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News Links, November 26-27, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Debt Is Failing as a Driver of Economic Growth
Jamie Dimon makes a right royal dinner at Buckingham Palace
Who's Really King Of The World Today
Über-warehouses for the ultra-rich
The worldwide shift to neofeudalism is picking up the pace. Which group will you be joining? The super-rich New Aristocracy, or the serfs? -- RF
IMF Forecasts Russian Economic Slowdown
Inflation Is Raging – If You Know Where to Look
Record Number of French Corporate Bankruptcies; Socialist Theory vs. Practice; What Went Wrong?
Global free trade talks collapse
Bitcoin jumps to record of $947
As Dubai aggressively pursues world Expo, fears arise over inflating real estate bubble
Citi's annual forecast: the commodity cycle continues its wind down
Iran deal knocks oil lower, bolsters risk appetite
Half Of New Greek HIV Cases Are Self-Inflicted To Receive €700 Per Month Benefits, Study Finds
Philippine typhoon ruined traditional and high-tech livelihoods, from coconuts to call centers
Think Tank Says Korea Has Too Many Brokerages, 4 in 10 unprofitable
Why Globalization Is Going Into Reverse
Pope Francis attacks global capitalism

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Air Travel's Coming Nightmare: Soon, Every Day Will Be Like Day Before Thanksgiving
Airfares have risen across the USA
Currencies Buffet South, Southeast Asian Airlines
El Al launches low-cost carrier 'Up'
Americans To FCC: We Don't Want Cell Phone Calls On Planes!
Bird strikes cost aviation industry billions per year
Air France unions agree to job loss plan
Brazil's Gol may cut flights

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
Asian airlines to give flight plans to China after airspace zone created
Japanese airlines to stop giving China flight plans through new zone
US bombers fly over China's controversial new air defense zone
Australia summons Chinese ambassador over airspace announcement
China plays long game with new air defense zone
Pentagon builds forces in Pacific, eyes China
The Pentagon is fortifying bases in the Pacific and looking to revive World War II-era air bases as part of an effort to survive a Chinese missile attack that could wipe out critical installations on Okinawa and elsewhere, military records, interviews and congressional testimony show.
China sends carrier to South China Sea for training amid maritime disputes
Israel approves plans for more than 800 more settler homes
Two bombs outside Baghdad cafe kill 17 people
Ukraine's Yanukovich defends policy, Tymoshenko declares hunger strike
France sending 1,000 troops to Central African Republic amid warnings of potential genocide
Iran nuclear deal: Saudi Arabia warns it will strike out on its own
Unlike Netanyahu, Israeli generals go along with Iran deal

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Ukraine protest: Police clash with pro-EU crowd in Kiev
Thai protesters occupy government buildings, cut power
Internal security act imposed in Bangkok as Thai protests widen
"Unruly" Crowd Attacks Border Patrol Agents

## Energy/resources ##
Iran invites India, China to join gas pipeline
Africa's Oil Demand Soars By 5%
For oil, the Iran deal won't change much
Norway's 2014 Oil Investment Plan May Be Too Optimistic
Must read: Analysis of Well Completion Data for Bakken Oil Wells
The data in Table IX indicates that far more effort has been required in 2013, compared to 2012, to obtain a comparable production increase for Bakken region oil production.
Full Iran Resolution Could Send Crude Down Under $90, Maybe Down To $80
If crude drops to $80, much oil production will become barely profitable, or even unprofitable. And oil-producing countries which depend on high crude prices to finance programs that tamp down civil unrest are going to be in a predicament, which could further jeopardize world oil production. Absent significant demand destruction, prices could not stay that low very long. -- RF
Understanding Peak Water
India to resume paying Iran in Euros
Bank of Tokyo holding out on Solid Energy (NZ)
Iran agrees to supply Indonesia with oil technology, services

## Got food? ##
Food Stamps Too Skimpy to Improve Food Security or Diet, Study Finds
This Holiday Season, Charity No Match for Food Stamp Cuts
Could milk hit $7 per gallon in 2014?

## Environment/health ##
Antibiotic Overuse Could Lead to Public Health Crisis
The Climate Disaster Bubbling in the Arctic
Methane Emissions in U.S. Probably Top Estimates: Study
Canada to Build World's Largest Artificial Lake District to Store Oil Sand Waste
Proposal to bury Canadian nuclear plant waste along Great Lakes draws criticism from US lawmakers

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Merkel's cellphone said targeted by 5 countries' spy agencies
Job applicants react negatively to screening of social media accounts
NSA 'infected' 50,000 networks with malware
Encrypt Everything, Store Nothing, Leave No Trace! (Dissolving Messages, Wickr, Snapchat)
Spies worry over "doomsday" cache stashed by ex-NSA contractor Snowden
Is 'Doomsday Cache' Story Latest Effort to Smear Snowden?
TSA Spent $900 Million on Behavior Detection Officers Who Detected 0 Terrorists
Brazil and Argentina Join Forces in Cyberwar Against the US
5 ways identity thieves are targeting you
Walmart Now Possesses Info On An Estimated 145 Million Americans: Analysis

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
Fact Or Fiction: The Hunger Games
Venezuela after Chavez: An economy on the verge

## Japan ##
Two Japanese airlines to disregard China air zone rules
Ruling bloc rams secrets bill through Lower House
Fukushima residents plead against state secrets bill
2nd round of N-fuel removal begins at Fukushima No. 4 reactor
Japan shrinks 'too big' 2020 Olympics stadium
Gone are the days when young people dreamed of their 1st car

## China ##
Chart Of The Day: How China's Stunning $15 Trillion In New Liquidity Blew Bernanke's QE Out Of The Water
In China 1.2 Million Candidates Apply For 19,000 Government Jobs
China's rich fleeing the country—with their fortunes
Take the Money and Run: China's Ill-Gotten Wealth Flees Overseas
China Gold Rush Continues - World's Largest Jeweller Sees 49% Jump In Sales

## UK ##
Scottish government publishes blueprint for independent Scotland

## US ##
'It's Intimidating. And It's Free': Iraq War Surplus Militarizing US Police
D.C. expanding use of traffic cameras
Embracing big brother: How facial recognition could help fight crime
70% Of Brooklyn Home Sales Are To Hedge Funds, Investors And International Buyers
RealtyTrac: "Institutional Investor Housing Purchases Plummet Nationwide"
Reports: Alleged trend of 'Knockout Game' a myth
Holder promises help for violence-plagued Chicago
"I Fear For What's Coming" – 68% Of Americans Believe The Country Is On The Wrong Track
Postal worker gunned down while delivering mail
Could banks start charging to hold your money?
One predictable outcome would be that consumers and small businesses would keep only the bare minimum in their bank accounts, and hold the rest in cash, thus depriving banks of a considerable amount of capital. -- RF

And finally...
Stoned Ghost Hunters Torch Historic Mansion

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