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News Links, November 2-4, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Maastricht Treaty and the Euro: Failure for Over 20 Years
Unemployment rise in eurozone puts pressure on European Central Bank
White goods firm Fagor heading for bankruptcy (Spain)
Greek Banks Broke Twice Over, As Bad Loans More Than Double Capital Base
Europe moves nearer Japan-style deflation trap with shock price falls
For signs of bubble, look no further than LBOs
Indian stock market hits record high
Standard Bank: Africa needs US$100-billion in infrastructure investment to unlock growth potential
Developed countries can't maintain what they've already built. People have to lower their expectations. -- RF
The Fed Is Bungling the World's Reserve Currency
The mishandling is so great, in fact, that the dollar is now at risk of losing its status.
Swiss bankers stay home amid US global tax evasion manhunt
The problem of excess capacity (India)
Excess capacity is a perennial risk facing the industry. As industrial growth in India has plummeted from 15.5% in 2007-08 to 0.1% in the first 5 months of the current fiscal, the issue of excess capacity in critical segments in the face of continual subdued demand has attained significance.

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Jetmakers feud over seat width with big orders at stake
A row has flared up between leading planemakers over the width of tourist-class seats on long-distance flights, setting the tone for a bitter confrontation at this month's Dubai Airshow.
Alitalia to Approach Aeroflot About Partnership
Officials from cash-strapped Italian flagship carrier Alitalia SpA. will travel to Moscow next week to sound out Aeroflot's about an alliance, a person close to Alitalia said on Saturday.
Creditors Propose Trust for Ex-Employees of Bankrupt Mexicana Airlines
The airline group, which was acquired last year by Spanish hotel and air-transport group Med Atlantica, has yet to resume domestic or international flights, leaving some 8,500 workers in limbo.
Air fares: Christmas travel deals may be hard to find
Planes are full and airfares rising, so if you are hoping for a Christmas or March break holiday deal you may be out of luck.
Sikhuphe Airport Worthless - IATA
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) says Swaziland's new Sikhuphe International Airport is widely perceived as a vanity project.
It will be just one of many, many airports around the world that are operating in the red. -- RF
Spirit Airlines mulls tying fees to flight demand

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Turkey, Iran signal thaw in ties amid mutual concern on Syria
Russia wants India, Pakistan to be in Shanghai Cooperation Organization - Lavrov
Japan to start large-scale war games exercise
Photos: Japan Rolls Out Military Might
Japan, Russia agree to expand defense ties
Japan and Russia held their first high-level defense and diplomatic talks Saturday and agreed to step up cooperation between their militaries amid regional security concerns such as North Korea and China.
US fast-tracking six Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft to Israel
Toronto Star on eve of Cheney Canada visit: arrest him
Horn of Africa piracy 'netted $400m' from 2005-12
U.S. looks to Asian nations to build their militaries
John Kerry to begin Mid East tour amid regional tension
US and Britain lend backing to Egypt interim regime
Khamenei tells Iran's hardliners not to undermine nuclear talks
Pakistan Taliban secretly bury leader, vow bombs in revenge
Hakimullah Mehsud drone strike: 'Death of peace efforts'
China puts its stamp on Zimbabwean economy

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
DHS to buy non-lethal weapons for unruly crowds
French riot police use tear gas on anti-tax protesters
Police brace for more protesters (Thailand)
Violent protest as Northern Mali talks begin
In China's Xinjiang, poverty, exclusion are greater threat than Islam
Violence Threatens in Egypt as Mursi Is Tried in Divided Nation

## Energy/resources ##
Petrobras mulls shedding energy assets in Peru
Brazilian state oil company Petrobras hopes to raise cash from the sale of its assets in Peru as part of a continuing effort to ease its debt burden.
Shell Announces Plans to Resume Arctic Oil Exploration in 2014
Four Oil, Gas Recruiting Trends Plague US Industry
The Tragedy Of The Commons Seen Live In The Wild In New Forest Mushroom Picking
Could fracking boom peter out sooner than DOE expects? (USA Today)
Articles like this are now appearing even in the mainstream media. -- RF
Coal Displacing Nat Gas…Already
And remember: peak coal in the US happened in 2008. -- RF
Pros and Cons of a Desert Solar Power Plant
Russian oil output hits post-Soviet peak

## Got food? ##
Are Farm Veterinarians Pushing Too Many Antibiotics?
Food stamp cuts create high demand for food bank supplies
Global food supply threatened by climate change, says leaked UN document
Food shortage in Zimbabwe: 'We have a crisis here'
Food tracing a growing concern for global food supply
Coconut Crisis Looms as Postwar Palm Trees Age: Southeast Asia
Asia's coconut palms, which mark the landscape from the Philippines to India, face a crisis as rapidly aging groves become less productive, curbing harvests that are a source of food and income for millions.

## Environment/health ##
Chinese Bats May Be Carrying the Next SARS Pandemic
Malaria cases in US hit a 40-year high
BOEM: 2012 oil drilling rig disaster in Gulf of Mexico among worst
Nations Fail to Save 'Last Ocean' From Exploitation
International panel's leaked report predicts more illness, war, disease with global warming
After 35 years, new generation of Love Canal residents claims illnesses from buried chemicals
Melting ice and rising seas will make Alaskan villagers America's first climate refugees

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
'Courage Is Contagious': Additional NSA Employees Said to Be Following Snowden's Lead
China to reap harvest of NSA scandals
Obama halted NSA spying on IMF and World Bank headquarters
'Spy Rocks' Could Be the Military's New Secret Weapon
German MP meets Snowden, says he is willing to come to Germany for inquiry
US, Germany to ink no-spy deal
Cracked encryption? Back doors? Cellphone snooping may be easier than ever
US businessman demands $25m reward for capture of Osama bin Laden
Here's another great story to add to the OBL canon. Keep them coming, people! -- RF
AP editors: Obama relies on staged propaganda photos
Oil Execs Drink Fracking Fluid At Montreal Meeting
Gorman said Halliburton "only had to replace very few chemicals with some food additives" to create a fracking fluid safe enough to drink.
Talk About Financial Security! 20% of Population Use Same 5 PIN Numbers! Do You Too?
Plumbing the depths of surveillance with submersible drones
Sources: Alleged LAX gunman had 'new world order' conspiracy theory tract
The man who allegedly killed a TSA worker and wounded three others at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday had anti-government literature in his possession outlining an alleged conspiracy to create a single global government, law enforcement sources tell NBC News.
All the other stuff aside, a "single global government" simply ain't gonna happen. Not now, not ever. -- RF
AP slams WH for staged photos; tells press not to use Obama's 'propaganda'
Where Does Facebook Stop and the NSA Begin?
Israeli officials call NSA eavesdropping business as usual
Swisscom builds 'Swiss Cloud' as spying storm rages
Swisscom is building a "Swiss Cloud" that could loosen the grip of U.S. technology giants and attract foreign companies looking for a way to shield sensitive data from the prying eyes of foreign intelligence services.
What's the Threat to Our Constitutional Rights?
Edward Snowden Releases "A Manifesto For The Truth"
Germany, France, Spain carry out mass surveillance: Snowden files

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Private clinics deny patients treatment as Greece's health system collapses
The collapse of US infrastructure spending, charted
Astonishing chart. Such a precipitous drop in infrastructure spending presages a steep decline in the high mobility and other characteristics of the US economy as we know it. Collapse is inevitable. -- RF
All-Time High Unemployment: The Economic Depression In Europe Just Keeps Getting Deeper
Sustainability: How Humans' Economy Differs from Natures'
The 10 Commandments of Government
The second through tenth commandments aside, the first — that government always grows — is perhaps the most important in the sense of energy. As governments grow larger and more complex, they need increasing energy throughput to maintain their functions. Once net energy starts falling, as it is now, there is inevitably some kind of breakdown into a simpler form, or even collapse. -- RF

## Japan ##
Japan's Most Hated Outfit, TEPCO, Reports Fat Profit (From Taxpayer Bailout Money)
U.S. Energy Secretary offers cleanup assistance for Fukushima
Government to set 6% power-saving target for Hokkaido during winter
Japan growth seen slowing in third quarter
Japan out of puff after public works stimulus wears off
Moody's mulls downgrading Sony's ratings to 'speculative' levels
Lawson to be first convenience store to save winter snow…for summer air conditioning?!
Back to the future! We're supposed to be amazed and encouraged by such new "green" technologies. Cutting blocks of ice and storing them for summer use has a long history, and now net energy decline is bringing back such practices. -- RF
Some Fukushima evacuees can never return home, LDP exec admits

## China ##
China's Gold Hoarding Continues: Over 2,200 Tons Imported In Two Years
Dr. Jim Walker: No Chance of Soft Landing in China
China's smoggy days at 52-year high
Uighurs facing new police scrutiny in Beijing
China to stamp out Dalai Lama's 'propaganda' in Tibet

## UK ##
Edible mushrooms disappearing after stocks plundered by organised groups
Water companies to be told to cut bills and help those can't afford to pay
UK's Co-op Bank to shed more than 1,000 jobs: Sky TV report
U.K. to Keep Green Energy Subsidies Amid Row Over Consumer Bills
Top doctors warn of 'worst winter' in hospitals as A&E crisis grows
Leading accident and emergency doctors have warned of a winter crisis in the National Health Service as official data shows a 43% rise in the numbers waiting more than four hours in A&E departments compared with two years ago.
UK response to Snowden data 'imperils press freedom': rights groups
The British government's response to leaks of intelligence information by former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden has eroded human rights and press freedoms, rights groups said on Sunday.

## US ##
Food stamp cuts affect 1 in 7 Americans
Fracking Limit Weighed as Colorado Drillers Back Ad Blitz
10 Corporations Control Nearly Everything You Buy, 6 Media Corporations Control Nearly Everything You Read or Watch
US households cannot avoid soft default consequences of deleveraging: While US households continue to unwind debt total public debt soars out of control.
In the US, it was no coincidence that our economy imploded when household debt hit a 1:1 ratio with annual GDP.
Fiscal Cancer Hits Closer to Home: Kiss Your Pension Goodbye!
GM "Stuffs Channels" At Fastest Pace In Its Post-Bankruptcy History; Volt Sales Plunge 32%
TSA union calls for armed guards at every checkpoint
S.D. ranchers carry on after thousands of cattle die
The U.S. Job Market Won't Be Normal Until 2017, Says Goldman
Reports Of America's Manufacturing Renaissance Are Just A Cruel Political Hoax
U.S. manufacturers refashion themselves as 'lifestyle brands'
Call it concealed-carry chic: With all 50 U.S. states now permitting people to pack pistols in public, it was only a matter of time before some company came to market with an apparel line targeting the gun-toting crowd.

And finally…
Jet-Powered Coffin Goes From Zero to 60 MPH in 9 Seconds
Delivery truck backs into $300,000 Ferrari FF in New York City
5 Things You Might Not Have Known About God And Beer

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