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News Links, November 14-15, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Free Money Idiocy: Switzerland Referendum Proposes "Free Money" Annually to Everyone Alive
Euro-Area Industrial Output Falls More Than Forecast on Germany
Retail theft cost the world $112 billion last year
Reports of the survival of the eurozone may have been greatly exaggerated
TPP: Obama's Pacific Trade Deal 'Worst Ever' Attack on Public Health, Leaked Draft Shows
Wildlife conference under attack for 'selling off nature to multinationals'
Art could be drawing a disturbing economic picture
Canada headed for 'huge economic crisis' if no action taken to improve pensions, warns Ontario premier
Portugal struggles under weight of austerity
Germany's economic growth slows
French economy contracts 0.1 percent in setback for Hollande
Japan economy slows dramatically
Writing is on the wall for the new slaves: Contributors who work for free generate huge profits for website magazines
Is a currency war coming? It may already be here

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Air Berlin seeks ways to get close to 2013 consensus
US Airways-American Airlines deal may mean higher prices: experts
Bankruptcy again for PTC's World Airways
Airline Gol posts 7th quarterly loss; Brazil outlook flat
Thai Airways Q3 net loss worse than expected
Finnair Predicts 2013 Loss as Strike Threat Hurts Sales
Alitalia airline begging for money again

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Second Tanker is Hijacked as Pirate Activity Increases around Singapore
Pirate attacks in the Malacca Straight have been down thanks to the joint patrols in the region, but the increasing preciousness of hydrocarbon cargoes is a powerful incentive to pirates. And long-time readers know I have predicted rising global marine piracy. -- RF
Afghanistan opium harvest at record high - UNODC
US 'to name Nigeria's Boko Haram as a terrorist group'
Kerry says new Iran sanctions from Congress could scuttle diplomatic opportunity for nuke deal
Israel, Hezbollah agree failed Iran nuclear talks could lead to war
Israel warns of war from Iran 'bad deal', sees big sanctions cut
State Dept: Israeli Assessment of Iran 'Not Based on Reality'
Iran putting brakes on nuclear expansion under Rouhani: IAEA report
Obama urges Congress to hold off passing more sanctions against Iran
NATO builds $1 billion HQ as allies cut military spending
Many see typhoon looters as desperate, not thieves
People will do what they must. Like joining the underground economy. As the industrial economy and the bankrupt financial system continue to collapse, many more desperate people will do what they must. -- RF
US military footprint on Philippines could grow after typhoon Haiyan
Immigrant crackdown in Saudi Arabia leaves garbage in streets, migrant workers hiding in fear
Garbage is piling up on streets around the mosque housing the burial site of the Prophet Muhammad. Grocery stores have shut their doors and almost half of Saudi Arabia's small construction firms have stopped working on projects.
Latin America is the least secure region in the world, UN report says
In Mexico, agitation between church and gangland state
Egypt's Sisi sees new defense cooperation with Russia

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Albanians protest over Syria chemical weapons dismantling proposal
Sudan feels the heat from fuel protests
Teachers threaten national strike within two months (UK)
Bangladesh factories agree to pay rise, but protests go on

## Energy/resources ##
IEA: Shale Boom is Only Temporary , we'll Soon be Relying on Middle East Again
Claims that the shale boom in the US will eventually see the country become energy self-sufficient seems to have received its biggest blow yet after the International Energy Agency, in its latest World Energy Outlook report, stated that shale oil will only be a temporary trend, and very soon the world will return to rely on the Middle East for its oil.
The only thing surprising about this is that it took the IEA so long to notice. -- RF
Royal Dutch Shell to Sell $15 Billion of Assets to Offset Record Spending
Investors have begun to scrutinise the capital spending at many of the world's largest oil companies as costs of new projects  rise, and the price of oil has remained fairly stable offering little hope of growth in revenue.
Is Oil, Gas Capital Spending Really on the Wane?
"Those who are cutting capex are being very highly rewarded ... 10-15 years ago the entire industry cut capex, obsessed by returns and with the market egging them on, but cutting investment is one of the reasons we've got a $110 oil price," Shell CFO Simon Henry was reported as saying after the company announced its third quarter results recently.
Either the price of oil goes up, or we do without. That's peak oil. -- RF
World Depends on Two Countries for Increase in Oil Production
Iraq and Brazil. Iraq's oil is geologically more accessible, but there are two big challenges. One is rebuilding the country's junky oil infrastructure, and the other is improving security. Brazil's offshore reserves are sizable, but massive capital investment is needed to access the deep-sea fields. -- RF
GCC Energy Subsidies Unsustainable, Says Oman's Oil and Gas Minister
Energy bill hikes to last 17 more years - watchdog (UK)
China's CNOOC gets exclusive rights to LNG lands in B.C.
Promise is unfulfilled of cleaner, next-generation biofuels to wean the US off corn ethanol
Putin mulls gas pipeline to South Korea through North Korea
China, Norway may team up in search for Arctic oil
Corn Ethanol: Poster Child For Crony Environmentalism
All this is true, of course. But I want to point out two important things here. First, there isn't a mention that from the perspective of energy return on investment (EROI), corn ethanol is a joke. Why don't any of these hot-shot commentators mention that? The obvious answer is that once EROI becomes an accepted criterion for judging energy sources, the jig is up for other much-ballyhooed sources such as gas and oil from fracking. Second, check out some of the other columns of this writer and you can see the lack of an EROI criterion in his mistaken belief that fracking spells the end of peak oil. The failure to understand net energy is the single biggest cause of the failure to see that this is not a recession, but the incipient collapse of industrial societies. -- RF
What The Shale Guru Told Me About Oil Prices
IEA sees steady decline in OPEC output
Petrobras sells Peruvian assets to China
Libya protesters shut down another oil refinery
Week-long fuel shortage in Tashkent
Energy: Learning from the Dutch experience (Israel)
Gas shortage pushes India's GVK Power into 8th straight quarterly loss

## Got food? ##
Prince Charles slams supermarkets before 65th birthday
Meat Is the First Thing to Go: What it's like to have your food stamps cut.
If China lets its people have more children, it could have trouble feeding them
Home and Community Gardening

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
Green Father Christmas abandons global consumer brands and promotes less consumption
Cob Building Basics: DIY House of Earth and Straw
9 Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living

## Environment/health ##
Philippine president puts typhoon death toll at 2,000 to 2,500
1.2 million acres of prairies vanish, undermining Obama's green energy goal
On Hotter Planet, Expect More Weather Extremes, say Reports
Somalia cyclone: 140 confirmed dead in Puntland
Computers and phones in children's bedrooms 'can cause anxiety and sleep loss'
2013 is seventh hottest year, rising seas worsen typhoon
Fizzy drinks can change your brain, warn scientists
Modern strains put Lake Victoria in critical condition
Divine intervention? Pope opposes fracking
CO2 Emissions Causing 'Unprecedented' Ocean Acidification
Mayor of Madrid demands action as streets overflow with rubbish
Singapore-sized iceberg breaks away from mainland Antarctica
Bird flu strain infects human for first time
Drug Shortage Crisis Hits Zimbabwe

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Report: Government Spying Causing Self-Censorship, Privacy Fears Among US Writers
A new report from the PEN Center and the FDR Group entitled "Chilling Effects: NSA Surveillance Drives U.S. Writers to Self-Censor" finds that 85 percent of surveyed writers are worried about government surveillance of Americans, and nearly three-quarters (73 percent) "have never been as worried about privacy rights and freedom of the press as they are today."
US govt intel researchers to 'radically expand' facial recognition capabilities
The secret second operating system that could make every mobile phone insecure
Microsoft's new Kinect patent goes Big Brother, will spy on you for the MPAA
Spy-Proofing: Deutsche Telekom Pushes for All-German Internet
If It Happened There: Twilight of an Oligarch (Slate)
Google report says company rebuffing higher ratio of legal demands for data as volume rises
Hackers Can Now Target Pacemakers And Other Smart Products
Ever Purchase a Book on Lying? You Might Be on a Govt Watch List
Cisco's disastrous quarter shows how NSA spying could freeze US companies out of a trillion-dollar opportunity
US Blocks Britain's Release of Iraq War Report

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Flooded And Powerless: When Lights And Cellphones Go Dark
Desperate Philippine typhoon survivors loot, dig up water pipes
Philippines typhoon: eight die in food stampede amid desperate wait for aid
Wall collapses as thousands storm rice warehouse in devastated Leyte province while Haiyan relief effort flounders
A preview of what collapse looks like. -- RF
Middle Classes Join Retail Theft Spree
The latest Global Retail Theft Barometer found the squeeze on living standards has become so intense that increasing numbers of middle class shoppers are turning to crime to maintain their lifestyles.
Will 3D Printers in Schools Jumpstart the Third Industrial Revolution?
This article has a number of caveats and encourages readers not to get their hopes up, but it overlooks one truly critical factor: Energy has to be cheap enough to power this new industrial revolution or whatever you want to call it. Unless energy is affordable, 3D printers won't be worth the materials they're made of. -- RF
Unsustainability Now!
A few people notice that collapse is already happening. -- RF

## Japan ##
Japan machinery orders fall, BOJ warns of overseas risks
Abenomics at one year: growth to slow as challenges mount
Abenomics was doomed from the start by crushing debt and expensive energy. -- RF
After Fukushima, Japan Finds Beauty in Solar Power
TEPCO reports water leak from pipe in Fukushima reactor bldg.
Some spent fuel rods at Fukushima were damaged before 2011 disaster
Condo ditches lawnmowers for grass-munching goats
Banks' business affairs with gangs 'everywhere': megabank officials

## China ##
China's Demographic Collapse
The article does not even consider the biggest barrier to increasing the birth rate, then feeding, clothing, and providing jobs for the added people: expensive energy. -- RF
Local $1.6 Trillion Debt Pile Impedes Rate Freedom: China Credit
Chinese local governments' $1.6 trillion in bank borrowings are a major obstacle to the freeing up of interest rates in the world's second-largest economy, according to BNP Paribas SA and Capital Economics Ltd.
Oversupplied industries getting put on Chinese gov't diet
Bad loans grow as asset quality worsens
Bad loans in China continued to rise during the third quarter as asset quality deteriorated amid an economic slowdown and a thinner loan profit margin forced lenders to expose a greater portion of their balance sheets to risky small firms.

## UK ##
Shop thefts rise as economic downturn bites
Retailers and supermarkets report surge in the theft of high value fresh food – part of £3.4bn loss to crime last year
EDF increases energy prices by 3.9%
£2,000 fuel bills on the way, consumers warned
David Cameron insists that squeeze on public-sector spending is permanent
Nearly a million under-25s still unemployed despite growth
Barclays plans to cut 1,700 jobs across the UK
8.8 Million Households Would Not Last a Week on Their Savings
White-collar workers to become 'new poor' as computers take over
Employees such as legal clerks and local government administrators will see their wages collapse as new technology makes their skills less valuable, just like manual workers have, Alan Milburn says
Outrage as Heathrow increases short-stay car park charges by as much as 66 per cent
Traditional family model of fathers as sole breadwinners is leaving children in poverty

## US ##
$ave Me: Affording a $2,000 winter heating bill
The joke's on you: Federal Reserve Whistleblower Tells America The REAL Reason For Quantitative Easing
U.S.'s Antiquated Power Grid System Threatens Cities (video)
Why Millennials May Never Retire (+video)
Federal Student Loans Surpass $1 Trillion; Delinquency Rate Soars To All Time High
Need a Corporate Loan? Forget Your Bank - Tap the Shadow Banking System Instead
Businesses cut full-time workers to meet Obamacare mandate, study says
'Generation wait': 4 years after recession, mobility for young adults stuck at 50-year low
U.S. mobility for young adults has fallen to the lowest level in more than 50 years as cash-strapped 20-somethings shun home-buying and refrain from major moves in a weak job market.
Tony resort city mulls bankruptcy, blaming wages, pensions
Chevron pipeline explodes, burns in rural Texas
Lockheed Martin to cut 4,000 jobs as U.S. defense spending falls
Heinz closing 3 plants, cutting 1,350 jobs
Scranton unlikely to make required payment to pension fund
Wal-Mart Trims Forecast as Economy Restrains Shoppers
September Trade Balance Worse Than Worst Estimate; Trade Deficit With China Hits Record
Holiday Spending to Dive: Gallup

And finally…
Why do people put traffic cones on statues?
Man called police to remove snoring woman from his bed

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