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News Links, November 30-December 2, 2013

## Global Ponzi meltdown/House of Cards ##
Black Friday 2013 deals set to sweep the planet
Budget crunch pushes Oman towards debt market
Global recovery still too weak, South Korea data shows
European Unemployment Declines From All Time High, Youth Unemployment Hits Fresh Record - Full Breakdown
25% of Spanish Would Consider Leaving Spain for Economic Reasons; But Where Would They Go?
Loan delay looms for Greece as EU-IMF inspectors cancel visit
E-gold Founder Backs New Bitcoin Rival That Will Have Gold Reserves
India's Short Gold Supply Forces Families to Melt Down Heirlooms to Recycle for Weddings
Mexican drug cartels now exporting ore, involved in mining industry
Mexican drug cartels looking to diversify their businesses long ago moved into oil theft, pirated goods, extortion and kidnapping, consuming an ever larger swath of the country's economy. This month, federal officials confirmed the cartels have even entered the country's lucrative mining industry, exporting iron ore to Chinese mills.
East African trade bloc approves monetary union deal
Marc Faber: We're in a gigantic speculative bubble, no value in stocks
When They Say The Global Economy Is Growing They Really Mean This...
Clouds on the horizon for our living standards (Australia)
Puerto Rico, with at least $70 billion in debt, confronts a rising economic misery
Ukraine Moves To Join EU In Russia Snub
America's Role as Consumer of Last Resort Goes Missing
Worst Raw-Material Slump Since '08 Seen Deepening: Commodities

## Airline Death Spiral ##
Qantas to restructure loss-making international operations
Alitalia seen running out of options after disappointing cash call
THAI hopes its sister airline will pull it out of losses

## Fault lines/flashpoints/powder kegs/military/war drums ##
China says it sent warplanes to identify flights by US and Japan in new air defense zone
China said it launched two fighter planes Friday to investigate flights by a dozen U.S. and Japanese reconnaissance and military planes in its new maritime air defense zone over the East China Sea.
Japan questions Beijing claims it scrambled fighters over new defense zone
U.S. Said Making Daily Flights Into China's Air Zone
U.S. airlines give China flight plans for new defense zone
Japan baffled by U.S. telling airlines to respect new Chinese air zone
U.S. gov't did not ask airlines to give flight notice to China: Abe
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Sunday the United States has told Japan that it did not advise American airlines to comply with Chinese demands for prior notice before their aircraft enter Beijing's new air defense identification zone over the East China Sea.
Japan asks international agency to intervene in air space dispute
Human tragedy unfolds as Gaza runs on empty
European firms size up Iran's post-deal potential
The phone hasn't stopped ringing at the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce since six world powers reached a deal with Tehran to curb its nuclear program.
French carmakers poised for scramble to reclaim Iran
Black, black Friday in Iraq: 50+ people dead in cross-country attacks and kidnappings
David Cameron sidelines Dalai Lama as he heads to China on major trade visit
Future world wars 'will be for water'
Iraq violence: Eighteen killed after being abducted
3,300 warheads, missile machinery found at Jamaican port
Shock four-country poll reveals widening gulf between Britain and EU

## Global unrest/mob rule/angry people/torches and pitchforks ##
Thai protesters storm into army compound in bid to topple prime minister
Government supporters and foes clash violently in Thai capital; 1 shot to death, 5 wounded
Thai troops deployed in Bangkok as second demonstrator is shot dead in continuing unrest
'Black Friday' Civil Disobedience Targets Walmart's Poverty Wages
Seven Odisha coal mines shut after violent clash
Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd (MCL), a unit of state-run Coal India, has shut operations and transportation at seven open cast coal mines in Odisha after violent clashes erupted Friday over job cuts, officials said.
Police in Kiev forcefully disperse hundreds of protesters with tear gas, clubs
One of Bangladesh's biggest garment factories destroyed in fire started by angry workers
Mobs, Stampedes, Fights, Brawls, A Stabbing And Shooting: A Video Compilation Of Black Thursday 2013
'Day of Rage' Marks Resistance to Israel's Expulsion Plan
Israel's Bedouin Resolve to Defy Government's Resettlement Plan
Tide of discontent sweeps through Russia's struggling 'rust belt'
Snowy Standoff in New Brunswick as Anti-Fracking Protesters Fight for 'Next Seven Generations'
Egyptian security forces use tear gas on protesters

## Energy/resources ##
Why I'm Certain That The Rossi E-Cat Doesn't Work As Advertised
How the World will Benefit from a Deal with Iran
Obama maintains oil sanctions on Iran
This would appear to contradict what I've been saying: That the Americans recognize the need for Iran's high-EROI conventional oil. However, I think there's more going on here than meets the eye. It's highly likely that the US is trying to engineer a foothold in Iran's oil and gas sector; sanctions might be used as a way to minimize the participation of competing interests, and to shoehorn the US and its allies in. After all, the belief that Iran's hydrocarbon resources belong to the West (primarily the US and UK) was behind the 1953 toppling of Iran's government. -- RF
U.S. extends Iran oil sanctions waivers to China, India, South Korea
These are countries that the US wouldn't/couldn't sanction, anyway. What a joke. -- RF
Europe's energy price headache becoming a migraine - IEA
Coal India says jobs protest losing it 200,000 T of output a day
Workers angered at losing their jobs shut a major coal field of Coal India Ltd on Friday, leading to the loss of 200,000 tonnes per day of output and causing alarm among power producers already facing tight supply, the company said.
Tech Leaders, Economists Split Over Clean Energy's Prospects
Petrobras Gets Fuel Price Increases to Ease Import Losses
Petroleo Brasileiro SA (PETR4) is increasing fuel prices as the world's most indebted oil producer seeks to eliminate the gap between local and global values to help bolster profit.
Eni dismisses further delay in Goliat oil
Diesel price hiked by 50 paise a litre; petrol price unchanged (India)
Oil Supply Outages Leave Spare Capacity Tightest Since 2008
Bear market ahead? Don't count on it. Bet on oil prices rising again in the coming months for one main reason: global spare capacity is at its lowest level in five years.
Donkey carts replace garbage trucks in fuel-starved Gaza
Arab World Sinks Deeper into Water Crisis, Warns UNDP
US shale gas no game changer for Qatar
Iran oil flooding global market stirs concern (Saudi Gazette)

## Infrastructure scavenging ##
Metal theft in England and Wales: how does it break down by area?
More than 61,000 metal theft offences were recorded across England and Wales by police between April 2012 and March 2013.
Copper thefts leave 600 St. Croix customers without phone service
State politicians stymied by metal thefts
Metal thieves have proven to be relentless: Pieces of critical infrastructure; telephone towers; electrical systems; residential gutters; sewer manholes; and farm equipment are just a few of the most frequent targets.

## Got food? ##
UK embarks on biggest food drive since second world war
The reality of the UK's cost of living crisis has come under the spotlight this weekend as Britain embarks on its biggest charity food drive since the second world war, with the aim of collecting tonnes of groceries to give to hungry and penniless families over Christmas.
Thanksgiving: Food stamp cuts leave pantries struggling to meet rising need
China rejects imported US transgenic corn

## Lifestyle Solutions ##
The dark side of Black Friday
Man Gives Away Belongings to Counteract Black Friday 'Craziness'

## Environment/health ##
U.S. adults eating less healthy [sic] this year than last year
Where Are All the Butterflies? The iconic monarch is disappearing
Typhoons spread Fukushima fallout, study warns
Farmers describe 'worst storm in 150 years'
Nearly two months after devastating blizzards hit parts of South Dakota and Wyoming, farmers are still recovering from the loss of cattle and the effect on their businesses.
Divers search for clues to an epidemic killing millions of starfish
Oil spills from Nigeria's Agip facility discharged into Atlantic Ocean

## Intelligence/propaganda/security/internet/cyberwar ##
Encryption arms race escalates. But can it stop government snoops?
Shopping malls are encouraging shoppers to use social media to spy on citizens
Renault will remotely lock down electric cars
Santa's not the only one watching: New techniques gather consumer data this shopping season
Source reveals Japanese secret ops team that spies on North Korea, other countries
A former member of Japan's Ground Self Defense Force has said that there is a secret unit within the military that has been conducting intelligence activities for the past years without the knowledge of the Prime Minister or Defense Minister. The source claims that the unit has even successfully sent a spy into North Korea and operates safe houses in Russia, China and South Korea.
Britain targets Guardian newspaper over intelligence leaks related to Edward Snowden

## Systemic breakdown/collapse/unsustainability ##
True-cost accounting in food and farming
Black Friday: A Shameful Orgy Of Materialism For A Morally Bankrupt Nation
Women Get Into Black Friday Stun Gun Fight Inside the Mall
US Congress hits new productivity lows
Campgrounds Go Residential in Germany
An increasing number of people are moving to German campgrounds permanently to save money. The little communities of motorhomes and trailers offer a comfortable yet affordable lifestyle that residents say they couldn't find elsewhere.
Not quite a tent city, but halfway there. -- RF
Henry Kissinger Says American Decline Is A Myth: What Are You Smokin', Dude?
The single most important principle for sustainability

## Japan ##
Japan Finances Worse Than at War's End
To illustrate just how woeful Japan's fiscal conditions are now, one merely has to look at how they were in March 1945.
Devices fired near US military base in Japan
Japan consumer price rises pick up pace
This might look good at first, especially as consumers front-load purchases in anticipation of the consumption tax hike coming in the spring. And indeed, the situation for the Little People is grim. See following article. -- RF
This Inflation Is Supposed To Be GOOD For Japanese Workers?
Tokyo Electric Power to miss profit goals but banks likely to extend financing -sources
The operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is forecasting profits that fall short of minimum levels set by its banks, but the lenders are likely to ease their lending conditions to allow fresh financing for the embattled utility, people involved in the process said on Friday.
Tepco to divert $7.2 billion from 10-year capex budget to Fukushima: sources
Glitch hits water decontamination system at Fukushima plant
Nomura to Raise Pay for 4,000 Japan Staff to Spur Economy
Visualizing Abenomics - Japan's Dangerous Experiment (infographic)
Weak yen, costly fuel to fuel record trade deficit
Japan is likely to post a record trade deficit in fiscal 2013 because the weaker yen and soaring demand for energy have driven up the cost of importing fossil fuels, according to a projection by a trade business group.
Lessons from Edo Japan Can Help Fukushima Recover
Junk energy: Methane hydrate deposit confirmed off Niigata
LDP senior official causes uproar, labeling noisy protests as terrorism
Newspapers across Japan blast state secrecy bill in editorials
Japan's shippers plan to order 90 new LNG tankers by 2020
Yakuza mobsters becoming 'Goldman Sachs with guns'
Contractors shunning low-paying work renovating older hospitals
Twenty-five national hospitals opened bids for rehabilitating their old buildings between April and September, but 21 were unable to find successful bidders because contractors are reluctant to accept low-cost orders due to labor shortages and rising personnel costs, according to the National Hospital Organization.
Sagawa mishandles 891 cold parcel cases
Another sign of cold chain breakdown. -- RF

## China ##
Chinese Welcome Easing Of One-Child Policy, But Can They Afford It?
Home prices across China continue to rise despite measures
China imported gas price hike may boost imports to cover shortage
China claims victory in scrubbing rumors from Internet; critics call it muzzling of critics
Rich Chinese to snap up property... in Japan?

## UK ##
UK house prices see strong rise, says Nationwide
Quarter of Brits suffer 'pavement rage'
UK household debt hits record high
Black Friday shoppers run amok; injuries reported
Planning system 'heavily skewed towards the interests of developers over those of the public', say architects
UK sells off 'ghost' London tube station in austerity drive
EDF Energy is first to pledge energy bill freeze

## US ##
Natural gas pipeline explodes, triggers blaze in Missouri
America Finds a New Thanksgiving Tradition in #WalmartFights
Wal-Mart Black Friday fight for TV 2013 (video)
Hey, Shoppers: Black Friday Savings Are a Hoax
Retailers' Dilemma: A record number of shoppers turn out, but they spent less for the 1st time
Retailers Hurt By Slow Holiday Sales
10 things stores won't say about Black Friday
Mexican Narcos Invade U.S. Airspace with Ultra-Light Aircraft for Drug Drop
If It Happened There … America's Annual Festival Pilgrimage Begins
A description of Thanksgiving as if it were in another country. Thanks again to Slate for showing how US media propaganda works. -- RF
Your fellow Americans aren't so trusting: Faith in one another at lowest level in 4 decades
Vacation Deprivation: Americans Have Twice As Many Unused Days Off As Last Year, New Survey Finds
NYC train derailment is most recent problem for Metro-North in a year plagued by safety issues
The average American is broke and buying things they cannot afford with debt again. Debt based consumer financing again filling the gap of a shrinking middle class.

And finally...
$8.2 million worth of Bitcoins lost with hard drive

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