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News Links, October 10-11, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Icelanders Run Out of Cash to Repay Foreign Debts: Nordic Credit
Iceland's private sector is running out of cash to repay its foreign currency debt, according to the nation's central bank.
How Brazil's Middle Class Dream Became A Debt-Fuelled Nightmare
Brazil hikes interest rates fifth time, no sign of stopping
Global PC sales tank to lowest level since 2008
Austerity Brings Poverty, Despair, 'Quiet Desperation' to Europe: Report
Credit Suisse Is Wrong About The Coming Global Millionaire Boom
Drug company Teva to cut 5,000 jobs, save $2 billion a year
Greek unemployment jumps again despite budget back in black
Yuan moves one step closer to global currency status
China launched a currency swap deal with the euro zone on Thursday, in the country's latest push to transform the yuan into a major world currency.
Wall Street Bets a Quadrillion of Everybody Else's Money
IMF To Use Gold Sale Proceeds To Fund Low-Income Countries
Brazil's almost paradise: Here's why they ask for more
Russian wealth inequality increasing to record levels
Neofeudalism is advancing quickly around the world. -- RF

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Alitalia supplier warns over fuel supply
Alitalia risks having its fuel supplies cut off as the company struggles to avert a financial crisis.
Two Dreamliner flights turn back
Boeing 787s operated by Japan Airlines abandon flights – one due to broken toilets and the other with a deicing malfunction
Second Norwegian Dreamliner Goes Back to the Shop

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
US cutting hundreds of millions in military, other aid to Egypt
White House says reports of halt to all Egypt military aid are false
Hours After Denial, US Cuts Egypt Military Aid
US suspension of arms to Egypt could be lifted: Kerry
Attack on pipeline cuts off Colombia gas exports to Venezuela
Afghanistan risks becoming 'narco-state': U.N. official
Saudis brace for 'nightmare' of U.S.-Iran rapprochement
US Army plans 'Iron Man' armour for soldiers
Libyan PM briefly held by gunmen angry at U.S. Qaeda capture
Don't Be Fooled by Libya—This is a Failed State
Japan PM Abe confirms aid for Philippine coast guard
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday confirmed Tokyo's plan to help the Philippines build up its coast guard amid Manila's increasing tensions with China over disputes in the South China Sea, Japanese officials said.
U.S, S Korea, Japan hold naval drill despite N Korean threat
Israeli planes practice long-range missions
Israel Rejects Iran's Nuclear Offer
Lawyers: No Legal Basis for Keeping Libyan Detainee at Sea
Liby was captured outside his home by US troops over the weekend, and is currently being held on a warship in the Mediterranean Sea, where he is subject to interrogation by US troops and has no access to a lawyer.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Riot police descend on pipeline protesters (Canada)
14 dead as gangs, police clash in Mexico
20 hurt as RMG workers clash with police (Bangladesh)
More Saudi women defy driving ban
Bahrain jails 18 Shiites for police station attack
Activists announce call campaign to repeal NDAA with truckers

## Energy/resources ##
New CEO cuts Chesapeake Energy's lifestyle largesse
Frenchman Tries to Run his Business from a Desert Island Using Solar Panels
Energy-savvy people will immediately see what's wrong with this picture. -- RF
U.S. builders hoard mineral rights under new homes in case energy companies come calling
SNAKE OIL: Chapter 3 - A Treadmill to Hell
Energy Quote of the Day: Geopolitical Risk is Alive and Well in Oil Markets
Tumbling Indonesian tin exports could short-circuit electronics industry
OGX Scrambles to Stay Afloat
Brazilian oil producer OGX Petroleo e Gas Participacoes S.A. is facing significant challenges in securing future investments and partnerships in the country after its operations yielded less-than-expected production rates.
Asian styrene monomer prices hit record highs in 2013 amid global supply tightness
South Africa Proposes Rules for Fracking Shale Gas
Peak oil and fuel subsidies in Indonesia

## Got food? ##
Anxiety among families, providers as stimulus-funded increase in food stamps is set to expire
Boot Camp for Farmers
USDA considers closing plants in salmonella outbreak
Red Cross launches emergency food aid plan for UK's hungry
10 Foods to Avoid While FDA Inspections Are Shut Down

## Environment/health ##
In Remote Field, North Dakota Suffers First Big Oil Spill
A Tesoro Logistics LP pipeline has spilled more than 20,000 barrels of crude oil into a North Dakota wheat field, the biggest leak in the state since it became a major U.S. producer.
Aircraft noise pollution may increase risk of heart disease, say researchers
US and UK studies find people living near airports more likely to suffer stroke, coronary and cardiovascular disease
U.S. will see unprecedented heat waves by midcentury
Heating the Planet Dry: 13% of Humanity Headed for Worse Water Scarcity
'Uncomfortable' climates to devastate cities within a decade, study says
'Minamata Convention' adopted to prevent mercury damage

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Mass spying: how the US stamps its supremacy on the Pacific region
The US is keen to convince its Pacific friends to fear a spy-friendly Beijing. The irony? Washington's spying network is far more widespread than anything coming from the Chinese
Guardian to publish more Snowden intelligence revelations
Obamacare Information Might Be Used By Law Enforcement
FBI Files Reveal New Info on Clandestine Phone Surveillance Unit
US Whistleblowers Converge in Moscow to Honor Snowden as Truth-Teller
Report: Obama often blocks press access to information
NSA wants even greater powers … to defend Wall Street
The Data Hackers – Mining Your Information for Big Brother

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Potholes crisis continues (UK)
Fresh research suggests that there is no end in sight to the pothole crisis, with nearly 10 per cent of drivers complaining of damage to their car

## Japan ##
Radiation levels in seawater near Fukushima reactor hit 2-year high
6 workers splashed with toxic water at crippled Japanese nuke plant
Japan's ruling party mulling the breakup of TEPCO, may spinoff Fukushima cleanup tasks
NRA chief hints at delaying safety screening of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuke plant
In Panasonic's plasma exit, Japan's TV makers come to terms with defeat
Japanese Public Cries Foul Over Secrets Protection Bill
Fighters scrambled 80 times in response to China in Jul.-Sept.
ASDF scrambles jets 193 times in July-September
New type of cyber-attack targets govt bodies, firms
IMF warns of global financial instability if Japan fails to reform
Survey: Housing projects delayed for more than 10,000 evacuees

## China ##
Chinese Think Tank Puts Shadow Banking at 40% of GDP
China pilot scheme aims to shatter assumption; investments are not guaranteed
China passes U.S. as world's biggest oil importer

## UK ##
SSE increases gas and electricity prices by 8.2 per cent
More energy price rises expected after SSE increase
Shale Drillers Offered Water Cheaper Than U.K. Residents
Britain's water utilities, which coped with at least three separate periods of drought in the last decade, are ready to offer discounts for drillers needing supplies for fracking oil and natural gas wells.
Chaotic UK e-borders scheme failing to stop terror suspects
Border control system was so overwhelmed that 650,000 smuggling alerts were deleted, watchdog reveals
OECD literacy leagues: poverty and inequality blamed for England's results
Public services 'damaged by austerity drive'
The NHS, care for the elderly, policing and road maintenance has got significantly worse over the past five years following the government's austerity drive, a survey has found.
It will take another 9/11 for Britain to go to war abroad, says minister
Leeds street light switch-off will begin this week

## US ##
US Debt Already Exceeds Debt Limit by $48 Billion Minimum; Gold vs. Debt Ceiling
FBI Accused of Using No-Fly List to Recruit Informants
Gunman opens fire on federal building in West Virginia: report
Louisiana public water system has brain-eating amoeba
Natural gas pipeline explodes in northwest Oklahoma - reports
'When Frackers Come Calling': Homeowners Increasingly Duped in Land Deals
States Eliminating Aid for Poor as Shutdown Forces Cuts
Detroit's in Great Financial Shape… Compared to Puerto Rico
Panelists outline problems with U.S. nuclear plant safety
A panel of nuclear experts says it's time to retire the entire fleet of nuclear reactors in the United States because the consequences of an accident far outweigh the benefits of keeping them active.
Academic Medical Centers And The Coming Physician Shortage
The Biggest Banking Disconnect Since Lehman Hits A New Record
Nuclear power: why US nuclear 'renaissance' fizzled and plants are closing
Pump!: Best day of 2013 for Dow on possible debt deal

And finally…
London firefighters urge 'common sense' after penis freed from toaster

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