by sniffer dogs and security checks on passengers."

## Systemic breakdown/collapse ##
Tens of Thousands of Pipeline Miles at Risk of Pegasus-Style Rupture That Spewed Tar Sands Into Arkansas Town
Old System Struggling and Dying-Catherine Austin Fitts
City of Chicago's cash cushion plummets, debt triples, arrests drop, water use rises
City of the Big Shoulders finds it was powered by cheap oil. -- RF
Climate change: Lessons from the Vikings and ancient cliff dwellers

## Japan ##
Mystery objects with high radiation found on Fukushima coast
Slow reactor restart process rattles energy markets as uranium piles up
Ripples from the earthquake/tsunami disaster are still running around the world. -- RF
Radioactive Fukushima groundwater rises above barrier-media
TEPCO discloses extent of radioactive tritium leak into ocean
Japan says GDP growth could slow to 1% after sales tax hike
Japan social security reform proposal seeks to double contributions from seniors
Beginning of the end of pensions and paid medical care. -- RF
Renesas to close 3 production bases in Japan
Aso refuses to resign over Nazi comment
"Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso refused Friday to resign or apologize over remarks suggesting Japan should follow the Nazi example of how to change the country's constitution stealthily and without public debate."
The Dark Side Of The Guys Who Run Japan Oozes To The Surface
Online bank theft rising rapidly in Japan

## China ##
China May Ease One-Child Policy
World's second-tallest building nears completion in Shanghai; second only to Dubai building
China Stops Importing New Zealand Milk Powder, Minister Says
Even the CEO Of China's Largest Appliance Manufacturer Gets Cold Feet
"'We have production plants in 24 locations all over the world," he [the Haier CEO] said. 'But production costs are currently higher only in Japan, the United States, and Italy, compared to China.'"
Overcapacity sends China's steel sector into loss
Coin of Realm in China Graft: Phony Receipts
Damned lies and statistics: Fraud generates RMB300bn a year in China
"Which industry is the most profitable in China? The answer is neither the financial sector nor real estate, but the cheating industry. The money earned through fraudulent means exceeds 300 billion yuan (US$48.9 billion) a year."
China Pollution Report
"People who want to live in a Chinese city with acceptable air quality can try the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, the island city of Haikou, the coastal town of Zhoushan or the Pearl River Delta city of Huizhou. That's it."

## UK ##
The new stop-and-search - spot checks near stations to hunt for illegal immigrants
Britain in debt: More than half of UK adults 'living on the financial edge'
Balcombe oil drilling starts after fracking protests
Make or break harvest after 18 months of pain for farmers
Revealed: how UK water companies are polluting Britain's rivers and beaches
Huge rise in number of women who are family breadwinners
The real Minority Report? Kent Constabulary tests computer program to predict crime
Consular official says HSBC bank drops dozens of diplomatic clients in London after review
Fracking CEO Receives 'Death Threat'

## US ##
FBI allowed informants to commit 5,600 crimes
"The FBI gave its informants permission to break the law at least 5,658 times in a single year, according to newly disclosed documents that show just how often the nation's top law enforcement agency enlists criminals to help it battle crime."
Chart of the day: Radical lifestyle shifts
Most 2013 job growth is in part-time work, survey suggests
Nuclear Renaissance: Plan for New Nuclear Plant Dropped But Public Gets Fleeced $1.5 Billion
Line up and prepare for the next bailout in student debt
Unemployment Rate Falls as Workers Exit Labor Force
"We Have Become a Nation of Hamburger Flippers": Dan Alpert Breaks Down the Jobs Report
Why Another Great Real Estate Crash Is Coming
How Falsified U.S. GDP Data Will Lead to Much Higher Precious Metal Prices
Texas running out of execution drug
U.S. unions staging raids -- on each other
Military hospitals shrinking services to meet spending cuts
Pentagon Papers Leaker Daniel Ellsberg Praises Snowden, Manning
Alabama Nuclear plant releases carbon dioxide; no damage, injuries
An Analysis of July Employment Numbers 1955 to 2013; Full-Time Employment Down Over 5 Million Since 2007
Record 21 Million 'Young Adults' Now Live With Their Parents
Post Office mulls booze deliveries to raise cash
2 Kids Under Lifetime Gag Order Over Fracking
Weddings get too costly — for guests
A US Navy With Only 8 Carriers?
The other side of paradise: Inside Hawaii's giant homeless community (gallery)

And finally…
That Face-Lift May Buy You Only Three Years Of Youth
Nation Just Wants To Be Safe, Happy, Rich, Comfortable, Entertained At All Times (The Onion; savagely funny)

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