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News Links, October 29-30, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Expect to Be Paid in Spain? This Year? By the Government? Then Take a Haircut!
What can save Australia as mining boom fizzles?
Europe Auto Industry Has 18 Factories' Worth of Overcapacity
EADS plans to cut jobs, costs at defense unit: CEO in paper
In Almost Every European Country, Bikes Are Outselling New Cars
Rising poverty: 343,000 Germans on welfare benefits
Greece says can't take any more austerity, will not be 'blackmailed'
India raises interest rates for the second month running
Food Inflation in India Hits 18.4%; RBI Expected to Hike Rates; Pause Before Rupee Collapse?
Luxury goods sales slowed by China drag as high-end consumers cut domestic purchases

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Fewer air passengers in regional airports (Poland)
AoT plans to increase airport taxes next year to cut its losses
The board of Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT) plans to raise its passenger service charge from 100 baht to 200 baht for passengers on domestic flights and from 700 to 800 baht for passengers on international flights to cut its losses.
Tigerair records heavy losses
Plane Passengers Sleep Easier in 18-Inch Seats. Airlines Don't Really Care
Here's How the Government Shutdown Hurt U.S. Airlines
Air China Q3 net profit falls as business travel slows
Qantas digs deep to shore up Jetstar Japan

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Israel Air Force Plan Shoots for 10-Fold Boost in Bombs on Target
The Israel Air Force (IAF) is revamping headquarters staff, planning procedures and air operations to support a 10-fold increase in the number of targets it can detect and destroy, the Air Force's chief of air operations said.
Three Egyptian policemen killed by Mansoura gunmen
North Africa, led by Algeria, seen as emerging arms market
Mexican Drug Cartels Attack State-Owned Energy Assets
Mexico beefs up security after attacks on state energy firms
Parts of Michoacan have fallen under the control of criminal gangs who are fighting among themselves and against authorities.
Saudi Arabia's differences with the Obama administration are tied to the kingdom's weakening position in the world.
4 Chinese ships enter waters near Senkakus
China displays its marine muscle with sub fleet
War-weary Iraqis scared to leave homes as violence reaches levels not seen since 2008
Iraqi PM flies to U.S., seeking arms to fight militants
Meet the Australian children fluent in Mandarin (+video)
North Korea Seen Expanding Rocket Site
At UN, Record Number of Countries Condemn US Embargo Against Cuba
U.S. senators seek to cut Iran's oil sales in half - again
Fresh U.S. sanctions over Iran's disputed nuclear program being debated behind closed doors in the Senate aim to slash the country's oil sales in half within a year of the plan being signed into law, an influential senator said this week.

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Turkish police fire water cannon to break up protest
"Riots always begin typically the same way": Food stamp shutdown looms Friday
Beijing security blames Uighur men for fatal Tiananmen crash
Civil rights movement gains momentum in China, alarms government

## Energy/resources ##
Stung by scandal, S.Korea weighs up cost of curbing nuclear power
Shale drilling bust: Shale Projects Lagging in Eastern Europe
Shale drilling bust: New York Shale Play Gets Major Downgrade
The real reason New York State has not allowed high-volume hydrofracking for natural gas in its Marcellus shale is that there is almost no gas that can be economically extracted, according to four retired professionals turned fracking analysts.
Shale drilling bust: America's natural gas revolution isn't all it's 'fracked' up to be
Shale drilling bust: Scientists Wary of Shale Oil and Gas as U.S. Energy Salvation
After 10 years of production, shale gas in the United States cannot be considered commercially viable, according to several scientists presenting at the Geological Society of America meeting in Denver on Monday.
Shale drilling bust: Underground Truths: Shale Won't Save Us
Is the Siberian Oilfield to be Developed by China and Russia Radioactive?
Iraq oil exports plunge to 19-month low
Limits to exponential growth: raw materials
Oil service firms rush to Saudi Arabia for busy drilling year ahead
Investors 'more comfortable' putting money into gas projects in Iraq than Quebec: banker
Russia demands Ukraine payment, raising fears of new gas war
Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom demanded Ukraine pay an overdue gas bill urgently on Tuesday, raising fears of a new "gas war" and increasing pressure on Kiev as it tries to build ties with Europe.
Batista's OGX ends bondholder talks as bankruptcy looms
European oil refiners battle to tap growing African fuel demand
Kenya shutdown tempers east African oil ambitions
Tullow Oil's (TLW.L) suspension of drilling in Kenya after weekend protests shows that popular impatience for a share of the spoils is compounding the problems energy firms face building an oil and gas industry from scratch in east Africa.

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Scrap thefts create headaches in Erie region
Metal grates and covers have disappeared from storm sewer systems throughout the city in recent months, leading police to warn pedestrians of the potential hazards.

## Got food? ##
Argentine bread prices keep rising as grain scarcity kicks in
Argentina's wheat and corn distribution chaos, caused by erratic supplies and now widespread scarcity, has finally reached bakeries that are charging exorbitant prices for bread despite government warnings of a crackdown.
GM Crops Causing a Stir in Washington State, Mexico, and Hawaii
Onion crisis leaves trail of tears across India

## Environment/health ##
Nearly 300 Pipeline Spills In North Dakota Have Gone Unreported To The Public Since January 2012
Mustard gas traces found close to Poland's Baltic Sea coast
Nuclear waste in Kara Sea could spread to other continents
Storm lashes northern Europe leaving at least 13 dead
Examining the Link Between Fracking, Earthquakes
Cancer Express Carries Sufferers of India's Deadly Waters
How Video Games Are Getting Inside Your Head — And Wallet

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
A Look Into Facebook's Potential To Recognize Anybody's Face
Spain summons US ambassador over claim NSA tracked 60m calls a month
Europe mulls sanctions against US amid stream of NSA revelations
France and Spain spied on their own citizens and handed data over to the NSA
Obama orders curbs on NSA spying on U.N. headquarters
Syrian hackers claim to breach Barack Obama's Twitter account
British man charged with hacking US Army and Nasa computer systems
I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found out is chilling
Phantom Ships Expose Weakness in Vessel-Tracking System
Feinstein Pushes to Legalize the Surveillance State

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
The Gathering Storm
Doing more of what failed spectacularly will not save the day a second time, as the scale required to create yet more phantom collateral and more asset bubbles will collapse the system.
5 Reasons Why Being a Lone Wolf is a Horrible Survival Plan
This is sage advice. Smart people will not try to tough it out alone. As I've said repeatedly, they key to surviving —and thriving — is building mutually supportive communities, which in turn become the building blocks for a new society and economic system. Start planning immediately, if you want something decent to replace the unsustainable, unjust system that we have now. -- RF
Beg Apple: Subways overrun with homeless

## Japan ##
Signs of price rise for petrochemical items
Chubu Electric seventh utility to seek household rate hike
Tokyo govt rejects demand to help pay for stadium
TEPCO seeks to rotate more workers to Fukushima nuclear plant
Tepco may use undamaged reactor buildings for water storage
Aomori municipalities ask prefecture to cover lost 'power industry money'
Aomori Prefecture is one of the less-affluent regions of Japan, which is why it accepted nuclear reprocessing facilities in the first place. Predictably, the money is drying up. -- RF
Aso suggests gov't may use public money for decontamination work

## China ##
Here are the signs that China's Lehman moment is inevitable
Fallen Angels Seen by Haitong on Record Downgrades: China Credit
Record downgrades in China suggest more companies will lose investment-grade ratings as Premier Li Keqiang pares state intervention, according to Haitong Securities Co., the nation's second-biggest brokerage.
Chinese oil companies attempt to slash shale gas drilling costs
China to Start Monitoring Pollution Effects in Worst-Hit Cities
China's anti-pollution drive risks running out of gas
A chronic shortage of natural gas is hurting China's plan to move away from burning coal to heat homes and offices, raising the prospect of more choking air pollution this winter and beyond.
Aging China: 'Eldergartens' Tip Of New Market As Elderly Population Explodes

## UK ##
Long, cold winter for 3 million who can't pay their energy bills
Fears that 200 people a day could die as temperatures fall and prices rise
Naval bases could become nuclear dumps
UK storm: two dead amid flooding and disruption as storm-force winds hit
Massive job cuts at the Environment Agency
Cycle sales outstripping cars

## US ##
As stimulus tab rises for Fed, worries grow it may require a bailout
The Fed's bond-buying binge could put the central bank's finances at risk if interest rates were to rise sharply, critics warn.
A black box in your car? Some see a source of tax revenue
The devices would track every mile you drive —possibly including your location — and the government would use the data to draw up a tax bill.
29 Incredible Facts Which Prove That Poverty In America Is Absolutely Exploding
Parents Who Can't Afford Diapers Are Reusing Dirty Ones
How's that for poverty? -- RF
Oil Production No Answer to Energy Security
N.H. looks to sell naming rights for highway rest areas
New Neighbors to Millions of Americans: Fracking Wells
U.S. factory, housing data suggest economy losing steam
Home Sales Collapse At Fastest Rate In 40 Months; Stocks Spike
Ron Paul On Faux Fed Transparency: "Believe Me, The 'Big Stuff' Is Done In Secret"
This could be the largest Fed stimulus yet
Without federal aid, Amtrak could leave rural areas behind
They're among the last holdovers from the golden age of American train travel, but the changing relationship between the federal government and the states could mean the end of the line for some of Amtrak's long-distance routes.
This is reminiscent of the slow decline of regional airports. But it's much more serious, as trains are more energy-efficient than aircraft. A forward-looking, energy-savvy government would maintain the rail system at the expense of airports and air travel. -- RF
The Historic Rise in Life Sentences in America
Detroit's finances 'shocking,' city manager testifies
Bumpers falling off police cars! But you ain't seen nothin' yet, baby. -- RF
The Ten US Cities With Less Than Ten Days Of Cash On Hand
Muni bond defaults — coming to a municipality near you! -- RF
Polls show energy doesn't spark Americans' interest
The thrust of this article is that the American public is at fault for not keeping abreast of the latest energy news and being informed citizens. But in fact, most of the energy-related "news" in the mainstream media is riddled with propaganda, so that anyone depending on this would be woefully misinformed and mislead. Read (or reread) Tad Patzek's blog post to get an idea of how derelict the mainstream media are. -- RF
Where You Might Not Shop in 2013
Unnecessary Surgeries? You Bet! Doctors Treat Patients as ATMs; US Healthcare System Explained in Six Succinct Points
Dow Sets New Record Thanks to Optimism on Fed Stimulus
One year after superstorm Sandy, homeowners ask, where's the aid?

And finally...
Britney Spears Music Used To Scare Off Somali Pirates
Researchers use eye tracking to analyze ogling of women

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